Director Joey Reyes apologized to Alfie Lorenzo

Direk Joey admits 'fault,' apologizes

Do you think it is his fault?

MANILA, Philippines – Talent manager and entertainment writer Alfie Lorenzo expressed his dismay over having been allegedly bypassed by actress Judy Ann Santos in accepting an independent film project.

Lorenzo cried foul over Santos' participation in the Cinemalaya Film Festival entry "Mga Mumunting Lihim," for which she refused to be paid despite her leading role in the Jose Javier Reyes-directed film.
Santos' long-time talent manager also vented his frustration over Reyes' supposed lack of respect, for not having informed him of the young superstar's pro bono involvement in the project.
"Matagal na kaming magkakilala ni Joey Reyes. Ang hinihintay ko lang, 'yung respeto man lang, na sabihin ni Joey, 'Gagamitin ko artista mo ah, pero libre,'" Lorenzo told entertainment talk show "Paparazzi" in an interview that aired Saturday.


Politicians,Government Officials, Lawmakers and their families attended the Third SONA of the President. The most awaited moment of this occasion is the entry of the people in their beautiful gowns,
barongs and other native Filipino customes and dresses.

These are the women who shashayed like fashion models altough most of them are or are still in this career. Men came in their barong Tagalogs.

kris aquino and boy abunda
manny and jinkee

lani mercado and daughter

risa hontiveros

lucy gomez and richard gomez


Dolphy is dead at 83

Dolphy is dead a few days before his birthday. 

The Comedy King is dead. Long live the Comedy King!
It was curtain call for Dolphy who died at 8:34 last night at the ICU of the Makati Medical Center (MCC), where he was confined for more than three weeks for pneumonia.
He would have turned 84 on July 25.
Dr. Jake Marte, assistant patient relations officer of MMC, said, “Mr. Rodolfo ‘Dolphy’ Quizon passed away due to multiple organ failure brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure.”
He died surrounded by members of his family, some of whom had just arrived from abroad.