Kris Aquino wants annulment

 Kris Aquino may want to give herself and James a chance to remarry so that she is seeking for declaration of nullity of her marriage to her husband.

MANILA, Philippines - Television host and actress Kris Aquino will be seeking an annulment of her marriage to basketball player James Yap, lawyers said.
In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN's Marie Lozano, lawyer Anna Liza Logan said the TV host is not seeking legal separation.
Logan is a partner of the Marcos Ochoa Serapio and Tan, the law firm retained by Aquino.
“We will have the court decide na yung marriage was void from the beginning,” she said.
Logan said they are now preparing the petition for the declaration of nullity of marriage. In simple terms, this is called the annulment of marriage.

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