Gretchen and Dawn kissed and made up

According to Dolly Carvajal, Gretchen Barretto and Dawn Zulueta patched up their differences by having a heart-to-heart talk at Greta’s residence.

The "dedmahan" and parunggitan started when the La Gretchen almost brought her mansion during their commercial photo op. Sabi sa balita, pati ang nanahimik nilang microwave ay dala-dala at ang mga damit ay talaga namang ang tataas ng tag price.

Sabi pa ay Dawn must have misunderstood why Greta came later than her during day one of the shoot and she made a big fuss out of it. Greta wasn’t late. She and Dawn just had a different call time. YOn na.




Gretchen Barreto -The Prima Donna?

The Dawn-Gretchen feud is hot.

Gretchen Barreto was branded as prima donna during their commercial shoot.

They said that La Greta brought Vuitton luggage, branded clothes and
microwave oven during the shoot. A person close to her clarified that
“Gretchen didn’t bring her ‘whole house’ to the set. Just two rooms of
clothes. It is true that she brought her Vuitton luggage, branded clothes
and microwave oven but she was willing to lend her clothes and share
her food and make-up. She brought her own stuff and did not demand
these from the production.




Angelica Panganiban

How time flies. She used to be a young innocent girl. Photoshopped?

picture fwded by polo.


Cher Calvin bags an Emmy

When I was in Los Angeles, I used to watch her morning news before I leave for work.
I really like her style of delivering the news and her demeanour in front the TV camera.

Cher Calvin bags an Emmy
By Ricky Lo
The Philippine Star 11/27/2006

She’s the face that greets L.A. with a big smile early mornings on the KTLA TV’s Morning Show, which starts before 5 a.m., Monday through Friday, like the local GMA 7 show Mornings@GMA (now Unang Hirit) where she started her career as a TV host in the mid-’90s before she moved to ABS-CBN.

The good news is that Cher Calvin has just won for Best Newscast in the just-concluded Emmy Awards, the first Filipino, if memory serves me right, to be so honored.

"I can’t believe it," Cher told The STAR in a phone interview as soon as she got home from the event. "It’s very exciting!"

Cher has been with KTLA for more than two years. Before that, she was with Fox Channel in Las Vegas. Both are newscasts, in contrast to Cher’s ABS-CBN show F which was more lifestyle, co-hosted by Angel Aquino and Daphne OseƱa.

KTLA opens with Cher doing the newscast. Lately, she has been doing field reporting, together with 1994 Miss USA Lou Parker who competed in the Miss Universe Pageant held that same year in Manila. Herself a beauty queen, Cher was first runner-up in the 1994 Miss New York contest, the winner of which competed in the Miss USA search for the representative to the Miss Universe Pageant.

A Masscom graduate of a New York university, Cher worked as a researcher for some US magazines before she shifted to on-camera work. Born and raised in New York, she’s the only child of former actor Roger Calvin and the late Delia Santos, a psychologist.


Senator Ramon Revilla Sick?

Before it was Rudy Fernandez. Now another former action star and a senator was suddenly hospitalized after a minor surgery was performed to remove lumps found in his chest.

Senator Revilla was rushed to the hospital.

SENATOR Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. was rushed to the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa City on Thursday afternoon for extreme vomiting shortly after he was discharged following minor surgery for removal of lumps on his chest and forehead, his wife Lani Mercado told INQ7.net in a phone interview.

Mercado said her husband had an outpatient procedure this morning.

“When he came home, he ate his lunch because he did not have anything since midnight last night. Then he started vomiting. Sobrang hilo sya. Nakiramdam sya [He was nauseous. He tried to gauge what he was feeling]. So we rushed him to Asian Hospital,” she said.

The hospital is the same one where former senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan has been admitted for treatment of foot injuries he sustained while trying to evade arrest early Wednesday morning.

Asked what the reason for the vomiting and nausea was, Mercado said: “Baka nabigla lang daw kasi kumain sya agad. His anesthesiologist said hinay-hinay lang daw dapat [His system may have been overwhelmed because he ate right away. He should have taken it easy].”

Revilla just came home from the United States last week, where he sought a second opinion on a scar on his lumbars 3 and 4 that had been causing pain in his legs, his wife said.

“He was asked to stop all strenuous physical activity like exercise and badminton...This is separate from the operation this morning,” she said.

Mercado said her husband's condition has stabilized.

For Bong Revilla's biography, click here.



Tirso Cruz and Nora Aunor in 'Till We Meet Again

Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz the III, more popularly known as Guy and Pip.They have graduated from sweet sweet movies. They have matured to be serious and award winning movie actors and actresses.



Maricel Soriano -Diamond Star

Andygapo, a fan of Maricel Soriano put together his collections of the one and only Taray
Queen, Maricel Soriano.



Nora Aunor in Himala -1982

World class acting of Nora Aunor in the movie Himala. A movie about a girl who claimed she was a visionary. This clip of the claim shows her admitting that she just made up the story. Then she got shot.



Nora Aunor in Bona (clip 2)

Ito ang pelikulang para sa mga tagahanga ng lahat ng artista. Ano man ang kinasapitan ni Nora Aunor sa kaniyang personal na buhay, hindi maitatatwa ang galing niya sa lahat ng mga pelikulang kaniyang ginanapan.



Nora Aunor in Flor Contemplacion Story-Clip

You cried for Flor Contemplacion because of Nora Aunor's portrayal. Flor Contemplacion, a domestic helper in Singapore was executed for murder.




In this Corner of the Universe-Guy and Pip (1971)

Guy and Pip, the iconic love team of 1970's was worshipped by their fans.

Watch the young Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III.