Annabelle Rama does not talk to Ruffa Gutierrez

Annabelles Rama's "battles" are not only with PEP and Galvante; it is also in her own family particularly Ruffa Gutierrez.

It was a sad Mother’s Day for Ruffa Gutierrez when she revealed that she and mom Annabelle Rama are not in speaking terms for two weeks already. Ruffa cried when she admitted on The Buzz yesterday (May 10) that she and the controversial talent manager had a fight. “I would just like to say, Ma, Happy Mother’s Day. We said bad things towards each other so I just wanna say sorry,” she said.

She said that she tried to make amends with her mom earlier that day when she gave her flowers and a kiss but her mom snubbed her. She did not reveal the reason of their argument but she insinuated that it was because of personal differences. “I just wanna say na, Ma I love you and kahit na may mga differences tayo, you know that I’m still you’re little girl and I’m growing up, hindi na ako 18 (years old),” she announced.

The occasion did not entirely go bad for Ruffa because her two daughters, Lorin and Venice gave her a surprise. “They gave me flowers. Pag gising ko kanina they gave me white roses and they showered my bed with rose petals and then they kissed me,” she shared. “They said ‘Mommy, we love you, Happy Mother’s Day.” Another greeting took Ruffa by surprise when she received a text message from her estranged husband, Yilmaz Bektas. “Parang on cue. Pagbigay ng flowers sa akin ni Lorin and Venice, nag-beep ‘yung phone and then ayun,” Ruffa admitted. She then revealed that Yilmaz has actually been keeping in touch with her for the past two weeks.

Co-host Kris Aquino suggested that it is probably because Yilmaz has seen Ruffa looking her best the past weeks through youtube.com and it made him realize what he’s been missing. Ruffa laughed this off and said that if her ex-hubby asked for another chance, she won’t make it easy for him. “Mag-iisip muna ako. Magpapakipot naman ako di ba?”

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