Hayden Kho is doused with water at the Senate investigation

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili's sex video scandal is the teleserye of the Philippine Senate today.

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See how Abner Afuang splashed water to Hayden Kho to instill an image that Kho is in danger. Another squid tactic of defense?

Yesterday from an angry mother accusing everyone except her son who is decent and a good son, Irene kho, Hayden Kho's mother sang a different tune. A change of face within 24 hours. Sheesh.

People criticized Hayden Kho's reaction on the dousing of water. He seemed unperturbed by a personal attack from behind him.

Normally, people will react with surprise, anger or defense for such violation.
Many believed that it might have been scripted.

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