Hindi raw hiwalay si Claudine Barreto at Raymart Santiago

Hiwaly o di hiwalay, that is the question. Pero nagpahayag na si Claudine Barreto at Raymart Santiago na nagsasama pa silang dalawa. Takot kayang mawalan ng product endorsement?

Ito ang balita: 
MANILA, Philippines – Celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto on Friday dispelled rumors that they have separated.
In the couple’s joint statement released through Barretto’s talent manager, Shirley Kuan, they said their marriage remains intact.
“We are still together, we have not separated, we love each other, and we both value and cherish our marriage and relationship. Any issues that we may have are private, and do not detract from, nor diminish, the strength of our marriage,” the statement said.
The couple asked the public to deal with their concerns “without the glare and glee of media speculation that only hurt us and those we love.”
Barretto and Santiago added that the recent controversy surrounding their separation has caused pain to their children.

“As concerned and devoted parents, we shall zealously protect their privacy, and their right to be untouched by malice and gossip. We plead with the public to respect their rights: They are innocent children unjustly harmed by the baseless gossip about us,” their statement said.
Last year, the couple was also involved in break-up talks, which were supposedly triggered by a rumor about Barretto’s alleged extramarital affair with Martin Castro.
On Thursday, Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo claimed in his column “Funfare” that Barretto and Santiago have been living separately for 2 months.
The 2 have been married for 5 years.

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