Will the chance to win the presidency higher if Mar Roxas marries Korina Sanchez?

This is according to Ricky Lo.

As you must have noticed, there’s no question mark in today’s headline, just an exclamation point. Yes, it’s definite: Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez are getting married before the year is over — yes, very soon!

According to Funfare’s unimpeachable DPA, Mar is being “traditional” with the whole thing, starting with informing the Roxases and the Aranetas about the long-delayed wedding, followed by a pamanhikan with Korina’s siblings (both Korina’s parents are gone) anytime next week.

No date has been set for the wedding which promises to bring together bigwigs from both politics and showbiz, and the business sector as well, since it will, although informally, signal the start of Mar’s march to...MalacaƱang? In fact, he has already taken the initial bold step as shown by the TV plugs showing him driving a tricycle while encouraging the kids to pursue their dreams. Mar is definitely running for President in 2010, with Korina beside him during the grueling campaign.

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