Danica Sotto versus Kristin Hermosa-Sotto

Ibig bang sabihin, hindi magkasundo si Danica Sotto at si Kristine Hermosa. Narito ang balita.

Danica vs Kristine
Danica Sotto and sis-in-law Kristine Hermosa were said to have clashed during a family dinner with Oyo Boy and their mom Dina Bonnevie. Tin hardly ate, which prompted Danica to blurt out, “’Di ka pala kakain e, sana ’di ka nagpunta rito.”
Oyo reportedly wanted to come to the rescue of his wife. “Kung ’di ko lang kapatid ’yan (Danica), papatulan ko ’yan,” Oyo  said in exasperation.
Danica just gave birth and Tin is pregnant—it’s probably just mood swings. Or perhaps Tin was craving something for dinner and Danica was having post-partum blues. Danica texted me to say nothing of the sort happened, but someone close to Danica swears it did.
I’m sure they’ll patch things up and let love prevail, just like any family. Being on the family way should not get in the way of ties that bind.

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