Pilipinas Win na Win is just temporary?

Is it true that the new game show of Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla will just be temporary while waiting for the new show of Willie Revillame?

This is the news from Ricky LO
Now that Wowowee has been phased out…temporarily?…does it mean that Willie Revillame will finally bid ABS-CBN goodbye and, like Cesar Montano and “another Kapamilya” who’s turning Kapuso anytime now, jump ober da bakod to another (not necessarily Kapuso) station?
That’s the big question of the hour as another show, Pilipinas Win Na Win, replaces the timeslot (after Showtime) of Wowowee on Saturday, July 31, the date earlier bruited about as Willie’s much-awaited comeback to the show from which he has been “on leave” (or “suspended” from) more than three months ago.
The new show, initially called Pilipinas For The Win (but has to be changed at the last minute because if the initials are read backward, WTFP means something obscene…ask your friendly Internet-friendly neighbor what), will be hosted by Kris Aquino (who is expected to arrive from the US early this morning with sons Joshua and Baby James from a three-week vacation), Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Pokwang and Valerie Concepcion.
According to the official ABS-CBN statement, Willie has been informed through his manager Arlene de Castro that Willie will have another show but not anymore Wowowee which has been so associated with him that “Willie is Wowowee and Wowowee is Willie” has become a mantra among Willie’s fans.
A Funfare VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent) said that PWNW will be good for only 13 episodes (one season), presumably to be replaced by the planned new Willie show.

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