Guess Who

I can not guess who this celebrity is. I have a little hint but I refuse to comment lest I will be accused of bias to her rival in popularity.

Read this blind item.

Lousy work attitude

Troubled Celebrity has succeeded in turning off two major advertisers.

According to a mole, Kitchen Company now refuses to work with TC—because of the star’s lousy work attitude.

TC reportedly arrives late for appointments with KC and, to top it off, has the gall to make unreasonable demands.

Turned out another advertiser, Milk Product, is also upset with TC.

For a commercial shoot with MP, TC allegedly arrived three hours late and, when she finally showed up, got insecure because an Ad Co-Star’s makeup looked more polished.

Talent Manager purportedly reprimanded TC but the star remains a prima donna in spite of her waning popularity.

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