Dina Bonnevie's new Man

There had been men after her marriage to Vic Sotto had been annulled. But they did not give him the love she expected. Now she has a new man who she thinks is loving.

Here is the article:
DINA Bonnevie says she has never been happier. She has a new man in her life—Ilocos Sur Vice Governor DV Savellano.
“I feel so loved,” she beams. “And I also love him in return. He really makes time for me. Minsan nagugulat ako kahit ang layo ng location ng taping ko, he goes out of his way to visit me.”
Would she be willing to get hitched the third time around? “Why not?” Ms D retorts.
How does she feel about her ex, Vic Sotto, being linked to younger women? “Like everyone else, he has a right to be happy,” she says. “Let’s not deprive him of the joy of being in love.”
What can she say about Oyo Boy’s tweet alluding to “material girls” around Daddy Vic? “That’s just his way of showing concern,” Ms D explains. “He knows how generous Vic is. Nakikita niya siguro na naibibigay ni Vic ang mga luho ng girls—which I didn’t get to enjoy before. Natural reaction ’yun of a son who loves his dad. Siguro  mas okay kay Oyo kung hindi taga- ‘Eat Bulaga’ ang ma-link sa dad niya. Oyo wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with Vic para masabi niya lahat ang gusto niyang sabihin. Vic is closer to our eldest, Danica, because when I gave birth to her, our marriage wasn’t shaky yet.”
I’ve known Dina since her “Katorse” days when Bossing was still courting her. She has survived love’s many battles. It’s about time her tattered heart reaped its rewards.

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