Third Party

 Is this one way of damage control for any future news  that Kris has another love interest so that the she put a period in her marriage to James.

Don’t take any (and I mean ANY) hula-hula seriously. It’s easy to make hula-hula, anybody can do it, and all one has to do is watch showbiz talk shows and religiously read movie/tsismis columns and, voila, manghuhula ka na!
Does Kris Aquino believe in manghuhula (“turbanned” or not)?
I doubt it.
Insisting that there’s no third party in her break-up with James Yap, Kris texted this message in reaction to speculations about the cause of it all: “Me? Involved with someone new? Or somebody gay involved with James?”
One manghuhula predicted that Kris would be linked to, according to what Kris heard, “a single, influential, famous and prominent politician.” Who could he be? I have a guess but I won’t tell you who.

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