Eugene Domingo's launching movie

Eugene Domingo is one lucky girl. Her producer is Piolo Pascual while her partner is Dingdong Dantes.

Here is the news from Dolly.

Eugene Domingo is so excited about her launching movie “Kimidora” where she portrays twins. “Dual role kasi cost cutting,” Uge said, chuckling. “Kilig ako kasi may kissing scene ako with DingdongDantes!”

I teased her. “Taray mo! The producer of your movie is Piolo Pascual and your leading man is Dong. Don’t you have hidden desires for them?” She burst into laughter and said, “Inalis ko na agad ang mga lihim na pagnanasa kasi alam ko naman walang mararating.” As for Uge, malayo na ang kaniyang narating!

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