Hayden Kho shed crocodile tears

No amount of "bribing" Lolit Solis with party for her birthday could soften her heart for Vicki Belo's lover Hayden Kho.

Solis felt that Kho is not sincere in his apology. He merely wants the sympathy of the people.

MANILA, Philippines—Lolit Solis is staying on the warpath for now, even as, she says, Vicki Belo tried to intercede for “former” boyfriend Hayden Kho in the face of her rage.

Solis told Inquirer Entertainment on Thursday that Belo gave her a birthday party week before last, seeking “a second chance” for Kho.

“She was crying,” Solis said. “She asked if I could please just meet with Hayden. I was touched... so I agreed. I hoped to hear him say he was sorry for what he did to Katrina and all those other women.”

Solis is the publicist of actress Katrina Halili, who has filed a complaint against Kho before the National Bureau of Investigation due to the proliferation of a sex video that Kho recorded allegedly without her permission.

Several such videos of Kho with different women, including Halili, are circulating on the Net and being sold on DVD—and has prompted an ongoing, closely watched Senate inquiry.

“I met with Hayden face-to-face” Solis continued. “I love Vicki [and] I know she’s suffering because of all this. I was disappointed with Hayden. Instead of saying he’s sorry, he blamed Katrina for allegedly giving him drugs. He also said Maricar (Reyes, an ex-girlfriend supposedly in one of the videos) wanted him back because he has money now.”

Solis especially rued the way Kho blamed everyone but himself: “He told me that Erik Chua was envious because his (Kho’s) life has greatly improved. He said this was why Chua (a colleague) made the videos public. He never [owned up]. Erik and the other women—they wronged him. That’s how Hayden sees it.”

When Kho made himself available for interviews with TV, radio and print reporters, Solis said, he was merely trying to win sympathy. “He should [admit] in an affidavit that he is at fault and that he is remorseful.

She was sad for her friend Belo, who loved Kho “blindly,” Solis said.

She ranted: “He did all those [unspeakable things] on the bed that he shared with Vicki. Never mind if he didn’t love Vicki as much as she loved him. Nasaan ang utang na loob n’ya (Where is his sense of gratitude)? He has a condo, a car and a P300,000 monthly allowance from Belo Medical Clinic.”

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