Robin Padilla wants to kiss Kris Aquino

Showbiz na showbiz ang statement ni Robin Padilla na gusto niyang halikan si Kris Aquino  and Mariel Rodriguez understands, it is merely to promote the teleserye of  her husband and his former girl friend.

Ito ang balita

MANILA, Philippines – Former sweethearts Robin Padilla and Kris Aquino seem eager to rekindle their long-dead "affair."
This was made obvious during a recent joint interview for their upcoming ABS –CBN soap, when Padilla revealed that he had asked the powers that be to have a “torrid” kissing scene with Aquino on the show – a matter that the latter has acquiesced to.
But, of course, each has his own reason for wanting to do it. Padilla insists on the matter because he has never had an on-cam kiss with Kris before due to "rules" once imposed by the late president Corazon “Cory” Aquino on her daughter regarding movie-making. He emphasized, though, that should it fall through, it's all work.

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