Donya Talaga

Beautiful actress (BA), touted as having one of the most elegant faces, was dining with friends. BA excused herself and her nanny went with her to the restroom. As if she did not want anything to touch her skin, BA opened the faucet using only the tip of her fingers in turning the handle. After BA washed her hands, her nanny automatically handed a handkerchief to wipe off the water. BA did not utter a word at all during the whole process. While dining, BA did not even speak to her nanny.

Is BA seemingly treating her nanny like a slave who is not worthy to engage in conversation? Everyone knows that she only acquired her status by affinity. So, who do you think is this beautiful actress whose mere hand gesture elicits an automatic response from her nanny?

Fashion PULIS at Sunday, February 05, 2012

May dalawa pa siyang kapatid na magaganda rin. Kung umasta siya, akala ko siya ang may pera. Gracious B.

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