Charice does not need botox

 Eh sino lang naman kasi ang gustong i-botox si Charice, kung hindi si Vicki Belo. Dami tuloy nagalit kahit sa States.  Sabi ng doctor hindi naman niya kailangan ang botox.

When you sing, you look so beautiful,' says another doctor
MANILA, Philippines - The recent news about singing sensation Charice's Botox treatment has shed light on the growing number of teens wanting to have cosmetic procedures.
Plastic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Roberto Vasquez said he knows of teenagers as young as 15 years old who want to undergo cosmetic enhancements.
Marketing and media are key factors that have influenced this trend, according to Vasquez, who does not accept patients below 18 years old.
"Now, cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery is socially accepted. Dati tinatago. Now, [sinasabi na] 'nagpa-noselift ako.' Lahat, kahit sino puwede," said Vasquez.
He also said most Filipinas who seek cosmetic surgery ask for a nose lift. Breast enhancement is the next most popular cosmetic procedure.
Charice's Botox
International singing sensation Charice, 18, had Botox treatment on July 17 in preparation for her role in the US hit TV musical-comedy show Glee.

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