Lorna Tolentino and Jinggoy Estrada -Famas Best Actress and Best Actor

Lorna Tolentino at Senator Jinggoy Estrada won the Famas best actress and best actor awards respectively in their movie KATAS NG SAUDI.

Marian Rivera also received a special award from German Moreno Youth Achievement Award.

Here is the complete list of nominees and (partial) winners for the 56th FAMAS Awards. Winners are in bold and marked with an asterisk. OTHER WINNERS TO FOLLOW.

Best Picture:
Katas ng Saudi

Best Director:
Adolf Alix Jr.(Batanes)
Maryo J. Delos Reyes (A Love Story)*Winner
Jose Javier Reyes (Katas Ng Saudi)
Mark Reyes (Resiklo)
Neal Buboy Tan (Ataul for Rent)

Best Actor:
Jinggoy Estrada (Katas Ng Saudi) * Winner

Best Actress:
Lorna Tolentino (Katas ng Saudi) * Winner

Best Supporting Actor:
Mon Confiado (Faces of Love)*Winner
Dingdong Dantes (Resiklo)
Christopher De Leon (Banal)
Pablio Briones (Confessional)
Robin Da Roza (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Supporting Actress:
Irma Adlawan (Ataul for Rent)*Winner
Angel Aquino (Faces of Love)
Eugene Domingo (Paano Kita Iibigin)
Gina Pareno (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Dimples Romana (One More Chance)

Best Child Actor:
Quintin Alianza (Paano Kita Iibigin?)
Keir Segismundo (Foster Child)*Winner
Julian Estrada (Katas ng Saudi)
Jayross Aquino (Resiklo)
John Carlo (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)

Best Child Actress:
Alec Romana (Vagets)
Ella Cruz (Resiklo)*winner
Jemina Cruz (Banal)

Best Story:
Vanessa Valdez (A Love Story)
John Paul Abellera / Tami B. Dinopaul (Paano Kita Iibigin?)
Jose Javier Reyes (Katas ng Saudi)
Eddie Romero (Faces of Love)
Neal Buboy Tan/ Anthony Gedang (Ataul for Rent)*winner

Best Screenplay:
Mel Mendoza Del Rosario/John Paul Abellera (Paano Kita Iibigin?)
Neal Buboy Tan (Ataul for Rent)*winner
Vanessa Valdez (A Love Story)
Ramon Ukit (Confessional)
Rica Arevalo Faces of Love

Best Cinematography:
Jay Linao (Resiklo)
Gary L. Gardoce (A Love Story)
Ramoncito Redoble (Batanes)*winner
Dan Villegas (Still Life)
Charlie Peralta (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Editing:
Marya K.Ignacio (Paano Kita Iibigin?)
Tara Illenberger (A Love Story)*winner
Marya K. Ignacio (One More Chance)
Pats R. Ranyo (Confessional)
Jay Halili (Resiklo)

Best Theme Song
Pablo Vergara / Resty Hernandez (Anak ng Kumander)
Sine-Sine (Confessional)*winner
“Hanggang Sa Dulo” (Batanes)
“Ang Himig Natin” (Banal)
Dave Langit “Sa Aking Pag-uwi” (Katas ng Saudi)

Best Art Direction
Gerry Santos (A Love Story)
Chris Ecker De Guzman (Paano Kita Iibigin?)
Rodel Cruz (Resiklo)*winner
Elfren Vivar (One More Chance)
Nancy Arcega (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)

Best Musical Score:
Jesse Lucas (A Love Story)*winner
Allan Feliciano/ Arnold Buena (Resiklo)
Jesse Lucas (Batanes)
Nonong Buencamino (Ataul for Rent)
Raul Mitra (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Visual Effect
Film Work Groups (Ataul for Rent)
Optima Digital (Banal)
Ignite Media/ Riot, Inc. (Anak Ng Kumander)*winner

Best Special Effects:
Peping Carmona (Anak ng Kumander)
Ignite Media Inc. (Resiklo)*winner

Famas also has its own Special Awards to boot such as the Presidential Award given to Boots Anson Roa; Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed on Paraluman; FPJ Memorial Award given to Cesar Montano; Flavio Macaso Award, the main organizer of Famas, awarded to Wilberto Villamin; Dr. Jose R. Perez Memorial Award handed to Chit Ramos; Golden Artist Award given to Ogie Alcasid; German Moreno Achievement Award (for Female) awarded to Marian Rivera and (Male) to Ryan Agoncilo.


56th Famas Award Wiiners (2008)

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Here are the winners on the recently concluded 56th FAMAS Awards (2008) which was held at the Manila Hotel last Saturday, November 29, 2008:
Best Picture
Katas ng Saudi – Mavericks Films
Best Director
Maryo J. Delos Reyes – A Love Story
Best Actor
Jinggoy Estrada – Katas Ng Saudi
Best Actress
Lorna Tolentino – Katas ng Saudi
Best Supporting Actor
Mon Confiado – Faces of Love
Best Supporting Actress
Irma Adlawan – Ataul for Rent
Best Child Actor
Keir Segismundo – Foster Child
Best Child Actress
Ella Cruz – Resiklo
Best Story
Neal Buboy Tan and Anthony Gedang – Ataul for Rent
Best Screenplay
Neal Buboy Tan – Ataul for Rent
Best Cinematography
Ramoncito Redoble – Batanes
Best Editing
Tara Illenberger – A Love Story
Best Theme Song
“Sine-Sine” – Confessional
Best Art Direction
Rodel Cruz – Resiklo
Best Musical Score
Jesse Lucas – A Love Story
Best Visual Effects
Ignite Media/ Riot, Inc. – Resiklo

The Famas Awards Night

The FAMAS, under the leadership of Art Padua, will hold its 56th awards tonight at the Centennial Ballroom of Manila Hotel.

The finalists are:

Best Picture: A Love Story (Star Cinema), Ataul for Rent (Artiste Entertainment), Confessional (Cinema One Originals), Katas ng Saudi (Maverick Films), Paano Kita Iibigin? (Star Cinema)

Best Director: Adolf Alix, Jr. (Batanes), Maryo delos Reyes (A Love Story), Mark Reyes (Resiklo), Neal “Buboy” Tan (Ataul for Rent), Jose Javier Reyes (Katas ng Saudi)

Best Actor: John Lloyd Cruz (One More Chance), Jinggoy Estrada (Katas ng Saudi), Aga Muhlach (A Love Story), Piolo Pascual (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. (Resiklo)

Best Actress: Bea Alonzo (One More Chance), Judy Ann Santos (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo), Maricel Soriano (A Love Story), Lorna Tolentino (Katas ng Saudi), Regine Velasquez (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Supporting Actor: Bayani Agbayani (Katas ng Saudi), Publio Briones (Confessional), Mon Confiado (Faces of Love), Dingdong Dantes (Resiklo), Christopher de Leon (Banal)

Best Supporting Actress: Irma Adlawan (Ataul for Rent), Angel Aquino (Faces of Love), Eugene Domingo (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Gina PareƱo (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo), Maja Salvador (One More Chance)

Best Child Actor: Quintin Alianza (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Jairus Aquino (Resiklo), Carlo Balmaceda (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo), Julian Estrada (Katas ng Saudi), Kier Segismundo (Foster Child), Alec Romano (Vagets)

Best Child Actress: Ella Cruz (Resiklo), Jemina Cruz (Banal)

Best Story: Vanessa Valdez (A Love Story), John Paul Abellera/Tami Dinopol (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Jose Javier Reyes (Katas ng Saudi), Eddie Romero (Faces of Love), Neal “Buboy” Tan/Anthony Gedang (Ataul for Rent)

Best Screenplay: Mel del Rosario/Vanessa Valdez/John Paul Abellera (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Neal “Buboy” Tan (Ataul for Rent), Vanessa Valdez (A Love Story), Ramon Ukit (Confessional), Rica Arevalo (Faces of Love)

Best Cinematography: Jay Linao (Resiklo), Gary Gardoce (A Love Story), Ramoncito Redoble/Luis Guy (Batanes), Dan Villegas (Still Life), Charlie Peralta (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Editing: Marya K. Ignacio (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Tara Illenberger (A Love Story), Marya Ignacio (One More Chance), Pats Ranyo (Confessional), Jay Halili (Resiklo)

Best Sound: Nitoy Aguila (Resiklo), Adiss Tabong (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Albert Michael Idioma (A Love Story), Roger “TJ” Ladro (Confessional), Adiss Tabong (One More Chance)

Best Theme Song: Anak ng Kumander (composed by Pablo Vergara and performed by Resty Hernandez, Anak ng Kumander), Sine-Sine (composed by Jesse Lucas, Confessional), Hanggang sa Dulo (composed and performed by Noel Cabangon, Batanes), Ang Himig Natin (composed by Mike Hanopol/Walter Gonzales/Pepe Smith), Sa Aking Pag-uwi (composed and performed by Dave Langit)

Best Art Direction: Gerry Santos (A Love Story), Chris Ecker de Guzman (Paano Kita Iibigin?), Rodel Cruz (Resiklo), Elfren Vivar (One More Chance), Nancy Arcega (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)

Best Musical Score: Jesse Lucas (A Love Story), Allan Feliciano/Arnold Buena (Resiklo), Jesse Lucas (Batanes), Nonong Buencamino (Ataul for Rent), Raul Mitra (Paano Kita Iibigin?)

Best Visual Effects: Film Work Groups (Ataul for Rent), Optima Digital (Banal), Ignite Media/Riot, Inc. (Resiklo)

Best Special Effects: Peping Carmona (Anak ng Kumander), Ignite Media/Riot, Inc. (Resiklo)

Special Awardees: Boots Anson-Roa (Presidential Award), Chit Ramos (Dr. Jose R. Perez Memorial Award), Paraluman (Lifetime Achievement Award), Ogie Alcasid (Golden Artist Award), Wilberto Villamin (Flavio Macaso Memorial Award), Cesar Montano (Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award), Ryan Agoncillo and Marian Rivera (German Moreno Achievement Award)

The awards ceremonies, “Gabi ng Parangal,” will be directed by Leonardo Belen and aired in a delayed telecast on NBN 4.


How is Anne coping with the break-up

Their three-year relationship was never confirmed until the break-up. I am talking about Anne Curtis and Sam Milby. To the point that some sectors of the media accused Sam of being gay.

SO how does Anne Curtis coping with the break up?

You see pain written all over her the last time she faced the press for Baler, Viva Films’ entry to the Metro Filmfest. She half smiled, but tears formed at the corner of her eyes and threatened to fall any minute. You can tell she was trying to put up a brave front.

Sam, after all, was her boyfriend for three years. And now that Sam asked her that they stop exclusively dating so he can concentrate on his relationship with God, Anne is hurting.

“It’s a painful process,” she admits. But her ego remains intact. She’s not wallowing in self-pity. Anne knows there’s no third party and the breakup has nothing to do with her. It’s got more to do with Sam’s soul searching than anything else.

Thus, she doesn’t take the split up personally. Nor does she take it against Sam. In fact, Anne pleads, “Please don’t get angry at Sam. People should not look at him negatively. I also went through what he is experiencing now. He has a good heart.”

Ah, love! It makes Anne protect Sam from sticks and stones her detractors want to throw at her former boyfriend. Love allows her to put herself in Sam’s shoes.

“I have my own struggles. I also have to fix things where my relationship with God is concerned. Sam gave me a chance to do that,” she told Kris Aquino in an interview on The Buzz.

The broken-hearted Anne is not closing the doors to a reconciliation. But if it won’t come, she will meekly accept things and move forward.


Charice Pempengco in the MAcy's Thanksgiving Parade

Watch Charice in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.


Mabangong-mabango si Dingdong Dantes

Siyempre sino ang hindi babango kung maaga mong pamasko ay mga cell phone at mga appliances. May loot bag pa. kahit na galing lang sa mga produktong iniendorse niya.

Ayon nga kay Lolit Solis:

Win ako ng mamahaling relo sa maaga ang Pasko party ni Dingdong Dantes. Malinaw na mali­naw na nanalo ako ng walang involved na scam.
Aray may pinatamaan yata.

Everybody happy sa Christmas party ni Ding­dong noong Sabado sa Imperial Palace Suites ni Mother Lily Monteverde. Eat all you can ang drama with matching goodies, courtesy ng mga may-ari ng produkto na ini-endorso ni Dingdong.

Suplado ang ilang mga reporter ‘ha? Hindi nila type na manalo ng big items dahil mahihirapan sila sa pag-uwi. Kung sino ang ayaw mag-win ng mga malalaking item, sila ang nanalo!

Ikinaloka ng mga reporter ang pagpasok ng mga waiter na may mga bitbit na mobile cellphone.

Give ni Dingdong ng cellphone ang lahat ng mga reporter. Effective ang drama. Nagkagulo ang mga reporter. Na-excite sila sa eksena na bumulaga sa kanila.

Mahirap nang mapantayan ang Christmas party ni Dingdong. Walang naka-feel na may global crisis dahil sa dami ng raffle prizes na ipinamigay ni Ding­dong.

O di haping-hapi sila. Promotion galore.


At bakit nandodoon si Ruffa Mae Quinto ?

Deny to death si Ruffa Mae Quinto na sila ni Sam Milby ay mag-on. On-on, charing na.
Rufa Mae emphasizes that she and Sam are friends, so, it is all right for her to visit his house without any malice. When Sam learned that Rufa Mae is currently in the process of building her house, he invited her to see the design made by his architect.

Pareho kasi silang mga loveless ngayon. So pinaghihinalaan na sila na nga. Pero hinala nila, ang dahilan ng pagbibreak ni Anne at Sam ay dahil kay Ruffa. Sey ninyo?

Both stars have just come from previous relationships—Rufa Mae had just broken up with her American-Mexican boyfriend while Sam has stopped dating Anne Curtis exclusively. When news broke out that Rufa Mae recently went to Sam's house, speculations arose that the reason why Sam and Anne parted ways was because of the sexy comedienne.
Eh ano naman sa tingin niya ang design ng bahay?

"Hindi ko na masyadong maalala talaga kasi mabilis lang. Hindi ko na sinipat-sipat yung mga detalye. Very, very light nga lang...'tapos umalis na 'ko," she recalls.
Baka sinisipat. Ano naman ang very light? May tinimbang siya? hahaha

Eh bakit tumawag si Anne curtis daw sa kaniya para tanungin kung totoo kung hiwalay na sila.

The GMA-7 talent then revealed that Anne called her up to verify whether the rumors were true or not.

"Anne called me at tinawagan ko din siya. In-explain ko sa kanya na noon, hindi pa nga sila, I already told Sam, ‘I wanna see your house.' Sinabi ko na yun dati kay Anne pero hindi nga ako nakarating kasi busy ako. Pero wala naman, di naman nagkakaagawan. Wala po akong kinalaman sa paghiwalay nila."

Aha, mga tanong ng nagseselos na tao.

According to Rufa Mae, Anne asked her: "‘P-Chi, totoo ba...' sabi niya, 'naghahang-out kayo? Marami kayo o dalawa lang kayo?' Sabi ko, 'Ano ka ba?' 'Tapos, kinuwento ko na lahat. Kinuwento ko na sa kanya yung lahat ng detalye. So I think okey na yun... at least nasabi ko na kay Anne yung buong detalye."


Blind Items?

I am trying to figure out who are these characters in this blind item I read from Inquirer.

They had a less-than-amicable separation. But hours before a splashy premiere, Leading Man called and told his Ex-Girlfriend that his new movie was dedicated to her.

Perplexed, EG complained to friends about wishy-washy LM, calling his pronouncements “confusing.”

After all, LM is now being romantically linked with his film’s Leading Lady.

Days after the event, LM again called EG—furious because their “exchange” saw the light of print.

Does the name of the LM starts with D and the EG starts with K.


KArylle moving on

It is good that she has moved on. She should not care about a a loved one kuno who will exchange her for stardom. He denied to death but it is the same banana.

With the heartbreak, singer-actress Karylle now has the strength to face a love lost.

And, quite dramatically, she realized her desire to move on from this difficult chapter in her life, as her first TV interview on the breakup showed last Sunday.

“Kasi sa pagmamahal, wala namang regrets. Basta nagmahal ka, nagmahal ka ng totoo, yun lang naman yun eh. Kung mag-work out man o hindi, wala na sa kamay ko yon, [In love, you have no regrets. That’s how it is when you love. If it works out or not, that’s out of my hands],” she told ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz.”

Karylle said her breakup with her boyfriend of three years, actor Dingdong Dantes, followed a “process.”

“It was a mutual decision. Hindi siya nangyari overnight so matagal siya na proseso kasi siyempre hindi ka naman magigising bigla na lang tapos sasabihin mo, ay break na tayo [It doesn’t happen overnight. It follows a long process. You don’t just wake up and say it’s over],” she said.

Karylle admitted going through all the painful “stages” in the breakup, and declared she was now in the acceptance stage, which she considered a personal victory.

“Hindi ko naman made-deny na nasaktan ako. Pero ang nangyari naman kasi talaga pinagdaanan ko lahat ng stages ng isang breakup na may denial, may hurt, may bargaining, tapos may acceptance. At this point, nandito na ako sa acceptance. Natanggap ko na ang lahat ng nangyari kasi sa bawat na masakit na nangyayari, may magandang naidudulot. [I’m not denying I was hurt. I went through the stages of a breakup—denial, hurt, bargaining, and then there’s acceptance. At this point, I’m in the acceptance stage. I’ve accepted everything that has happened because in each painful part, something good comes out.]”

How did she succeed in entering the acceptance stage? Karylle said focusing on her work helped a lot.

“Right now kasi yung focus ko nasa pagtrabaho lang. Hindi ko na masyadong iniisip ngayon kung ano ba yung iniisip niya (Dingdong) o mararamdaman niya kasi as of now para maging maayos naman yung buhay ko, isipin ko muna yung trabaho ko [Right now, I focus on work. I don’t think of what he is thinking or feeling. I only care about fixing my life which I can do when I work],” she said.

Karylle, whose relationship with Dingdong flourished as they both worked for GMA 7, is now set to embark on a new phase in her career as a contract artist of ABS-CBN.

Apparently not looking back, Karylle smiled when she answered the interviewer’s question if she still loved Dingdong.

“Hindi na [Not anymore],” she said.

But for Dingdong, coping seems far from over, despite his heavily-backed and successful on-screen tandem with fellow Kapuso centerpiece star Marian Rivera.

“Nag-sink in na lahat eh. Kasi nung time nung nangyayari ang lahat ng ito, busy kami sa pag-shu-shoot. Pero, ngayon na’t dumating na lahat at nag-settle down na lahat, siyempre [It’s now sinking in. When this was all happening, we were busy shooting. But now when this came and everything settled down, of course,] you can’t change things overnight. It will take a while. (But) I will be okay,” the actor told GMA 7’s “Showbiz Central” also on Sunday.


Gabby Concepcion's ex production assistant

I can not understand this news because there are not so many information.

From Dolly Carvajal.

MANILA, Philippines—Gabby Concepcion is trusting to a fault. That’s why so many people take advantage of him.

After his falling out with his former manager, here comes his ex-production assistant badmouthing him and his wife Ginbee.

A common friend laments, “Gabs is not suing her na nga even if she ran away with P120,000. Pamasko na raw ni Gabs ‘yon so dapat tumahimik na lang siya. That money could have been used for his daughter Sam’s educational fund.”

Gabs is the easiest person to make "pakiusap" to. So I don’t know why some people would rather steal from him than ask him directly for help. It’s sad that the people he trusts choose to break his kind heart, instead of making it melt.

Good decision. He has already a lot of case troubles, the expense would not be worth it.


Diether Ocampo is now a KApuso

Diether Ocampo has inked a four year contract with GMA 7 network right after the teleserye IISA PA Lamang finished a few days ago.

Is it because of the rumored big paycheck of Gabby Concepcion in the recently concluded teleserye. Diether was one of the leading actors in that Kapamilya soap.
along with Susan Roces, Joel Torre, Claudine Baretto, Angelica Panganiban, Cherry Pie Picache at Jestoni Alarcon.

There has been no talk or gossip about his transfer and the news was a shock.

According to the news, he signed a maximum 4-year contract last NOvember 17 with a Koreanovela All About Eve as his first project. With him in the telenovela are Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado, Eula Valdez, Jean Garcia and Richard Gomez.


Denial about Vina Morales' Baby

Sakit noon anoh? Ideny ng boyfriend na hindi siya ang father. Pero baka naman kasi sinabi sa kaniya na kailangan because of the suit filed by his wife. O diva?

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN, refused comment on businessman Cedric Lee’s interview with a show biz oriented magazine wherein he denied he was the father of contract artist Vina Morales’s unborn child.

“We are not in the position to comment (about the interview). Vina is still in the US right now,” said Rikka Dylim, Star Magic PR head, in a text message to the Inquirer. Despite her pregnancy, Vina is on a concert tour of the US.

In his denial, Cedric told the show biz magazine S! that Vina never mentioned him as the father of her child in her interview with ABS-CBN’s showbiz oriented talk show “The Buzz” in September confirming her pregnancy, adding that it was only the interviewer Cristy Fermin who mentioned his name.

A check with the video of the September 28 episode of “The Buzz” revealed that when Cristy asked Vina, “Pinaninindigan ba ni Cedric Lee ang baby mo?” Vina answered, “Yes po, very supportive siya. He will always be there for me, for my baby.” In her response to Cristy’s question, Vina referred to Cedric but did not categorically mention his name.

Vina has entered her fourth month of pregnancy, more than six weeks after she admitted she was happily expecting her first child.

Kahit naman hindi sinabi ni Vina Morales yong pangalan, yong sagot naman niya kay Cristy confirming yong statement, kulang na lang na sabihin ang pangalan di vanetch?


Nestor Torre's Boob-tube Booboos

This is my favorite, Nestor Torre's boob-tube booboos.

Boob-tube booboos

First posted 22:36:39 (Mla time) November 07, 2008
Nestor Torre
Philippine Daily Inquirer

HOST: Congratulations on winning your award abroad!

Guest: Thank you, I was just very lucky.

Host: Oh, you’re too humble. I’m sure our viewers agree, your achievement deserves a big, round applause!

(Uh, thanks anyway. . .)

* * *

Host: What can you say to inspire young Filipino students today?

Guest: They should set high standards—they should learn to sour like birds!

(Ang asim naman.)

Good friend

Host: What do you admire most about your good friend?

Guest: I admire most of all, despite his many problems and pressure from different people, that he has remained collectively cool!

(Perhaps you mean to say, calm, cool and collected?)

* * *

Host: Your enemies accuse you of censoring what they want to say against you.

Guest: No, that’s not true, they are free to said their conflicts!

(No comment.)

* * *

Host: After your religious conversion, how different or better is your life now?

Guest: Oh, very better—I now have that peacely feeling!

(Ah, OK ...)

* * *

Host: There are so many people now dieting, but not all are doing it in a healthy way. What can you say to them?

Guests: To the dieters out there, if you’re fats, it’s time to do it slowly!

(Ano daw?)

Family problems

Host: How is your uncle doing now, after so many family problems?

Guest: He’s OK now, they’re OK now with his former daughter.

(Uh, come again?)

* * *

Host: Why do you think has this love team succeeded in the movies? What do their fans like about them?

Guest: Definitely, because they have good report with each other.

(Yes, in romantic movies, “good report” is so important.)

* * *

Host: In the light of the economic crisis, what can we do?

Guest: We can protect our savings by spending and earning less.

(The first part makes sense, but the second must be—the New Economics?)

* * *

Host: What about people who want to build their homes, should they wait or go ahead?

Guest: Since materials are going up, make sure you compare prices before you construction isang bahay.

(I-rumble niyo na lang . . .)


ABS-CBN Exec Resigned

First she was suspended and now she resigned. I am referring to Luchi Cruz-Valdez, one of the so-called Tres Marias. Here is the news:

Luchi Cruz-Valdez has resigned her post as Vice-President for News Production and Current Affairs for ABS-CBN, the network said.

In a text message to INQUIRER.net, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications head Bong Osorio confirmed the departure of Valdez, who was suspended months ago due to an internal professional matter.

“Luchi Cruz-Valdez has decided to leave and the company has accepted it,” Osorio said.

Previously, Valdez was a top news executive at GMA 7, which sued her in 2002 for breach of contract due to her transfer to ABS-CBN. A Quezon City court ruled in Valdez’s favor in July this year.

The problem is she burned the bridge when she moved from GMA to ABS-CBN. Where is she going now?


Governor Vilma Santos Danced

She is a good dancer and she hasn't danced for a long time. During her birthday, she dance the night away. Watch.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV


Vilma Santos is turning 55 today

The mother of Lucky Manzano, the wife of former Senator Ralph Recto, the Actress of All Seasons, Vilma Santos is turning 55 today. Happy Birthday VILMA.

BatangueƱos threw a birthday party for their governor, multi-awarded actress Vilma Santos, who turned 55 Monday.

"I’m 38 years old now and then next year I'll be 37, then 36, pababa na ng pababa," the still beautiful Santos said in jest.

"For so many years, ‘yong tiwala nila, pagmamahal, suporta na binigay nila, ‘yon ‘yong priceless. ‘Yon ang pinakabayad ko dito," she added.

The governor attributed her success to the continued support of her family and husband Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ralph Recto.

"Lagi [siyang] nakasuporta sa akin… whether I’m low, whether I’m up, si Ralph… kasi si Ralph lang ang nakitaan kong hindi nakipag-compete sa akin. Ralph, thank you for everything. I am proud of you, too. You are my mentor, you’re my senior adviser and I’m proud to be your wife," she said.

The governor is set to do a comeback movie with son Luis "Lucky" Manzano (to actor Edu Manzano) who is set to portray a gay role. She said her son already accepted the project but with some conditions.

She said she is excited and looking forward to working with Luis.

On offers for her to run for vice president in 2010 national elections, meanwhile, Santos reiterated that she remains focused on her work in Batangas.

"I’m really flattered and honored. Salamat, maraming salamat po pero Batangas po muna ang focus ko. Marami pa pong trabaho, ‘yon muna," she said.


Willie Revillame lost 3 million to robbers

Wowowee Willia Revillame lost three million from robbers.