Claudine Barreto magdedemanda

 Nagbanta si Claudine Barreto na idedemand niya si Angelica Panganiban sa paninira nito sa kaniya.

Ito ang balita.

No amount of apology will pacify Claudine Barretto, who plans to sue actress Angelica Panganiban for allegedly spreading rumors about her.
The 31-year old actress said so in a tab report, adding that she will file either a libel or slander case against Angelica, who allegedly told people that she [Claudine] is having an extra-marital affair with actor Derek Ramsay’s best friend.
In previous interviews, Claudine neither confirmed nor denied the rumored rift between her and Angelica, whom she allegedly tweeted on Twitter. Before, Claudine went only as far to admit that she got “hurt” by what happened between them.
However, in an article published by a local daily on Aug. 26, Claudine said the situation has gotten “out of hand,” and that the rumors Angelica allegedly spread have caused her fights with husband Raymart Santiago.
Claudine added that Angelica spun the yarn “because she fought with my Ate,” pertaining to the word war between Angelica and Gretchen Barretto a few months back.
Later, Angelica apologized to Gretchen and since then they have become each other's “new friend.”
Claudine believes Angelica could've–should've–done the same to her but she didn't.

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