Marian Rivera is not sure whether she wants Dingdong to join politics

Marian Rivera expressed uncertainty when she was asked if she wants Dingdong to become a politician.
Here is the news:
The question made Marian Rivera shriek and, for a minute there, it was uncertain whether she was alarmed or tickled pink. Or both.
Would she stand by her man, fellow GMA 7 star Dingdong Dantes, should he decide to plunge into the world of politics?
“I really don’t know,” she replied. “Whatever happens in the future, I will support Dingdong’s decisions. Wherever he goes, whatever makes him happy… I will be behind him.”
Was she ready to be a politician’s wife or, why not, a first lady? Now a gleeful giggle and, quick on the draw, “I just want to be an actress.”
Wedding bells are reportedly ringing soon for the Kapuso couple. “We’re not thinking about that yet,” Marian said. “We know it’s a big decision and we will not hide it from the public when we decide to get married.”

Political inquiries are not necessarily off-tangent, especially because Dantes was recently named “advocate” against human trafficking by the Department of Justice. Dantes is also youth ambassador of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
Marian has her own advocacy. She’s supporting the Philippine Red Cross’ Million Volunteer Run in December. She’s not thinking of taking over Miss Rosa Rosal’s role, no. “There’s only one Miss Rosa Rosal,” she said. “All I can do is follow her example.”
She’s content to be “Amaya,” the warrior princess, and grateful that the TV drama has been extended until January 2012.
“I’ve learned a lot from the show,” she said. “I learned ancient Tagalog words, like kampilan, for sword.”

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