Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil

Eddie Mesa is a matinee idol and Elvis Presley of the Philippines

Eddie Mesa

Rosemarie Gil is a popular actress.

Rosemarie Gil


Michael de Mesa is separated from his wife , Gina Alajar, an award winning actress and child star. Their sons have also joined the movies and television.

Michael de Mesa

Mark Gil was once married to Bing Pimentel, a model. They have two children Maxine and Timothy whose screen name is SID Lucero. He has also two children with Irene Celebre, also an actress; Gabby and Ira who are also both in Showbiz. He has one daughter (this info was given by Mark himself as a correction of my previous post that it was a son) with Jaclyn Jose whose name is Andrea Nicole who is nicknamed Andi. His current wife is Maricar Jacinto from the Jacinto clan with whom he has one child, Stevie.

Mark Gil

Cherie Gil is an actress and a loving wife to renowned violinist
Ronnie Rogoff and nurturing mom to Jay, Sofia, and Rafael.

Cherie Gil



Ralph said...

Not Alicia Vergel, it's Rose Marie Gil. And I don't have a son with Jaclyn Jose, we have a daughter named Andrea Nicole, nicknamed Andi, she's 18 now

-Mark Gil

cathy said...

thanks for the comment and the correction.

the alicia vergel there was just a technorati tag. anyway i will make the correction.