Charlie Green -British-Filipino wowed Britains Got Talent

The father is British who fell in love with a Filipina. Obviously, he did not cry scam. The couple has a son who joined the popular reality TV Britain's Got Talent in UK.

Ladies and gentlemen. Charlie Green. He will not make you cry. But the audience gave him standing ovation and Simon Cowell liked him. So were Piers and Amanda.


Press People Walk Out on Press Launch of Pantene Shampoo Endorsers

It is said to be the first time for Press People to walk out Walk Out on Press Launch of Pantene Shampoo Endorsers.

This was the statement made by the entertainment media and press after they staged the walk out last night April 28 at the poolside of te intercontinental manila, Makati city.

It was a unanimou agreement of the media outfits of print and tv media to leave the venue after waiting for the four celebrity-movie stars endorsers of the shampoo product-

Claudine Barreto
claudine barreto

Ruffa Gutierrez


Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos

Gretchen Barreto


The invitation said that the registration starts at 6:00 followedby the cocktails at seven.

The people started arriving and the production crew of the media events organizers have not finished setting up the equipment.

Cocktails started at 8:00 but the celebrities have not appeared yet for the Q and A
portion where the media practtioners can ask questions to the celebrity endorsers.

The Q and A portion was brief since most of the reporters would like a solo interview with the movie actresses.

instead of a photoop that was supposed to be scheduled at the photowall, an exclusive interview of the endorsers by Ricky Lo was held.

The interview lasted for thirty minutes but waiting time again for the endorsers started when the endorsers were escorted back to the restroom to refresh their make -up.

The media left after waiting for a long time.

Source: PEP


William Martinez charged Baron Geisler of Acts of Lasciviousness

william martinez

William Martinez, Yayo Aguila and their 21 year old daughter charged Baron Geisler of acts of lasciviousness.

According to the report, the Martinez Family brought the case to Superintendent Sotera Macatangay of the PNP Women and Children's Desk at Camp Crame, Quezon City.

In a DZBB interview, William said that Baron sexually harrased his daughter who were together with her friends were in a bar in Quezon City.

According to the father, the daughter has been crying for days due to traumatic experience of the indecent proposal from the actor.

As of press time, there is no statement from the camp of Baron Geisler.


Bigamy Case- Gabby Concepcion Pleads Not Guilty

gabby concepcionGabby Concepcion pleaded not guilty for two cases filed against him before he flew to California more than thirteen years ago.

One was the falsification of public documents that was filed at the Manila Metropolitan Trial Court.

The case stemmed from the application for marriage license to wed Sharon Cuneta in 1984. At the time of application, it was alleged that Gabby Concepcion's marriage to one Jennifer Martin was not yet dissolved.

The second case was the bigamy case filed by a certain Mamerto dela Cruz a resident of E. Rodriguez, Quezon City.

His marriage to Sharon Cuneta was annuled on the case of prior marriage of Gabby COncepcion before their wedding. If Gabby is acquitted, does it mean that their marriage is valid and the annulment can be revoked? What about his marriage to Jennifer Syquia and then to his current wife.


Madonna Decena-A mother who wants to get her children

By now, thousands have seen the performance of Madonna Decena in the Britain's Got Talen where she qualified in the semi-final. WHO IS SHE?

The 32-year-old mother of two tried her luck in Singapore where she performed at Hard Rock Café and Club Momo.

When she returned to the PHilippines, a high school friend encouraged her to try her luck in the United Kingdom.

With a student visa, she moved to Prescot in the UK in 2006. “Being a student, I was allowed only 20 hours of part-time work [weekly],” she recalled.

Since gigs as a singer were all too rare, she worked in a Subway sandwich store.

“I took the late or closing shifts,” she recounted. “I had to clean and serve at the same time. It was hard work. Sometimes I had to drag my feet to get home.”

She also worked at a Choco Fruit outlet where she often stayed for “10 hours straight.”

Dad Rey said Mado didn’t mind the back-breaking grind. “She’s used to that. When she was studying in Miriam (College), she worked as marketing trainee at McDonald’s SM City and acted in stage musicals with Musical Theater Philippines and Trumpets.

She was able to secure a work permit at UK shen she was hired as a singerin a girl band.


Gabby Concepcion reacted on the issue about contract of product endrosement

The manager of Gabby Concepcion, Rose Flaminiano talked about the issue of product endorsements as entertainment media columnist-radio host criticized the actor's unprofessionalism of backing out from verbal agreement.

Flaminiano stated that as business manager of Gabby Concepcion she has the prerogative to choose whatever deals that her ward should go into.

Jobert Sucaldito claimed that Gabby Concepcion has already accepted the deal of 2.5 million peso deal product endorsement when he was surprised that the actor inked a contract with the other skin-whitening product which offer was double the amount.

Flaminiano admitted that she failed to inform Sucaldito but that was not intentional. (hohum)

She said that it is a matter of business that whoever can give the contract and the money gets the deal.

She even advised the columnist to separate business from friendship and contract whould always be in writing.

In short, they always go to the highest bidder.


Kris Aquino is Back to the Buzz temporarily

The much-talked about "non-appearance of Cristy Fermin in the Buzz episode due to the interview of Annabelle Rama in April 6 was more fueled by the comeback of Kris Aquino in the talk show where she was the original cp-host of Boy Abunda.

It was a year ago, when after giving birth to her son James, Jr. that she decided to
take a vacation. The obvious reason was her tiff with Cristy Fermin which was caused by the James-Hope scandal.

According to ABS-CBN:

Kris Aquino’s comeback to The Buzz yesterday (April 20), was a whirl wind of emotions not only because she has returned to the show after more than a year of absence as a host but also because of her sentiments on her mom’s health condition.

The last segment of the show focused on former president Cory Aquino’s interview, where she expressed her gratitude to everybody who prayed for her health. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been praying for me. So I continue to pray for others who are in the same situation (as me),” said Mrs. Aquino. “I guess whatever the Lord wants, I’m willing to accept.”

TheBuzz“Nakaka-touch talaga how much everybody has been praying and I think it’s what has kept all of us strong,” volunteered Kris, who was sitting beside her mother while holding Baby James. Fighting back the tears like her youngest daughter, Mrs. Aquino agreed to Kris’s sentiment and said: “It’s really amazing, I cannot ask for more.”

Kris explained that she has asked her mom to grant an interview to thank everyone who has prayed for her to get well.“This is her chance to say thank you. Feeling namin sa family lumalakas siya talaga (at) nagre-respond well sa chemotherapy dahil sa lahat ng tao nagdadasal para sa kanya. I think na what my mom is going through is very difficult, pero dahil nararamdaman (naming) ang daming people who love her and care about her, nakakatulong talaga yon,” she explained.Mrs. Aquino only had a few but very important words to say. “Thank you very much, mga mahal kong kababayan.”


Too Much Gabby Exposure?

It seems whereever you go, read, watch, you see the picture of Gabby Concepcion. HEEEELPPPP. Overexposure!!!!

Nestor Torre asked the same question.

Is it too early to talk about a Gabby Concepcion overload? We recently discussed the issue with some colleagues, and our group’s conclusion was: No. In fact it could turn out to be helpful if the danger of overload is put out there, so Gabby and his handlers could, if they agree, adjust the way they’re handling his incipient comeback.

We’re talking about a Gabby overload because it’s been only around three weeks since the veteran actor returned to local show biz after 13 long years of living and working in the States—and yet, he’s been all over the media, being interviewed on all sorts of shows as if there were no tomorrow.

And that’s precisely the potentially troubling point: There has to be a tomorrow when a veteran star’s career is being relaunched—but, if Gabby talks his heart and head out now, very little that’s new or unsaid will be left when he actually returns to acting (which is really what a comeback should most be about).

This early, Gabby has been interviewed so often that, when a new talkfest is shown, some of it already feels rehashed.

Now, let’s make no mistake about it: The ongoing media frenzy over Gabby Concepcion is a tribute to him. Most veteran stars are welcomed back much more sedately, but the furor over Gabby is unusually ferocious because he is still popular, he looks good, and people are waiting to see if he’s going to tie up some controversial aspects of his life and career.

That’s great for Gabby’s comeback prospects. But, other factors could detract from them.

One is the unselectivity of the coverage his handlers have allowed or sought. A second is the coverage’s excessive stress on his Sharon and KC “connections.” A third is the controversy over his opting not to do the GMA Films movie he signed up to act in. And, a fourth is the fact that all this talk is going on and yet, he has still to act on the small or big screens.

That final factor is key, because the hype over Gabby’s return should really be only the process leading up to that product. If, for weeks and weeks, we’re getting only the process, it will quickly overstay its welcome.

By that logic, Gabby should tape his projected “Maala-ala Mo Kaya” drama special soonest, so viewers will finally be able to see for themselves how good an actor he’s remained, or become.

First and last, Gabby is an actor, so it’s the quality and empathetic appeal of his thespic performances that will ultimately affirm the validity and worth of his incipient comeback bid. All else is biz and buzz.

If he does well in his first comeback performance, even if only on TV, it would make all the fuss and bother over him understandable and acceptable. If, however, his performance turns out to be a dud, people would wonder: Hey, why are we getting so hot and bothered about this actor’s return?

So, instead of being interviewed all over the place, Gabby should be more judicious from here on in about his media exposure, and focus instead on making sure that he gets a great script for his first TV performance, and work hard with his director to make it truly moving, memorable and outstanding. At this stage, all else is overloaded process—what we need is exceptional product.


Boy Abunda talked About Cristy Fermin and Annabelle Rama

picture of boy abunda
Cristy Fermin was not seen in the talk show The Buzz last April 13. People speculated that this must have something to do with the interview of Annabelle Rama in April 6.

As everyone knows, Cristy Fermin is being required to pay by Supreme Court almost a million for moral damages to Annabelle Rama after her conviction for libel was confirmed by the highest court.

Some people felt that the interview conducted by Boy Abunda with Rama was an insult to Cristy Fermin who is a co-host of the said show.

Boy Abunda refused to comment on many questions asked of him about his colleague.

He encouraged the reporters to ask the executives of the program.

When asked if Cristy Fermin is coming back, he told them that Cristy Fermin is leaving for Canada but will be back.

Are they making an issue of this ?



Charice Pempengo is just CHARICE

Charice will be using just her first name. Her parents separated when she was still young and her mother raised her and her sibling byh working in a garments factory.

Her new-found popularity is bringing her abroad to guest in popular shows.

Charice recently taped a special episode for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where she shares the stage with other gifted children. The episode airs in May.

Her most recent appearance was on the “Paul O’Grady Show.”

The songs she sang—the “Dreamgirls” anthem “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You—were exactly what she rendered in her now world-famous stints on “Star King” in South Korea and the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in the US. “’Yun ang hiniling nila, kung ano raw ang napanood nila sa ‘Ellen,’” Charice explains.

She credits her discovery to the single-handed stroke of genius of Dave Dueñas, a.k.a. FalseVoice on the YouTube channel. A 19-year-old nursing student at Perpetual Help College, Las Piñas, who also happens to be a techno geek, Dave uploaded Charice’s taped performances on YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site whose total viewers have reached 79 million as of January this year.

The guest stint with Paul O’Grady reportedly happened on the recommendation of David Foster, the music industry stalwart who has produced albums for the likes of Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Josh Groban.


Olivia Cenizal died on April 14, 2008

olivia cenizal

For the biography, kindly go to Olivia Cenizal

Olivia Cenizal who was regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in Philippine movies in the 1950s, died on Monday of complications arising from colon disease. She was 80.

She was named Olivia because of her semblance to Olivia de Havilland, an American actress.

Cenizal appeared in some 50 films that paired her with such matinee idols as Rogelio and Jaime de la Rosa, Leopoldo Salcedo, Efren Reyes, Jose Padilla, Armando Goyena and Nestor de Villa, among others.

She is survived by husband Josefino Cenizal, also a former actor and musical director for films.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


Anjo Yllana and Wife are filing divorce

I like Anjo Yllana ever since he was in the TV Series ABANGAN ANG SUSUNOD NA KABANATA where he was a spoiled son of a paranoid socialite played by Tessie Tomas.

I did not know that he got married until the news about difficult pregnancy of his Jackie was featured in the news last year.

The news aaid that there are no third parties involved and they are already living separately.

Anjo said that the marriage was on and off and they tried to thresh out problems to keep the family intact.

However, the age difference may have contributed to misunderstanding.

For a year, they opted trial separation. When the reconciled, Jackie got pregnant. She gave birth in the United States.

They have four children and they ave already mafe arrangement for custody. He admitted however that he had not talked to her children yet about the impending divorce.


Bong Revilla's Daughter Inah confirmed that she's pregnant

News said that Bong Revilla cried when he learned from the daughter that she is getting married at 18.

Why would he? Lani married him when she was also eighteen while he was 19.

It is good that his daughter got a decent guy who did not leave her just because she was already pregnant.

She also promised to finish her study after she delivers the baby.

Whatever happened to her plan of pursuing a master’s degree in business, preferably in Paris, than follow in her parents and brothers’ Bryan and Jolo’s footsteps to showbiz.

After finishing a business course,she planned of taking up Law. She wanted not only to study in Europe but stay there as well.

Here is the news:

MANILA, Philippines—Inah Revilla confirmed her pregnancy on Saturday as she apologized to parents Sen. Bong Revilla and Lani Mercado in an interview with GMA-7’s “Startalk” show biz talk show.

“When I found out na positive, talagang in-expect ko na ang lahat. The speculation, yung na-di-disappoint lahat ng tao sa akin. Siyempre kasi first daughter and then everyone was expecting me to do better,” Inah said in a phone interview.

Inah, 18, had shocked her father early April after she informed him of her decision to marry her childhood sweetheart, Vince del Rosario, a 23-year-old student.

The wedding is scheduled on May 28 at the Manila Cathedral.


Charice Pempengco will guest in OPRAH

charice pempengco

The little girl is going places. She is guesting in popular shows in the United States and in London, the latest of which was Paul O. Grady's talk show.

There is no stopping 14-year-old Charice Pempengco from becoming a global singing sensation. From Korea to the US to London, Charice has returned to the United States as guest in the highest-rating talk show Oprah, hosted by media superstar Oprah Winfrey.

Based on the show's teaser for May, this particular episode of Oprah will feature children with stunning talents, including Philippine's very own Charice.

Charice confirmed this in an interview with ABS-CBN News. "Mayroon po akong guesting sa Oprah. Tapos na po akong kumanta para sa isa pong episode ng Oprah," she said. Other than that, she refused to divulge any details about her guest appearance.

The young singer just came from London for her guest appearance in the British talk show titled Paul O'Grady Show last Tuesday, April 8. The format of the show is like that of David Letterman and Jay Leno. Charice once again belted her signature song "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from the musical Dreamgirls, and once again, the 15-year-old singer mesmerized the audience with her powerful voice.

EXPLORING THE WORLD. Before she gained audience worldwide, Charice first became popular over the Internet through the video-sharing site YouTube. A registered user of the site uploaded videos of her performances in Little Big Star, a singing competition in ABS-CBN where she finished runner-up to winner Sam Concepcion. This led her to have a recording stint for Ten Songs Production, a record company and Extensive Talent Management based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Shortly after that, Charice got her taste of fame abroad when South Korea's talent show Star King invited her to perform in their program. She wowed the audience even the televiewers when she performed high-pitch songs like "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going."

Then, the young Filipina singer was featured twice in E!'s "The Daily Ten." First, a headline for her said, "A Star is Born," while the second feature included her in the "Hollywood Royalty" segment with the title "A Queen is Born."

This was followed by an invitation to appear on the American talk show Ellen, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. And before the 2007 ended, Charice impressed the American audience when she perfomed "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" and Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" on the said show.

source: GMA 7



picture of ana margarita gonzales
And I thought it is not easy to bring minor children out of the country without the written consent of both parents.

This case of Anna Margarita's alleged abduction of her children by her Spanish husband is thought to be impossible to happen without some intervention of authorities.

Anna Margarita is the daughter of the former movie actor/politician Jose Mari Gonzales and charito Gonzales.

The family sought the help of Showbiz Central to let the public know that her Spanish husband allegedly abducted their two children.

Last Sunday, April 6, Anna Margarita's mother, Charito Gonzales, granted an interview to explain for her daughter. She said that if it were not for her grandchildren, she would not have talked in public because she valued the family's private lives.

She said that her grandchildren were to Madrid with the help of two sisters who work in the Spanish Embassy."

Following this, the Gonzales family decided to file a case against Anna's husband, to whom she was married for eight years. "We filed a R.A. 9262 with conspiracy. The case is 08300928, it was in Muntinlupa. I will not go into details about the case because it's on going," explained Charito.

Republict Act No. 9262 is also known as Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

Charito then described that her daughter is depressed right now because of too much worry about her children. She told Showbiz Central, "She's been with me for four months already. She's fine, she's very fine except that she's very depressed. Very naturally, a mother will be very depressed if her children will be taken away from her."

source: GMA7


Ramiele Malubay is busy after being voted out from American Idol

Ramiele Malubay
Ramiele Malubay, the Fil-Am petite singer who is called the tiniest singer among the finalists became busier than ever.

According to her fans, she has appeared in "Live with Regis and Kelly", Ellen and "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet".

Ellen Degeneres who also met and interviewed Charice Pempengco has nothing but praises for the petite Pinay with fantastic voice.

She's hoping to visit the Philippines and just like Jasmine Trias she wants to join te music industry as a recording artist.


Gabby Concepcion never apologize from Sharon

Three Daughters of Gabby Concepcion

I do not know with other people saying that Sharon has not put closure in her relationship with former husband Gabby Concepcion.

How can she put the things in the past when she claimed that Gabby never apologize from her.

in her interview with Boy Abunda at The Buzz, they talked about the cases of Gabby when he left the Philippines; falsification of public documents and bigamy.

He is said to do project for abs-cbn despite his commitment with GMA films.

Sharon and Gabby got married in 1984 and separated in 1987. Gabby then was linked with Grace Ibuna to whom he got a daughter.

Amidst the rumor of reconciliation after doing some films after they separated, Gabby married Jennifer Syquia to whom he has also a daughter.

When the awarding festival scam happened, Gabby flew to the United States and married again in 2004.

It was a surprise and a mystery why he would suddenly come back after turning down the movie commitment with GMA Films.

Sharon did not say anything negative about Gabby but she made it clear that there will be no film together since her priority now is her family.

When asked if she has forgiven Gabby, she said yes, even though she did not ask for it.

"I'm too grateful for the blessings and I'm grateful that ...these things have to happen no matter how painful they were so that I will meet Francis ."

She denied that Francis has other woman and a baby.



Lolit Solis said there is no way she will manage Gabby again

lolit solis
Lolit Solis admitted that she has already forgiven Gabby Concepcion after that controversial Metro Manila Festival scam in 1994.

Asked what Gabby should ask forgiveness for, she responded that Gabby knew what it was about.

Every time she remembered her former ward, she is reminded of the darkest moments in her life at the height of the scam controversy of switching the winners.

Lolit was accused of being the mastermind of the scam which made Gabby Concepcion the winner for Best Actor awards insted of Edu Manzano.

She narrated how they reconciled in Las Vegas where she was the one who initiated the communication.

Even though she said that they are better off as friends, she praised Gabby as a dream client for a manager.

She also mentioned that their relationship was more than business and professional since she treated him like he was her own son.

Among the women who was linked to Gabby, she liked Kris Aquino. But she believed that
Gabby would never settle for one woman. So sooner or later, if ever they got hitched, they would also separate.



Gabby Concepcion offered to return the down payment made by GMA Films

Controversy hounds Gabby COncepcion. Even before he could start any movie project in the Philippines, he is reminded by the GMA Films of his contract to do a movie for the movie outfit after he declined the project starring Jolina Magdangal.

Gabby's camp promised that they will return the down payment made amounting to 1.75 million pesos.

Lawyers of GMA Films earlier sent a letter to the actor notifying him of his existing contract.

Gabby’s manager explained that the movie did not materialize since Gabby didn’t approve of the script, thinking that since it was his comeback film, the story should revolve around him. News said that his wife sent the money to him from the US.

Meanwhile, GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar replied that it’s up to them to accept the terms of Gabby’s camp.

Source:GMA 7



Supreme Court affirmed the libel conviction of Cristy Fermin

picture of cristy fermin

In 1995, an article about Annabelle Rama's alleged cases in US court was published in Gossip magazine owned by Cristy Fermin.

The lower court convicted Cristy Fermin for libel.

Now the news said that the Supreme Court affirmed the libel conviction on showbiz columnist and ordered her to pay P806,000 to couple Anabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez instead of serving the jail term slapped on her by a lower court.

Fermin had originally been sentenced to a jail term of from three months and 11 days of arresto mayor as minimum, to one year, eight months and 21 days of prision correccional as maximum.

The Supreme Court however ordered the columnist to pay the hefty fine instead of serving the sentence.

Fermin argued that being the publisher of the tabloid Gossip, she had no direct participation in the June 14, 1995 article about Rama and her alleged case before a US court.

Fermin added that the article, in its entirety is not defamatory.

But the high court pointed out that Fermin’s admission she is also the chairperson and president of the tabloid proved she had full control over the publication of articles.

Source: Inquirer



Gabrielle Marie Concepcion wants to meet KC

Gabrielle Marie Concepcion is the daughter of Gabby Concepcion to Grace Ibuna.

She expressed her desire to meet KC Concepcion, the daughter of Gabby to Megastar Sharon Cuneta to develop a relationship as sisters.

She added however that she is not going to insist if KC does not like the idea.

The 19-year-old daughter of Grace Ibuna personally met Gabby recently in his San Juan residence, according to the report.

The two last saw each other five years ago, but has constantly exchanged e-mails.

Source: GMA 7


Sharon Cuneta and KC have not met Gabby Yet

People were curious as to the reaction of Sharon Cuneta after the interview of Gabby Concepcion

According to a source close to Sharon, the latter has not watched the interview. She was busy writing her papers for her Humanities subject in the UP Open university.

The following day, she got the final exams and a recording schedule for her two albums which she likes to finish before leaving for Europe in April 4.

KC on the other hand was busy taping an episode with Luis Manzano and Albert Martinez for er I am KC episode.

It seems they were not expecting Gabby's arrival. Huh?