Mat Ranillo III and his family tree

This is the family tree of Mat Ranillo III, actor, politician and the son of the Movie King and Queen of Visayan movies.

These are the parents of Archie or Mat Ranillo III, Gloria Sevilla and Mat Ranillo, Jr. His father is already deceased.

This is mother, Gloria Sevilla, a multi-awarded actress. Read her bio in my Movie Celebrities, Then and Now.

This is Amado Cortez (RIP),his stepfather, a former actor and consul in the United States. He was also a Padilla, the uncle of Zsa Zsa Padilla.

This is Mat Ranillo III. Read his bio in my Movie Celebrities, then and now.

This is his daughter, Krista Ranillo who's also joined the entertainment/movie industry.



kristaranillo said...

Hi! It was so nice to find your site on the net. Wow you were able to find an old picture of my Grandparents! And my dad, haha classic picture! =) I appreciate your effort! Thanks!)
-Krista R.

By the way, just to further complicate things, My dad's siblings were also in showbiz. Suzette, Lilibeth, Dandin, Juni. My step-grandfather Amado is a Padilla whose sister is the mother of Rudy Fernandez and brother is the father of Robin Padilla and his siblings =)

cathy said...

thank you for visiting the blog. I am looking for pics of Suzette, Lilibeth and Dandin.

I am a fan of your father, Mat Ranillo III and your mom, Gloria Sevilla.

I am going to feature the Padilla too.

I may use these info,

By the way of you have a better pic of your grandmom,I will appreciate if you can send me one.

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