Ted Failon's wife confiede to friends her plan of suicide

Was Trina artehce-Etong, the wife of Ted Failon suicidal?

This is the story from abs-cbn.

A major financial problem pushed Trinidad "Trina" Arteche-Etong, wife of broadcaster Ted Failon, to commit suicide, two of her close friends said on Friday.

Speaking to ABS-CBN News in Greenhills, San Juan, two of Trina's close friends, Joy Tan and Jackie Bartolome, said that just this month she confessed to them that in three years, she used up all the money the Etong couple put in a time deposit account amounting to millions of pesos.

They said Trina did not divulge any more details about the problem, but this problem, the two friends believe, led their friend to take her life.

The two friends, who have known the couple for ten years, said that the confession came after they noticed that the usually jolly Trina appeared to have become depressed.

They also said that Etong had on several occasions told them that she would commit suicide, but they did not take those threats seriously, since they saw her as a religious person.

"Gusto na niyang magpakamatay, pero naalaala niya na graduation pala ni Karishma (Trina and Ted's youngest daughter) noong April 4 kaya after na lang daw," Lim recounted.

On the day before the incident, Trina visited her, and she advised Trina to tell Ted the truth. However, she insisted she felt very ashamed for what she had done to their savings.

"'Pag nawalan daw kasi ng trust sa kanya, mabuti pa mamatay na lang siya," Lim recounted.

Joy and Jackie also said they are disappointed that Trina's husband is "seemingly" being pinned down by police as the prime suspect in her death.

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