Jake Estrada willing to be the father of Andi's baby

 Some feel sympathy to Andi Eigenmann and anger towards Albie. I do not think that Andi is still too young to know what is right from wrong. Even the willingness of Jake Estrada to accept Andi's baby is doubtful since he is still studying and his parents would like to see him with a degree. 

Here is the news:

ABOUT Andi Eigenmann, people from all walks of life are giving their own opinion about the matter like it’s a national issue. We want to quote some statements from the internet: “You can’t blame Andi as she comes from a dysfunctional family and was not given proper guidance while growing up. Her mom Jaclyn Jose has two kids with different fathers. Her dad Mark Gil has seven kids with four different women. It won’t be surprising if Andi would later have other kids with other men.”

“Ano pa bang aasahan natin? Kung ano ang puno, siyang bunga. Unwed mother ang ina, unwed mother din ang anak. Mga disgrasyada.”

“We should admire Andi for choosing to keep her child and not get rid of it like other actresses did.”

The story became even more complicated when Jake Ejercito, the son of ex-Pres. Joseph Estrada with actress Laarni Enriquez, said he’s willing to be the father of Andi’s child. Jake is said to be the current squeeze of Andi and there are even unconfirmed stories that they’re already living together. Because of this, some folks are saying it’s probable he’s the real father of the baby and not Albie Casino. Earlier, Jake denied he’s the dad. Actually, the issue of who the real dad is would be easy to resolve these days through DNA testing. The lesson here is don’t practice pre-marital sex, especially with different partners.

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