The Defense of Hayden Kho from the Sex Video Scandal

I am disappointed with this lady lawyer who now is trying to defend Kho and save him from imprisonment.

She was saying that Hayden Kho has reformed. From what, from the personality disorder that they would like to impress to people? sheesh.

The lawyer of Hayden Kho, the man in the middle of a sex video scandal, admitted Saturday her client was once a drug user and has undergone psychiatric treatment, but a women's rights advocate said this is not an acceptable defense for what he has done.

Atty. Lorna Kapunan said Kho had been using narcotics when he filmed his sex acts with several women, but stressed her client is now a better person since undergoing psychiatric treatment last year.

Women's rights advocate, Atty. Evalyn Ursua, however said this is an unacceptable defense.

Ursua said that this could only be a "diversionary tactic," given that the public knows that Kho is a practicing doctor and that he is a television personality.

Kho's camp, meanwhile, denied they will use insanity or drug use as a defense in court.

Kho's lawyer said they only want those behind the proliferation of the videos on the internet be held responsible.

Lolit speaks

Meanwhile, talent manager and TV host Lolit Solis, public relations manager of Dr. Vicki Belo and Kho's former manager, said that no one could forgive him other than the women in his sex videos.

"Yung sinabi niyang 'condemn the sin, not the sinner,' siguro ang makaka-forgive lang sa kanya ang mga babae (na sangkot) 'di ba?" Solis said.

Solis also expressed concern over Belo, who is Kho's former lover, after it was announced by her lawyer Friday that the two also have a sex video.

Solis said she hopes the public would understand the presence of the video, since Belo and Kho had a relationship before.

She also hopes Belo would now learn to listen to those closest to her.

"Makinig naman (sana siya) kay Krystalle and Quark [Henares, Belo's children], siguro 'yung unconditional na nagmamahal... yun lang ang tunay na nagmamahal sa kanya," Solis said.

The Senate, meanwhile, is now ready to immerse itself in the issue, which will conduct a public hearing after Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla appealed to other women who might have videos with Kho to reveal themselves.

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