Mother Lily Monteverde Defends Marian Rivera

Mother Lily Monteverde said that Marian Rivera's negative image is due to ther being transparent.

She likened Marian Rivera to Maricel Soriano who is the Original Taray.

I don't agree. Maricel Soriano is a good actress and has a lot of talent. Being
bitchy does not make her a palengkera. Besides, she has mellowed and becamse low profile when she grew older.

Here is the exceprt of the news:

Agree ako sa sinabi si Mother Lily Monteverde na transparent lang
marahil talaga si Marian Rivera kaya nami-misinterpret lang kadalasan.
Kasi bakit hindi na lang siya i-package na Maricel Soriano na tanggap
ng masa ang katarayan. Hilig-hilig ngang manupla ni Maricel kahit sa
presscon, pero hindi siya kinamumuhian dahil kilala siyang ganun.
Magtataka ka pa nga kung hindi siya magtataray eh. "Parang ako 'yan.
Galit kung galit. Pero mabait naman ako, hahahaha," sabi ni Mother
Lily sa kabilang linya. "Like mother like daughter 'yan, saka para
talaga siyang si Maricel," tawa uli ni Mother na unang nagbigay ng
break at nagtiwala kay Marian noong dinidedma pa siya sa showbiz at
maging kay Maricel noon.

Sana ngayong bagong taon, matapos na talaga ang negatibong imahe ni
Marian dahil puwede naman talaga siyang next Maricel Soriano. 'Pag
napanood n'yo ang Nieves episode ng Shake, Rattle and Roll, sasabihin
n'yong marunong talaga siyang umarte tulad ni Maricel.


Imbyerna si Lolit Solis sa nanay ni Hayden Kho

Can you blame Lolit Solis if she goes mad with the mother of Hayden Kho. Lolit Solis is just being fed with information from Vicki Belo so she writes whatever is given her to publish.

Ito ang kaniyang inis.

Nakarating sa akin ang balita na nag-i-emote ang mother dear ni Dr.
Hayden Kho dahil naturingan daw na manager ako ng kanyang anak pero
ako pa ang nangunguna sa pagbatikos.

I won't plead guilty dahil uulitin ko ang aking statement, kung ano
ang mga balita na dumarating sa akin, 'yon ang ikinukuwento ko sa mga
readers. Walang nagsasabi sa akin na off-the-record ang mga
ikinukuwento nila kaya kampante ako sa pagbabalita.

Saka, bakit ako ang sisisihin? Ako ba ang naging two-timer? Ako ba ang
un­faithful? Ako ba ang umamin sa TV na nagkaroon siya ng relasyon kay
Katrina Halili? Ako ba ang nag-announce sa buong Pilipinas na
sinubukan ko nang magpakamatay?

Paano ko ipagtatanggol si Hayden eh siya pa nga ang
komportableng-komportable sa pagkukuwento ng mga kasalanan na ginawa
niya? Nakuha ni Hayden na magpainterbyu sa mga TV reporters pero never
niyang naalala na tawagan ako sa telepono para humingi ng payo kung
tama ba ang kanyang gagawin na pagsasalita sa TV. Tapos, ako pa ang
makakarinig ng mga salita na hindi ko siya ipinagtatanggol? Where is
justice in this land? Where is justice talaga o!



Baler garnered the most awards in the Metro Manila Film Festival for the year 2008.

The winners are:

MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE 4) A period film that depicts the last stand of Spanish forces amid the fall of colonization by the end of the 19th century bagged the most number of creative, acting and technical awards in the Metro Manila Film Festival awards night on Saturday.

Viva Films’ "Baler," which aims to retell a contentious event of the Philippine revolution that happened in the church of San Luis de Tolosa in Baler, Aurora from July 1998 to June 1899, won ten awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress for Anne Curtis, Best Director for Mark Meily, Best Screenplay for Roy Iglesias, Best Supporting Actor for Phillip Salvador, Best Cinematography for Lee Meily, Best Production Design for Aped Santos, Best Editing for Danny Anonuevo, the Gender-Sensitive Award and the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award.

Curtis won her first-ever acting award for her portrayal of Baler lass Feliza Reyes in love with a Spanish-Filipino trooper Celso Resurreccion (Jericho Rosales) in the historic siege.

"The fact that I was up against veteran actresses, who have won numerous awards in the past, made this trophy even more meaningful," Curtis said. She competed with veteran actresses Ai-Ai delas Alas ("Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat"), Maricel Laxa, Dawn Zulueta (both for "Magkaibigan"), among others, for the Best Actress title.

"This is also for Echo (Rosales' nickname), who also worked really hard for this film. He's one of the best actors I know," Anne told the Philippine Daily Inquirer shortly after the awards ceremony held at the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City.

Meily earned his second MMFF Best Director award after winning the same plum for “Crying Ladies” in 2003. His wife Lee also took home her first MMFF award.

Christopher de Leon, meanwhile, received his eighth festival Best Actor award, the most by any artist in its 34-year history, for a role inspired by the late Rudy Fernandez in the Maverick Films drama “Magkaibigan” opposite last year’s awardee Jinggoy Estrada.

Comedian-TV host Manilyn Reynes pulled a surprise when she was named Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal as a lesbian talent coordinator in Canary Films’ sex comedy “One Night Only,” which also won Best Original Story for its director Jose Javier Reyes. "She's a last minute replacement," said Reyes, who accepted the award in Manilyn's behalf. "I did not regret asking her to be a part of this film."

Newcomer Robert Villar, better known in the fantasy series “Dyesebel” as the mermaid’s trusted child friend “Buboy,” won Best Child Performer in Regal Films’ horror franchise “Shake, Rattle and Roll X.” Regal’s other festival entry, “Desperadas 2,” on the other hand, also won one award—Best Make-Up for Noli Villalobos.

The entry with the second most number of awards was the festival’s first-ever animated film, “Dayo Sa Mundo ng Elementalia,” which won four awards—Best Visual Effects (Robert Quilao), Best Musical Score (Jessie Lasaten), Best Theme Song (“Lipad” written by Jessie Lasaten and Artemio Abad Jr. and performed by Lea Salonga), and Best Sound (Albert Idioma and Wally Dellosa).

This year’s box office top grossers, Star Cinema’s “Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” and the OctoArts Films-M-Zet Productions-APT Entertainment collaboration “Iskul Bukol: 20 Years After” won second and third festival Best Picture awards respectively.


Ricky Lo is tired of love birds

I just love the way Ricky Lo summed up the Events in 2008

The Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho files

Ho-hum! Aren’t we tired of these lovebirds who have broken up and who have kissed and made up; and who have broken up (again!), driving Dr. Hayden to a suicide attempt by over-dosing on unidentified pills, and who just might kiss and make up (oh no, not) again!?! Next “patient,” please!

Agree. Stop it.

The never-ending real-life ‘teleserye’ starring Gretchen Barretto and Tonyboy Cojuangco

Newsmaker for all seasons this year and years before and, for sure, in the years ahead, Gretchen Barretto proves true to her image as “The Paris Hilton of the Philippines,” with her every move and every word faithfully monitored by the media. Whether he likes it or not, her beloved Tonyboy Cojuangco — along with a popular playboy-businessman — is (reluctantly) caught in the eye of the storm.

I think this is just publicity every time Gretchen has to sell something.

The Gabby Concepcion factor

Who would have thought that Gabby Concepcion’s much-awaited homecoming from his 13-year “exile” in California would stir up an Intensity-10 shaker? The boyish ’80s Regal Baby got entangled in a court case filed by his manager, Rose Flaminiano. Together, they dragged into the mess other people, including Gabby’s friend Nadia Montenegro and Flaminiano’s “defender” Cristy Fermin who was slapped with a three-month suspension by ABS-CBN in the process. Nobody emerged a winner from the “free-for-all.” The loser? Gabby’s ailing father Rollie Concepcion whose heart condition was reportedly aggravated by the ugly incident.


Did Vicki Belo forgive Hayden Kho?

Very interesting. Read between the lines of this article by Ricky Lo.

On Christmas Eve when he appeared on the GMA newscast 24 Oras, Dr. Hayden Kho admitted that — yes, indeed — he did have an affair with Katrina Halili (“positive”) but not with Rufa Mae Quinto (“negative”), the two actresses rumored to have caused his “irreparable” break-up with Dr. Vicki Belo that drove him to take an overdose of pills (brand not identified).

The break-up, reported as a “scoop” in this corner two Saturdays ago, spawned all sorts of speculations — you know, that Vicki has in her possession, among other pieces of “incriminating” evidences, a sex video of Hayden and Katrina (and, in a separate video, with Rufa Mae). Vicki is mum on the matter; she’s “speechless” for once.

In an earlier interview on Startalk, Katrina denied having an affair with Hayden or appearing in any sex video with him, adding that the ugly rumor hasn’t affected her relationship with her boyfriend Kris Lawrence (who is basking in the publicity that he would not be getting if he hadn’t been linked to the popular sexy actress) and that she and Vicki were “okay” when they saw each other at a recent gathering. “We didn’t talk about ‘it’,” said Katrina. “All we talked about was my endorsement (of The Belo Medical Group).”

During his appearance on 24 Oras, two days after he was released from the “basement” (daw) of the Makati Med), Hayden said that he and Katrina did it “for fun” and there wasn’t any “emotional” involvement between them. He also denied the rumor about the sex video.

At the same time, Hayden admitted having tried to “hurt myself” by taking an “OD” which was, according to those in the know, a “fake” suicide attempt in his desperate effort to win back the gullible Vicki who, only a few weeks ago, hied off to Paris after an “LQ” (Lovers’ Quarrel) with Hayden who promptly followed her there with a floral offering that melted her forgiving heart (blindly/madly in love kasi, eh!).

According to a Funfare DPA, when Hayden was rushed to the Makati Med, he tried to hide his identity with an iron mask that he had to remove anyway when he went through a CT scan.

Yes, it’s true, confirmed Hayden, “I wrote ‘I love Vicks’ on my tummy with a Pentel Pen. That was sincere and honest. For what do you expect a man who is dying but to tell the truth?”

Wow, dramatic, isn’t it?

Now, if Hayden did take those pills on purpose, didn’t he realize that he was putting his credibility and integrity as a doctor (pa naman siya!) in question? Oh, my God, a doctor like him, so healthy and so “blessed” (by a sugary-sweet girlfriend), wanting to kill himself while hundreds of terminally-ill people would do anything, including storm the gates of heaven, to live longer? Could you imagine what would have happened if Hayden succeeded in that futile attempt. If he took those pills “by accident,” would you as his patient feel safe and secure if he prescribed you a medicine?

Is Dr. Vicki Belo worth dying for?

Think Porsche. Think posh condo unit. Think trips abroad on business class. Think five-class hotels. Think of all the quirks millions of ordinary mortals can never imagine to experience even in two lifetimes. Ask Mo Twister, the “un-couple’s” traveling companion.

Well, Dr. Vicki Belo must really be worth dying for.

As of press time, a Funfare DPA said that Vicki has decided “with finality” to break up and break away from Hayden, ending their three-year May-September romance which was, still according to people close to them, doomed from the start.

An afterthought: Did showbiz destroy Dr. Hayden Kho?

The last word has it that Hayden might go abroad “to study” on a “scholarship grant” from, you guessed it, Dr. Vicki Belo.

(Paging Charo Santos-Concio: When will you dramatize the “Viden” affair — as in Bradgelina referring to the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie saga, in Maalaala Mo Kaya! It will be a top-rater!).

(Postscript: A Funfare DPA said that after watching the 24 Oras, Vicki rushed to Hayden’s side to “console” him. If hysterics doesn’t work, histrionics surely does.)


Hayden Kho admits relationship, apologizes to Vicki Belo

After confinement for suicide attempt, Hayden Kho appeared tothe media and admitted that he had a brief relationship with Katrina Halili. Paano yan, deny to death yong isa.

Then he apologized to Vicki Belo and professed his undying love.
What do you think guys? Will there be forgiveness?

This is the news from abs-cbn.

Hayden Kho, former beau of Dr. Vicky Belo, revealed Wednesday that he is in perfect health amid reports that he had tried to commit suicide after his breakup with Belo.

"Dr Hayden Kho is in perfect health and frame of mind contrary to reports. He confirms his breakup with Dr. Vicki Belo but he is doing fine and will spend the holidays with his immediate family," a statement from the Kho family said.

Earlier reports said Kho had tried to commit suicide by ingesting diazepam pills after Belo broke up with him. He was rushed to Makati Medical Center by Belo herself, who was informed by an assistant.

Belo was the first to confirm the breakup to the media. "Dr. Belo has opted not to talk about her break-up with Dr. Hayden Kho to avoid further intrigues. Just like any love story, theirs has come to an end. They have decided to part ways. But Dr. Belo is coping admirably and Dr. Kho is doing fine," Leah Salterio, spokeswoman of Dr. Belo at Belo Medical Group, said.

The end of the May-December affair of the former sweethearts has been the subject of tabloids and gossip mags. There were reports that Belo discovered that Kho, who is at least 20 years her junior, had an alleged affair with sexy actresses Katrina Halili and Rufa Mae Quinto.

There were also reports that Belo finally decided to end the relationship after she discovered Kho and Halili’s alleged sex video, which Halili’s camp reportedly claimed to have been altered.

The two finally decided to end their affair on the second week of December.

Meanwhile, entertainment host-columnist Lolit Solis, the talent manager of Kho told ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual through text messages that she is no longer managing the career of the male doctor.

"At this moment, hindi na ako ang manager ni Hayden. Wala na siya kay Vicki, wala na rin siya sa buhay ko," Solis said.

Solis also gave her thoughts on the reported sex video. "Kaya yung mga nag-de-deny, matakot sila dahil may pwedeng ilabas na ebidensiya. Dapat kung gumawa ka ng krimen, wag kang mag-iiwan ng ebidensiya."

Solis said that right now she and other people from showbiz are just hoping that the two could already move after the controversies.


Vicki Belo is not going to US

It was Lolit Solis who announced that Vicki Belo is going to the United States to forget her heartbreak. But pictures of Belo with some entertainment writers showed otherwise. Then Kitty Go wrote about the real cause why the boyfriend was hospitalized and how she visited him last weekend

Lolit Solis has to write about her change of plan.

Here it is:

Hindi natuloy ang pagpunta ni Dr. Vicki Belo sa Amerika dahil pinigilan siya ng kanyang anak na si Cristalle.

Plano ni Mama Vicki na magpalipas ng Pasko at Bagong Taon sa Amerika dahil na-hurt siya sa kanyang mga na-discover tungkol kay Hayden Kho. Sa bandang huli, naisip ni Mama Vicki na mas importante ang kanyang pamilya kaya hindi na niya itinuloy ang balak na pagpunta sa US.

Marami ang nakikisimpatiya kay Mama Vicki. Mga encouraging words ang natatanggap niya mula sa kanyang friends kaya madali siyang makaka-recover sa kalungkutan na idinulot ng paghihiwalay nila ni Hayden.

Positive thinker din si Mama Vicki. A few months from now, tiyak na matatawa na lang siya kapag maiisip niya ang ginawang pagpapaapekto sa nangyari sa kanila ni Hayden.


Kim Chiu and Geral Anderson, MU?

Kim Chiu denied that she has MU with Gerald Anderson.

Here is the news:

Young actress Kim Chiu has denied a report that she’s finally committed to her on-screen partner Gerald Anderson.

“Hindi talaga. Nagkamali ng dinig iyon….hindi po, wala po talaga kaming commitments na ganyan-ganyan,” Chiu told abs-cbnNEWS.com during the press conference of their latest television series, “Tayong Dalawa” with Anderson and actor Jake Cuenca.

The actress was reacting to questions from members of the entertainment press during a set visit in Quezon City last Wednesday, December 17.

“Nakalimutan ko kung sino ang nagsabi noon. Sabi nila ‘Hoy, balita namin sabi ni Gerald mag-MU na daw kayo, six to eight months na daw kayong mag-MU.’ Sabi ko, naku ‘hindi po,” she explained.

Chiu, who has been an on-screen partner of Anderson for almost three years, said that she’s not yet ready for a romantic affair.

She also said she wants to stay focused on her career and from untimely pregnancy.

“Ayaw ko din kasi ng magka-trabaho kayo at magkaaway kayo. Kasi magka-trabaho kami na dapat kami ay laging magandang tignan, maganda at sweet. Mahirap naman kung maging kayo at mag-away kayo tapos magkagalit kayo sa isa’t isa. Parang ang hirap kaya huwag na lang mag-love,” the actress said.

Chiu said that she’s optimistic that time will also come that she will be ready to love and be loved.

The drama “Tayong Dalawa” will show the more serious side of Chiu as an actress.

For the series, Chui and the rest of cast underwent a lot of workshops under the supervision of well-known director Laurice Guillen.

“Oo, mature talaga kasi yung pa-sweet sweet, ano lang, parang noong katulad ng dati, sa huli lang nagbibigayan ng kiss. Dito una pa lang grabe na,”

The actress also praised the cast of the show. Included in “Tayong Dalawa” are Spanky Manikan, Helen Gamboa, Cherrie Pie Picache, Mylene Dizon, Alessandra de Rossi, Coco Martin, Anita Linda, Agot Isidro, and Gina Pareño.

Chiu, who is also a recording star, also said that her album “Gwa Ai Di” has reached gold album status.

She said that if given another chance, she would gladly record another CD.


The Real Cause of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's break-up

This May-December relationship of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho came to an end with little explanation of its cause.

But before Dr. Belo flew to the United States, she talked to the entertainment writers and poured her heart out.

Here is an excerpt:

Kumpirmado nang hiwalay sina Dr. Vicki Belo at Dr. Hayden Kho matapos ang tatlong taong relasyon.

Unang nakatawag pansin ang romansa ng dalawa dahil sa laki ng pagkakaiba ng mundo nila. Si Vicki ay isang multimillionaire doctor, hiwalay sa asawa, at may dalawang anak. Maliban sa galing sa mayamang pamilya, naitayo nitong mag-isa ang Belo Medical Group, ang pinaka-commercially successful cosmetic dermatology and surgery clinic sa bansa. Ilang linggo na lang, sa Enero 25, si Vicky ay 53 years old.

Si Hayden naman ay isang struggling doctor, single, tubong Marinduque, at galing sa pamilyang may sapat lang na pamumuhay. Noong naging empleyado ito sa Belo Medical Group ay saka siya nakapagdalubhasa sa ilang dermatological procedures, at nang maging boyfriend ni Vicki ay naging celebrity. Siya ay 28 years old noong May 20, 2008.

Ang dahilan ng kanilang paghihiwalay ngayon ay walang opisyal na paliwanag. Bagamat nangyari ang breakup noong December 10, walang nagsasalita hanggang ngayon alinman kina Dra. Belo at Hayden—ang pamilyar na tawag sa dalawa ng press at ng publiko.

Gayunpaman, ang lumalabas na pinakadahilan ng breakup ay ang pagkakadiskubre raw ni Dra. Belo sa pagtataksil ni Hayden. At dawit raw sa breakup ng dalawa ang sexy stars na sina Katrina Halili at Rufa Mae Quinto.

The discovery

Nakakuha ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng impormasyon tungkol sa breakup mula sa ilang showbiz at non-showbiz sources.

Noong December 17, Miyerkoles, nag-host si Dra. Belo ng birthday party para sa kaibigang si Anton San Diego, editor ng Philippine Tattler, sa magarang bahay ng doktora sa Dasmariñas Village, Makati. Dito sa party, nailabas ni Dra. Belo sa ilang guests ang kanyang saloobin.

Isang guest sa naturang party, na nakikisimpatiya kay Dra. Belo at masama ang loob kay Hayden, ang nagkuwento sa PEP ng mga sumusunod na detalye:

Umalis noong November 24 sina Dra. Belo at Hayden papuntang Amerika para sa show ng Wowowee – ang host nitong si Willie Revillame ay endorser ng Belo Medical Group – sa San Diego, California, at para manood ng laban nina Manny Pacquiao at Oscar de la Hoya sa Las Vegas, Nevada. Tinataya ng guest na ang buong biyahe ay sagot ni Dra. Belo.

Bumalik ang magkasintahan noong December 9, madaling-araw ng Martes. Kinagabihan ng Miyerkoles nangyari ang breakup.

Noong araw na 'yon ng December 10, hinihintay raw ni Dra. Belo ang kasintahan sa condo unit ng huli upang maghanda para sa lakad nila. May katagalan si Hayden dahil nag-shower pa raw ito. Sa pagkainip, naisipang mag-Internet ng doktora gamit ang laptop ni Hayden. Doon na nagsimula ang gulo. Sa laptop, nadiskubre raw ni Dra. Belo ang mga intimate o sex videos ni Hayden na kasama diumano ang maraming babae, mapa-showbiz at hindi.

Meron daw sumasayaw para kay Hayden na babae, merong nakikipagtalik, at merong mga preserved text messages ng mga flirtations ni Hayden sa ilan pa. Malinaw raw na hindi alam ng mga babae ang pagkaka-video sa kanila. Mistulang dokumento nga raw ng sex life ni Hayden ang laptop nito.

Sinasabing may mga malalaking pangalan pa sa showbiz ang nasa laptop. Ang ilan daw dito ay hindi talaga maiisip ni Dra. Belo na papatol kay Hayden dahil mga bata pa at wholesome ang image. Naroon din daw ang ilang sexy stars, kasama na raw sina Katrina Halili at Rufa Mae Quinto. (Sa tabloid report noong December 16, pinangalanan si Katrina; sa radyo nang sumunod na araw, pinangalanan si Rufa Mae Quinto.)

Agad raw kinumpronta ni Dra. Belo si Hayden. Hindi na raw maipagkaila ni Hayden dahil siya mismo ang nagdokumento ng kanyang pagtataksil. Noon din daw ay nakipag-break ang doktora sa kasintahan. Ang pinakatanging rule pa raw ni Dra. Belo nang mag-umpisa ang relasyon nila ni Hayden ay huwag na huwag ito magkakaroon ng ibang babae. Kapag nangyari raw ito, hinding-hindi raw ito mapapatawad ni Dra. Belo.

Read more here.


Ruffa Mae Quinto - Ang Bida sa Desperadas 2

As promised, Rufa Mae Quinto was billed in starring role in the Desperadas 2. She co-produced the movie with Mother Lily Monteverde. So what's that make Ruffa Gutierrez and Marian Rivera?

Bago ipalabas ang Desperadas 2, ipinakita muna ang trailer ng Civil Status: Single na bida si Rufa Mae Quinto at co-produced ng Viva Films. Tinupad ni Mother Lily Monteverde ang ipinangako sa sexy comedienne sa last and controversial presscon ng Desperadas 2 na tutulungan niyang ma-promote ang pelikula na ikinaluha ng dalaga sa sobrang tuwa.

Dahil sa pangakong tulong sa promo, lalong naengganyo si Rufa Mae na ipagpatuloy ang pagpo-produce ng pelikula. Next in line niya ang remake ng Working Girls at nagtatanong na siya sa press kung sino ang babagay na kanyang makakasama.

Samantala, isa si Rufa Mae sa nag-provide ng laughter sa Desperadas 2 at bawat hirit nito’y matatawa ang mga moviegoers. Aliw na aliw sa kanya ang mga nanood sa premiere night ng pelikula dahil suwabe ang pagpapatawa niya.

Maganda ang team-up nila ni Wendell Ramos na gumaganap na bading niyang ex-husband at Christian Vasquez as her politician lover.

Si Rufa Mae rin ang may pinakaseksi at pinaka­maiksing outfit sa mga kasama. Ang lalim ng plunging neck­line nito at isang dangkal na lang yata ang hemline ng suot na damit at skirt, pero carry niya dahil flawless at maputi ang hitad.

Marian Rivera,nagiging Diva na?

I am really wondering why Marian Rivera's foot is still in cast. I thought it was just a fractured toe? And why does she has to use a wheel chair? Is this some sort of excuse for her not to fulfill her obligations she got paid for?

Here is the story:

Kuwento ito ng isang reporter-friend na kinuhang mag-host ng isang event sa Davao last Sunday. Opening ’yon ng isang petroleum product that got the endorsement services of Marian Rivera for a huge fee.

Earlier that Sunday, humataw na si Marian sa SOP, na ang ibig sabihin ay magaling na ang kanyang fractured toe. Ang nakakatawa, when Marian showed up at the event, naka-wheelchair na ito at nakabenda ang paa making it obviously impossible nga naman for her to do a production number as originallly planned.

Ang ending, hindi nga nakapagsayaw si Marian. Or to be more politically correct, hindi talaga siya nagsayaw for some reason.

Not only was Marian a pain in the neck to the event staff, nabulilyaso rin daw ang schedule of activities ng araw na ’yon reportedly due to her “saksakan ng kaartehan.” Tanggap na raw sana ng mga tao sa likod ng produktong ’yon ang prima donna attitude ni Marian, pero ang simpleng pakiusap daw na suotin man lang daw nito ang T-shirt with the product logo printed on it ay hindi pinagbigyan ng aktres.

As expected, buwisit na buwisit daw sa kanya ang staff, to the extent of uttering cuss words patungkol kay Marian dahil sa panghihinayang na binayaran siya nang milyon, nang wala naman daw silang nahita.

Dr. Hayden Kho, missing in action?

After the break-up, there are no news so far about Dr. Hayden Kho. Dr. Belo was said to be in the United States mending her broken heart after she broke up with the young doctor who she discovered had an affair with Katrina.

Lolit Solis reports:

Walang nakakaalam sa kinaroroonan ni Dr. Hayden Kho kaya walang kuwento na mabuo ang staff ng mga showbiz talk shows.

Hindi naman nila mainterbyu si Dr. Vicki Belo dahil pinaninindigan nito ang desisyon na huwag magsalita.

At dahil walang nagsasalita, lalong dumarami ang mga kuwento at nagiging imposible na ang version.

Sa mga nagmamalasakit sa doktora, wala kayong dapat ipag-alala dahil moving forward siya. Okey na okey siya at very peace with herself. Yun lang!


Is Ruffa Gutierrez in a fighting mode

First, the host of the Buzz, Ruffa Gutierrez is rumored to have catfight with her co-host Kris Aquino.

It was, observers noted, a sure sign that all’s not well between Kris and Ruffa. The former beauty queen vehemently denied this in an exclusive interview.

“There’s talk that Kris is envious of me,” she told Inquirer. “There’s no need for her to feel threatened by me. We have our own hosting styles and she’s at the top of her game. She’s quite settled in her private life as well and she has reached a place where intrigues need no longer affect her.”

Then there is another rumored catfight with her co-stars in Desperadas 2.

Ruffa also has to contend with rumors of a catfight on the set of the Metro Manila Film Fest entry “Desparadas 2.”

Specifically, that she and co-stars Rufa Mae Quinto, Iza Calzado and Marian Rivera don’t agree on a number of issues—from their billing to the height of their stilettos.

There was a report that Rufa Mae wore eight-inch heels in one scene so that she could be as tall as Ruffa (who’s 5’9½”).

“Our director (Joel Lamangan) asked me not to wear high heels,” Ruffa said, laughing. “Why do I have to suffer just because I’m tall? They should just stand on an apple box!”

As for the billing? “That’s the manager’s job. From the start, I knew I’d be first. I don’t mind not being in the middle on the poster, either. I’m so tall, people would surely notice me.”

She stressed, “There’s no need to engage in a catfight just to promote a movie. As long as it is well-made, people will watch it.”

She insisted that the “Desparadas” girls never had differences during the shoot. She explained, “The only things we fussed over were our hair, makeup, clothes, shoes and bags.”

Publicity for her movie?

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have parted ways

Ricky Lo reported that Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have parted ways for good. Ows?
He got sick and is confined in the hospital. Will Belo, forgive him out of compassion?

Here is the report.

Confirming yesterday’s Curtain-Raiser item, an unimpeachable Funfare DPA said that Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho have indeed parted ways— for good this time. According to the DPA, the move was initiated by Vicki after she confirmed that Hayden, in the words of the DPA, “did play around” (at one time with the girl with a “K” in her name). Vicki is said to have promised to give her (turbulent?) love life a well-needed respite. “Ayoko na muna,” Vicki was quoted as saying. “Rest na muna ako.” This piece of sad news came on the heels of reports that Hayden is at the Makati Med recovering from a “sudden illness” due to “over-fatigue.” He was rushed to the hospital Friday night after he reportedly collapsed due to...exhaustion (nga ba)? Could it be true that written in Pentel pen all over his body were the words “I love you, Vicki!”? Come to think of it, is it possible that “heartbreak” and not “over-fatigue” caused Hayden’s meltdown? O, pag-ibig na makapangyarihan...

Is it really love who caused his meltdown or the lost opportunity of losing Belo's support?


KARYLLE made Marian Rivera cried a river

It was rumored that Marian Rivera is pregnant. When asked by Boy Abunda what Karylle thinks, she merely smiled. Smile has different meanings.

Lolit Solis undoubtedly is for Karylle:

Nabalitaan ko agad ang pag-iyak ni Marian Rivera sa presscon kahapon ng Desperadas 2.

Cry me a river si Marian dahil na-hurt siya sa hindi pagsagot ni Karylle nang tanungin ito ni Boy Abunda sa The Buzz kung totoo na buntis si Marian.

Ang sey ni Marian, na-offend siya sa naging reaksyon ni Karylle dahil hindi ito sumagot at nag-smile lang. Nagpapakontrobersyal daw si Karylle.

Panay ang kulit sa akin ni Mother Lily (Monteverde) na pumunta ako kahapon sa presscon ng Desperadas 2 para suwertehin daw ang kanyang pelikula.

Mabuti na lang, hindi ako nagpunta or else, baka hindi ko napigilan ang sarili ko na sabihin ang aking opinyon. Hindi nagpapakontrobersyal si Karylle ’noh! Kung may karapatan si Marian na umiyak sa presscon, may karapatan din si Karylle na gawin ang gusto nito.

At kung true man na buntis si Marian, lucky siya dahil siguradong magiging maganda ang baby. Ang kaso, hindi siya buntis!

Basta ako, masaya sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa career ni Karylle. Ang seksi-seksi niya sa mga poster ng Bench Body. Obvious ba na love na love ko si Karylle?



As a tribute to one great singer, Didith Reyes let me publish these stories about her.

MANILA, Philippines—It’s 8:30 p.m., Thursday, the first night of Didith Reyes’ wake at the Mount Carmel Church in Quezon City. The memorial chapel is alive with animated talk among her friends and peers in the music scene.

“We should be playing her songs here,” says Norma Japitana, former vice president of Vicor Records. “Should we put a sampaguita garland on her?” asks Claire de la Fuente. “Ang ginaw-ginaw, pahinaan naman natin ang aircon,” pleads another singer, Eva Eugenio.

Claire had earlier retrieved Didith’s remains from a funeral home in Biñan, Laguna, where the latter was found dead early Wednesday in a friend’s house. An autopsy revealed that Didith died of a heart attack, aggravated by a ruptured pancreas.

“Sabi ni Boss Vic (del Rosario) walang mag-aasikaso kay Didith, so pinapelan ko na,” Claire explains.


Contrary to earlier reports, Didith wasn’t exactly a pauper, or even homeless. She had been employed since 2006 as a receptionist at Reyes Haircutters on Anonas, Project 2 in Quezon City and was renting a room a short distance from the shop.

Her last day of work, according to Marlyn Abaigar, a cashier at the hair salon, was Dec. 2. “Nagpaalam, pupunta raw siya sa Laguna.”

What happened in Laguna in the days leading to her death is sketchy. A friend of Didith’s who came to her wake suspects the former celebrity singer had quarreled again with her former live-in partner, whom she earlier sued for domestic violence and who was recently found guilty by the courts. “Kaya may pasa sa mukha,” the friend surmises.

“We’re here to help in whatever way [we can],” says Vic, former boss of Didith’s record label, Vicor, whose entire back catalogue is under his control again. “We hope to re-release the three albums she recorded and give all the royalties to her son.”

Only 59

“She’s 59, not 60,” clarifies a man who bears a striking resemblance to Didith. “I know; I’m her only brother, Virgilio. My nickname is Bar and I’m one year older.” Bar starts talking about Didith’s childhood and how she showed signs of wanting to be a singer.

It turns out that their parents, Luis Sta. Maria and Juanita Avenilla, had them adopted by a spinster, Fanny Raquel-Santos when Bar was 7 and Didith, 6. “We were born in Tondo but grew up in Makati with Fanny,” says Bar.

“We treated each other as real cousins and spent time together during family reunions in my grandmother’s house in Makati, where they lived,” confirms Francis Raquel-Santos, a lawyer and one of Fanny’s nephews. “Bata pa lang siya, mahilig nang kumanta. And she was very pretty. When she became famous she would always send us front-seat tickets to her concerts. She acknowledged us as her family.”

Another revelation: Didith, known as Helen Sta. Maria in real life, was actually named Delia.

“That was her real name, Delia Sta. Maria,” says Bar. “Binago na lang niya later, naging Helen. Ang nakakatuwa, kung paano siya naging Didith. Nung high school siya, may lalaking sumusundo sa kanya na naka-Volkswagen. ‘Dit-di-dit’ ang tunog ng busina. Dun nag-umpisa ang palayaw niyang Didit. Nilagyan na lang ng ‘h’.”

Fanny, Bar says, gave Didith a good education, starting at Paco Catholic School. In high school, she attended Sta. Isabel College, but was expelled for appearing as a commercial model on TV. In college, she enrolled in Fine Arts at St. Scholastica’s College, but dropped out.

Bar continues, “She loved to sing Connie Francis songs. Ang ganda-ganda niya nung bata, parang anghel. Matalino rin si Delia. I was her bodyguard when she became famous, kaya lang, hindi ko ma-control. Pag guesting sa Student Canteen, ang slot niya 1 p.m. pero five minutes to 1, nasa bahay pa kami. Marami din siyang napapasukang trouble, maraming kaaway. Sabi ko nga noon, dapat bigyan niya ako ng baril…”

Only son

Didith’s only son, Arnold Victor “Arvi” Reyes, is busy attending to guests at the wake. But he finds time to put in his own recollection of his mother’s journey as a singer. “I was 6 when mommy became famous as a solo singer. My father Victor worked as an assessor at the Quezon City Hall. He was also an architect. I guess he didn’t want her to work, so they had differences that led to separation in 1974.

“Kuwento ni mommy, early in their marriage, she was working as a car sales rep and one day a friend asked her to jam onstage at Calesa Bar [Hyatt Hotel]. Maganda ang response ng tao and someone in the audience asked her to try singing full time.”

Starting out, Didith joined Circus Band and Time Machine—two of the top groups that played on the Roxas Boulevard club strip.


Willy Cruz walks into the chapel. The composer of Didith’s 1975 breakthrough hit single, “Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi” (lyrics by Ernie de la Peña) vividly remembers how he first gleaned Didith’s star potential. “I caught one of her performances with Circus Band—either at Rino’s or Flame on Roxas Boulevard. The band started its set with Didith singing ‘Summertime.’ Iba yung kinakanta niya sa standard repertoire ng Circus. With her stunning looks, I thought she was the perfect choice to sing ‘Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi.’”

Monster hit

The song was written as theme for a movie of the same title, starring Charito Solis. Willy was the movie’s musical director and also worked at Vicor as head of Artist and Repertoire.

Norma recalls that the record label was looking for a singer to interpret the movie theme song. One of the names that cropped up was Didith’s. “At that time she was already singing solo at El Bodegon,” says Norma. “I went there and told her. She was excited, so I brought her to Vic. She recorded the song and it became a monster hit, nasundan pa ng ilang singles.”

Claire, who says she was still in high school when “Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi” was playing on radio, concedes that Didith was a cut above the rest. “Idol ko siya. Her voice is unique, iba ang timbre, very sexy and cool. When she was in her prime, kainggit-inggit siya, she was really number one lalo na sa performances. She was the epitome of a perfect singer, beautiful, makinis, at ang ganda ng boses. Kahit na pang-jukebox ang kanta niya, when you listen to her, class na class ang dating. Kung hindi napabayaan ang boses niya, she would still be a star.

Didith, a certified celebrity from the mid-to-late ’70s, went suddenly out of the limelight in the ’80s.

Arvi: “May mga shows pa siya sa mga lounge until early ’90s. Naging inactive siya starting mid-’90s. Ano man yung naipon niya, naubos din.

Francis: “When I became a lawyer, she would come for legal advice. She had two houses in Kapitolyo, Pasig, and a couple more in other places. She lost all of them. [I suspect] she was exploited left and right, top to bottom, by some men she had relations with. Plus, she couldn’t handle success.”

Willy: “Sabi ko nga kay Arvi, ‘I know your mother is a very sensitive person, an artist madaling masaktan. She was probably just looking for true love, but because of her looks, many took advantage. Maybe then she took to drinking. Alcohol can really ruin your voice.”

Didith Reyes may have died in sad circumstances, but the whole industry remembers her significant, if brief, reign as one of the country’s most gifted singers.

Vic: She ushered in a new breed of divas. Bago nagkaroon ng mga Jukebox Queen, before Imelda Papin, Claire, Eva Eugenio, si Didith ang nagsimula ng trend.


Eva admits getting her break when Didith left OctoArts (after Vicor): “Ang laki ng dapat kong ipasalamat sa kanya … Humahahanap ang OctoArts ng kakanta ng tulad ng style niya. Alam ko marami pang kanta na para sa kanya pero sa akin pina-record.”

Willy: “No matter what she was to other people, mahal ko siya and I respect her. I owe her a lot. I may have opened doors for her, but she did the same for me. She gave me the confidence to write Tagalog lyrics later on.”

Best of all, they agree, she had a big heart.

Norma: “She was so generous. One time she went to the house and brought so much fresh fish, hindi isang banyera kundi isang small truckload! It came daw from her boyfriend’s fishpond. I ended up giving fish to my neighbors.”




It will be a lucky day for Charice Pempengco to be included among te celebrities who are going to perform during Obama's inaugural.

According to Funfare’s US-based “roving” DPA, there’s a possibility that Charice might perform at the inauguration ball of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20 next year. It’s not confirmed yet. The DPA said that “every artist is volunteering to perform at the event.” Charice is being handled by Oprah who is close to the Obamas, having campaigned for Barack. Oprah is said to be pushing for Charice to be included in the “magic list.”

“Knowing Oprah’s clout and Charice’s impressive record so far,” added the DPA, “it won’t be a surprise if she does make it to the Obama inaugural.”

2008 has been a fruitful year for Charice who, as we all know, was discovered through the YouTube last year by somebody connected with Ellen DeGeneres. Before long, Charice was guesting on the show of Oprah Winfrey who was so impressed that she eventually became Charice’s handler. Then, Charice caught the attention of David Foster who invited her top perform at a concert he put up in the East Coast and included her in an album featuring big names.

After performing with Celine Dion in New York’s Madison Square Garden, Charice then graced Macy’s Thanksgiving Day last Nov. 27 with teen stars Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta (this year’s runner-up in American Idol Season 7).


Didith Reyes died at age 60

Didith Reyes could have catapulted to fame like her contemporaries but she disappeared from the celebrity world as fast as she gained her popularity.
Her story should be a wake-up call for the young ones today.

From inquirer:

MANILA, Philippines—In her prime, Didith Reyes was "a goddess on stage," says the composer of her signature song, "Bakit Ako Mahihiya."

And so it came as a shock to Reyes' friends and fans when the sultry siren, best known for a string of love ballads and sensual performances in the 1970s and '80s (including a wardrobe malfunction that well predated Janet Jackson's), was found dead practically a pauper at a friend's ramshackle home in Biñan, Laguna, Wednesday morning.

The original Jukebox Queen, whose hits have remained videoke staple to this day, was 60.

Without a Didith Reyes starting a trend, the likes of Claire de la Fuente, Imelda Papin and Eva Eugenio might not have risen to pop stardom.

Reyes, Helen Sta. Maria in real life, apparently died of a heart attack, De la Fuente told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (parent company of INQUIRER.net).

"Her pancreas ruptured, parang binangungot," said De la Fuente, who had been asked by Vic del Rosario, former head of Reyes' now defunct record label, Vicor Records, to take charge of Reyes' wake and funeral.

Senior Supt. Manolito Labador, Laguna police director, said Reyes was found lifeless inside the house owned by Derly Antolin in Barangay Sto. Domingo at around 5 a.m. The house was a patchwork of plywood and sheets of tin, located on the edge of a middle-class neighborhood.

In her statement to the police, Antolin said Reyes had been staying in her house for the past three days.

Reyes showed up at her door on Sunday with bruises on her face and body, saying she had been sideswiped by a vehicle, Antolin said. The following Tuesday, Reyes asked Antolin to buy her antacid tablets for her stomach ache.

Before rising to stardom as a solo artist, Reyes was as one of the vocalists in Time Machine and Circus Band, which were wildly popular in the 1970s.

Her contemporaries in Time Machine included Celeste Legaspi and Anthony Castelo; Circus Band's other famous members were Basil Valdes, Hajji Alejandro, Tillie Moreno, Pabs Dadivas and Jacqui Magno, among others.

Femme fatale

In 1975, Reyes recorded the single "Araw-araw, Gabi-gabi," a song about sexual longing, which became a huge hit and eventually inspired a movie.

More hit singles followed: "Nananabik," "Bakit Ako Mahihiya," "Hatiin Natin ang Gabi," "Hindi Kami Damong Ligaw"— which established Reyes as a Jukebox Queen whose femme fatale image sent temperatures rising among the male population.

"Bakit Ako Mahihiya" became her signature song.

She became the talk of the town after she accidentally exposed a breast while singing "Nananabik" at the Famas Awards rites in 1977.

That same year, she won the Gold Prize and the Best Performer Award in the Tokyo Music Festival. She sang a Japanese song and bested Morris Albert who sang his own composition, the now pop classic "Feelings."

"She was everyone's fantasy," entertainment writer and former record label executive Aster Amoyo told the Inquirer.

"Grabe ang appeal niya (She had such a huge appeal). At that time, it seemed like she was the epitome of the pop singer as [a] luscious woman."

Reyes' debut album, "Didith," was a multi-platinum seller, Amoyo recalled.

A la Judy Garland

"She had a distinct voice that made her stand out from other singers of her generation," said Pablo Vergara, who wrote "Bakit Ako Mahihiya."

"She was the perfect singer, beautiful, sultry. She was like a goddess onstage," De la Fuente said.

"Didith was a good person. When her career was still okay, she would often surprise me with gifts, like fresh fish," said talent manager Norma Japitana. "I helped discover her."

"Her life was classic tragic show biz, a la Judy Garland. Men were running after her. She had a thriving singing career," Japitana added.

Another friend, who asked that she be identified only as Minda, remembered Reyes as a "beautiful" woman who would wear cheap accessories yet make them look like "expensive jewelry."

"Although many people were saying bad things about her, I know I knew her better as a person," Minda said.

Minda wondered why some of Didith's friends in show business came when she died but never showed up during the time Didith needed them.

Downward spiral

Reyes' decline, Amoyo noted, began in 1978 when she became unprofessional.

"She did not show up at performances. What I know is that at the height of her popularity, she would throw a flat iron [at people who displeased her]. But she was very kind when she was not in a foul mood. She was the type of person who was easy to love," Amoyo said in Filipino.

Amoyo said she barely recognized Reyes during a meeting set up by a friend at a coffee shop in Greenhills, San Juan City, two years ago.

"Para akong nalusaw sa itsura niya (I almost fainted when I saw her). She had aged physically, she had gained weight, she was limping due to a wound on her foot and she smelled badly," Amoyo recalled.

The Didith Reyes of her prime, who reportedly had an insatiable sexual appetite and had affairs with prominent businessmen, club owners and politicians, eventually went on a downward spiral. She got hooked on drugs and alcohol.


Homeless, she once sought help from Amoyo and promised to mend her ways. Amoyo took her to Reyes Haircutters, whose owner, Les (a brother of beauty guru Ricky Reyes), promptly took her in.

"But she was a pain in the ass," Amoyo said with amusement. "She was always drunk, drinking gin straight from a plastic bottle. So I told Les just to let her go, but he just couldn't do it immediately."

The last bit of news Amoyo heard about Reyes was that she was hospitalized and that Les paid the bill.

Reyes left behind a son, Arvy, now married and living on his own. Before she become famous, she had been separated from husband Victor Reyes. Her last known relationship was with a 67-year-old man from Laguna, her live-in partner for seven years.

Reyes' remains were to be brought for viewing to the Mount Carmel Church on Doña Juana Rodriguez Avenue in New Manila, Quezon City, De la Fuente said.


KARYLLE said Love life is not the reason for Network move

KARYLLE PADILLA TATLONGHARI aka KARYLLE is now a Kapamilya after she signed a one-year- contract with ABS-CBN. She joins her mother in that network.

She denied however the reason of her transfer was her split-up with her former boyfriend Dingdong Dantes. Ows?

Singer Karylle is now a certified Kapamilya as she signed a one-year contract with ABS-CBN, Tuesday.

"Officially, isa na po akong kapamilya. Thank you sa pag-welcome sa akin," Karylle said.

Fresh from Las Vegas where she sang the Philippines national anthem in the Manny Pacquaio-Oscar dela Hoya bout last Saturday in Las Vegas, (Sunday in Manila), Karylle was thrilled over the warm welcome she received from the Kapamilya network.

The singer said that her decision to move to ABS-CBN was basically due to the many changes in her life.

"Siyempre maraming changes sa buhay ko. With these, I also changed management, so now, I'm under Stages, with Carlo Orosa and Audie Gemora. Sila yung in charge sa ‘West Side Story‘. Sila ang nag-head noon," said Karylle.

She added: "Since maraming kaguluhang nangyari, yung career ko, I just left it up to them to decide. Kasi at that time, hindi ko na maisip ang kahit ano pa mang bagay. So I trust them completely and I know that they are very, very capable of making right decisions for me. So noong sinabi nilang lilipat ako, I trusted it and I'm very, very happy to be here and it's really the right decision."


President Gloria Arroyo supported PLONING

It is good news for Judy Ann Santos who has been working hard to raise funds to reproduce dubbed copies of her movie Ploning for submission to the Academy Awards. While other sector was criticizing the young actress for her project, President Gloria Macapagal ordered the release of one million for Ploning.

MANILA, Philippines -- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo released P1 million to the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to support the bid of "Ploning," the country's entry to the 81st Academy Awards or Oscars, Malacañang said.

The movie stars Judy Ann Santos, a popular movie and television actress who rose to fame in the early 1990s in the late afternoon soap opera "Mara Clara."

The P1 million sourced from the Presidential Social Fund will be used to finance preview screenings, distribute DVD copies of the movie, advertisements in Hollywood publications, and other publicity materials, the statement said.

With the financial boost, the Palace said it hoped that "Ploning" would reach nine-entry semifinals, or even be among the final five nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, an honor that has eluded the Philippines.

"Ploning" is among the 67 official entries to the Oscars, the Palace said.

Santos was supposed to receive the money from Presidential Management Staff Chief Cerge Remonde in Malacañang at a 3 p.m. conference, but she had not shown up as of 5 p.m.

Raymond Bagatsing

Raymond Bagatsing aka Ramon Bagatsing San Diego Bagatsing,a multi-awarded actor in the Philippine movies remarries on November, 2008.