Melanie Marquez is not yet a book

Melanie Marquez is funny even without trying. Her Melanisms can fill a book although she says that you should not judge her because she is still not a book.

This news article gave me belly laugh no end.

“I’m contented with my long legged,” “Why I give my calling card? I am not a call girl” and “I don’t eat meat – I’m not a carnival!”

These are but three of many memorable quotes from the 80s and 90s that are attributed to TV/movie actress, producer and celebrity endorser Melanie Marquez.

Nowadays, the former Miss International is talking about other things – including becoming a lawyer.

In a taped interview aired recently in “Showbiz News Ngayon,” the 46-year old Marquez was still firing on all cylinders; giving the public a sample of how she’ll be as madam attorney.

When asked why she wants to become a lawyer, Marquez said:

“So that I’ll be implement laws…and that I hope I will be able to use it to those who are oppressed and who could never have a fortune to pay to have their legal assistance with them.”

As confusing as that intention may sound, Marquez was nevertheless clear on why she opted to take up law versus medicine.

“I don’t like being dissect.”

And what if she were to handle the controversial Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili video scandal case? How will she go about it?

“The one who exposed the tape and the one who mastermind exposing the tape is the one who should be put in judge…judgementics.. Parang gano’on.”

And with that, she rests her case.

Other memorable quotes from Marquez are “I couldn’t care a damn!” “What’s your next class before this?” “Can you repeat that for the second time around once more?” “Don’t touch me not!” and, of course, “Don’t judge me, I’m not a book.”

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