Legal Wife of Raymond Bagatsing in town again

She was here last year. Cora Pastrana, the legal wife of Raymond Bagatsing. She was in the limelight by insisting that theirs was not a convenience marriage. Now she's here again.

Raymond Bagatsing’s legal wife is in town
WAS able to talk to Raymond Bagatsing’s legal wife Cora Patrana, who’s in town in connection with the book she’s writing for a publisher in Los Angeles, US of A, and I was surprised to know that they are still, supposedly, very much married.
“Yes,” my friend Cora P. intones. “We were together for almost 4 years but I lost him when he went steady with this European woman and he came back to the Philippines.”

Their relationship supposedly had a good start but it went downhill all the way when people started harping about the discrepancy in their age.
“I don’t know why some people are very particular about age when what matters most in a relationship is that you get along well and understand each other perfectly,” Cora musingly states.
But are they on speaking terms?
“Not anymore,” Cora answers truthfully. “But it’s not him I’m after when I enplaned from the US more than a week ago.
“I have some friends to see and my sister as well who’s residing her in ParaƱaque.
“Partly, to unwind na rin,” she adds as an afterthought.

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