Wilma Galvante explained the rumored misunderstading in Totoy Bato

The long explanation of Wilma Galvante about the rift between Robin Padilla and the pool of writers is but a confirmation that there was friction between the actor and the latter.

This is the news:

“The fact that Totoy Bato delivered consistent good ratings and more importantly, positive revenue will attest to the success of the series. We know Robin Padilla to be a very passionate actor. He gets involved not only with the character he plays but also with the execution of the story. It is in his contract that he directs all his action scenes. This has been the agreement with Robin with the successful shows he has done with the Kapuso Network—from Asian Treasures, Joaquin Bordado, and the recently concluded Totoy Bato.

“But like all high-end productions, there will inevitably be misunderstandings and mis­com­mu­nications due mainly to time constraints in mounting difficult scenes, complicated special effects, and the constant desire to make the story better to give our viewers a truly entertaining show. What is important is that all of us are able to rise above these mis­understandings and still work as a team to come up with a good episode every single day that a series is on the air.”

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