In this Corner of the Universe-Polo avoiding Ara Mina, Mark Bautista

Polo when interrogated attached to a lie-detector-test machines shared the story behind the break-up with Ara Mina and his alleged snubbing of Mark Bautista.

Here's the news:

Wired to a lie detector machine, Polo Ravales revealed how his eventual breakup with ex-girlfriend Ara Mina transpired.

"Nag-start siya sa cool-off, e. Hindi na namin naayos," Polo confided to Showbiz Central host John "Sweet" Lapus, yesterday, October 28.

Despite the fact that the relationship had long been over, both Polo and Ara are consistently bugged by questions regarding the past.

There were also reports saying that the former lovers were avoiding each other during social functions. Ara also flashed displays of irritability regarding the issue, the same talks said.

Polo tries to be cool every time the entertainment press asks him about Ara and their failed romance.

"I have nothing against her," answered the young actor for the nth time, "and wala naman akong reason para umiwas."

To prove his point, Polo said that he and Ara cordially greeted each other last September 16, at the Rampa for a Cause event held in Rockwell.

"Nag-beso kami nung Ramp[a] for a Cause ni Ms. Annabelle Rama. Nilapitan ko siya, nag-kiss ako sa kanya, ganun," said Polo.

SNUBBING MARK BAUTISTA? Polo has been suspected of ignoring young singer Mark Bautista every time their paths cross.

Many believe that Polo's indifference towards Mark stems from an underlying bitterness over his failure to capture the heart of Miss Earth-Canada, Rizza Santos. Rizza and Mark are rumored to be an item.

Incidentally, Rizza was said to be the main reason why Ara and Polo's post-breakup friendship turned sour. Rizza is a close friend of Polo's younger sister Ashley Gruenberg.

Reports said that Ashley brought along the beauty queen to the set of Lupin, where both Polo and Ara were cast members.

Ara was reportedly slighted by the sight of the woman who was being touted as the new love interest of her ex-beau


PBB Celebrity Edition-Marylaine Viernes and Jen Da Silva Evicted

The first evictees in the PBB Celebrity Edition are the 26k girl Marylaine Viernes and former 26k Girl Jen da Silva.

Jen and Marylaine bid goodbye to their housemates, leaving Megan safe yet for another day (or a week) ’til another nomination night.

Megan garnered 87.89%
26k Girls got only 12.11%

In This Corner of the Universe-Lolit Solis said I apologize but I won't make bawi of what I wrote

O ayan nag-apologized nga si Lolit Solis pero sabi niya hindi niya binabawi ang kaniyang isinulat. Ano siya baliw? (dagdag ko yan).

Ito ang balita:

Lolit Solis on Saturday apologized to matinee idols Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual but she declined to retract her story that she had seen the two in a Pasay City hotel.

“Piolo at Sam, kilala ko lang kayo sa pangalan dahil hindi ko pa naman kayo nakasama kahit saang project, pero ito ang masasabi ko sa inyo - I’m very, very sorry na nasaktan kayo," she said.

She added she did not expect that her story on the two men would be an explosive issue

Manay Lolit, iba naman kasi ang lampungan at iba ang bulungan. Acheche



PBB Celebrity Edition 2 October 19 and 20

Watch the PBB Celebrity Housemates and see why Megan was nominated for eviction.

Pointsthis first eviction week

Here are the tally for this week’s nominees:

Mariel 1 point Mc Coy 2 points to Zara
Victor 2 point for Marylaine 1 point for Ethel 1 Mariel
Baron 2 points for Ruben Zara 1 point
Jen Megan 2 points 1 point for Ruben
McCoy 2 points for Megan 1 point for Marylaine 2 points Mariel
Gabby 2 points for Marylaine 1 point for Jon
Will 2 points for Victor Baron 1 point
Megan 2 points Baron 1 point for Marylaine
2 points for Megan 1 point Jon Avila
Ruben 2 points Marylaine 1 point for Baron
Yayo 2 points for Marylaine 1 point for Megan
2 points for Riza 1 point for Laine
Booba 2 point Marylaine 1 point for Zarah 1 point for Mariel
Zarah 2 points for Laine 1 point for Baron



PBB Celebrity Edition 2- MEGAN YOUNG-Princess of Charm

pinoy big brother-megan young
photo from retzwerx.

MEGAN YOUNG, The Princess of Charm — Discovered by rival network GMA 7’s StarStruck, this statueque “beauty-queen type” is noted for jumping ober da bakod into ABS-CBN which promptly came up with a career plan to erase her initial “bitchy, bad-girl” image (resulting from her roles in GMA shows) by casting her as a “nice girl” in wholesome shows like the Ruffa Gutierrez-topbiller Kokey and Abt Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2).



PBB Celebrity Edition - Yayo Aguila, The Mom in Distress

YAYO AGUILA, The Mom in Distress
Yayo Agui;a at PBB Celebrity Edition

— Best remembered for the 1980s Viva landmark movie Bagets, Yayo (who was then 16) dropped out of showbiz when she married William Martinez (21) to devote full time to raising a family. She has stood behind and beside her husband through thick and thin, sticking to him especially during trying times such as when William got involved in a drug-related case. She is the classic “martyr” wife who is not ashamed of it.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Donald Geisler Good Brother

Donald Geisler is dubbed as “the Good Brother” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition season 2. A brother of Baron Geisler he is 28 years old and a Tae Kwon Do champion. The two brothers are considered 2-in-1 housemate which means if one gets nominated, the other will suffer the same fate.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Ethel Booba-Pasaway ng Bayan

Ethel Booba, dubbed as “Pasaway ng Bayan”, is the last celebrity to enter Pinoy Big Brother’s house. Ethel backed out from the PBB stint because she claimed she had a nervous breakdown.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Gaby dela Merced-Racing Goddess

Gaby dela Merced is a race car driver. No. 95 Most Beautiful Filipina of 2006 and race car driver is the eleventh housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Zara Aldana-The Poor Beauty Queen

Zara Aldana known as Zephora Mayon, is tagged as the “Poor Beauty Queen” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition season 2. She won this year's Mutya ng Pilipinas. She was stripped of the title after a couple of weeks.


PBB Celebrity Edition -Marylaine Viernes

Marylaine Viernes is a 21-year-old member of 26k girls in Deal or No Deal. Dubbes as the “Brainy Babe” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 she is a Lasalle scholar and a Palanca awardee.


PBB Celebrity Edition -Ruben Gonzaga- Komedyanteng Promdi

Ruben Gonzaga is a 25 year-old comedian from Davao.Dubbed “Komedyanteng Promdi” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2,he pularized the jologs inspired “Budotz Dance” in Davao.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Jennifer da Silva The Despised Babe

Jennifer Da Silva is the “Despised Babe” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition season 2. She wasa former member of the 26K of Deal or No Deal.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Musikerong Daddy

Mcoy Fundales, the lead singer of the popular band Orange and Lemons who sung the Pinoy Big Brother theme song. He is the “Musikerong Daddy” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.


PBB Celebrity Edition - Victor Basa-The Lonely Dream Boy

Victor Basa-The Lonely Dream Boy

At 19, things changed when Victor was discovered in the Mega Designer’s Competition which became the launching pad of his modelling career. After a “debut” at the Cosmo mag’s bachelor’s bash, Victor appeared in TV commercials (Magic Flakes, Tropicana, Greenich, Pink Magazine and Penshoppe of which he’s an image model) and was signed up by the ABS-CBN Star Magic, launched last year as a member of the ASAP Coverboys and part of Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv.

Source: Philstar


PBB Celebrity Edition - RIZA SANTOS, The Desirable Diva

RIZA SANTOS, The Desirable Diva

RIZA SANTOS at PBB Celebrity Edition

Her parents, both engineers are immigrants to Canada, brought up Riza and her siblings the Filipino way — religious, conservative and respectful of the elderly. She confessed to having done “something stupid” only once and that was when, at 16, she sneaked out of the house to join her popular friends and sent her folks frantically looking for her. “My big sister slapped me and that kind of woke me up,” said Riza who represented Canada in the 2006 Miss Earth contest and landed on the cover of this month’s FHM mag issue.

Now the Philippines’ ambassadress to Canada, Riza is an achiever like most members of her family. Back in Canada, she joined the military working as a medic and is involved in charity, community service and other social-consciousness projects. She’s also a counsellor for a crisis pregnancy program. She vows to be chaste until her wedding night and she wears an “engagement ring” to seal her promise. (She has vehemently denied being the girlfriend of Mark Bautista.)

She’s determined to make a name in local showbiz as a singer.



PBB Celebrity Edition - Jon Avila-The English Outcast

Jon Avila, formerly known as Jon Mullally, is the “English Outcast” and/or “Tisoy Model-Actor” in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Jon Avilat Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.<br />

Jon is a winner in the 2006 Century Tuna Superbods and is among the new stars being launched by ABS-CBN via Star Magic batch 15. He is half-Irish half Filipino male model is currently the official endorser of Century Tuna for a year. He is also an endorser of Bench Body. He recently graced the cover of Icon Magazine.


PBB Celebrity Edition - WILL DEVAUGHN, The True Lover

Will Devaughn at PBB Celebrity Edition
photo from retzwerx

WILL DEVAUGHN, The True Lover — Born to a pure German mother and a half-Filipino/part-Afro-American military man whom he never met, Will came to the Philippines to follow his Filipina girlfriend with whom he would soon break up. He decided to stay. Tall, dark and handome, Will didn’t find it hard to land in TV commercials (his first was the CloseUp “love train” shot at the MRT, followed by Skin White, Frenzy, Tropicana, Century Tuna, Kawasaki, Starwars Smart, Revicon ION and McDonald’s), magazine print ads and pictorials.

He has also done hosting stints for Men’s Room on Studio 23, White Castle Girl 2007, ION Event 2007 and CloseUp Lovapalooza 2007.
source: philstar

PBB Celebrity Edition 2- Baron Geisler-Wild Child

Baron Geisler at PBB CElebrity Edition

Baron was a little boy when he started his showbiz career in 1994 as a regular of the ABS-CBN kiddie show Ang TV. Soon after, he was launched as one of the network’s Star Circle (Batch 5), cast in such films as Koolits (with John Lloyd Cruz among his co-stars) and Tabing Ilog. He proved his acting mettle by winning the 2005 Best Single Performance by an Actor (given by the Philippine Movie Press Club) for an episode in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MKK). He did a star turn as the son of Vilma Santos in Star Cinema’s Anak.

In 2002, deeply affected by the death of his father (and the tragic fire that gutted the Geisler residence) and the slow progress of his career, Baron tried “to kill the pain” by drinking, leading to his confinement in a detox facility for 10 days. Recently, he landed in the news when he got involved in a brawl he denied having started.
source: Philstar




In this Corner of the Universe-Nora Aunor absuwelto sa kaso

Naabsuwelto na si Nora Aunor sa kasong possession of illegal drugs na isinampa noong taong 2005.

Ito ay hind dahil sa wala siyang kasalanan kung hindi ang pag-amin niya at pagcheck in sa rehab para mapatunayang malinis na sya sa pinagbabawal na gamot.

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