Raymond Bagatsing said it is easy to attain the Hollywood dream

Madali lang daw makapasok sa Hollywood ani Raymond Bagatsing. Kung ganoon bakit hindi siya nakapasok sa Hollywood?
MANILA, Philippines — WE CAN DO IT: The Hollywood dream among Filipino actors is not a far-fetched reality, insists veteran actor Raymond Bagatsing whom we caught up with at the media launch of his new GMA drama serial, “The Good Daughter.”
It will happen one of these days, he says, if not to himself, then to other deserving Filipino actors.
Raymond, who lived for four years in the Los Angeles, California area, to pursue an acting career there, bases his prediction on the quality of work delivered by our actors in the international scene plus the critical response they fetch from producers and co-workers.
“Even my mentors in the acting workshops I attend speak very highly of Filipino actors,” he says.

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