In This Corner of the Universe-Amalia Fuentes versus Joey

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Dear Mga Tagasubaybay ng Showbiz Siglo 1960,

May pelikula ba si Amalia Fuentes? Panay na naman kasi ang mga balita tungkol sa kaniya. Ito ang karaniwang istorya ng hiwalayan na hindi naman talaga naghihiwalay.
Sino si Amalia Fuentes? Siya ang karibal noon ni Susan Roces sa popularidad bago ang Nora Aunor versus Vilma Santos takily-fight-for-the throne. Siya rin ang mother ni Liezl na asawa naman ni Albert Martinez.

Amalia-Joey show: Showdown, showtime

MANILA, Philippines—The humor is evident, even in the heat of indignation: “In a way, I am proud that a woman would still want a 75-year-old relic like my husband.”

Indeed, she adds with relish, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

And if the woman in question is 1960s Sampaguita star Amalia Fuentes, one of the richest and most successful actress-producers in the local film industry, hell can also be a towering inferno.

Or rather, a singular episode of “The Jerry Springer Show” crossed with “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

Two days after arriving from a five-month vacation in the United States on June 18, Fuentes discovered that second husband Joseph “Joey” Stevens, whom she married in 1979, was having an affair with a married woman from Cebu.

In an exclusive interview with the Inquirer in her sprawling Quezon City home, Fuentes said she never imagined that they would have a marital meltdown at this point in their lives.

“I am still in deep shock that I have to face this problem now,” lamented Fuentes, who is now 65.

The rumor of Stevens’ indiscretion was first reported in Inquirer Entertainment on Thursday.

Stevens himself confirmed the gossip during the interview with the couple, which was marked by an angry Fuentes constantly interjecting, badgering and contradicting her contrite-looking spouse.

Just a fling

“It’s just a fling,” said Stevens. “It’s just one of those things. Sometimes when you go out, you meet someone. I met her through friends in Cebu.”

He said he has confessed everything to his wife, and that he even told her the name of the other woman.

“Her name is Angie,” he said.

“I’m really confused now,” Fuentes interjected, bristling. “Earlier, he told me her name was Tetchie. Now, it’s Angie. I don’t want to think that he is trying to protect her because that will mean he really has feelings for her.”

A prominent family name also cropped up.

She said that one of her friends had told her that Stevens had been spotted with a woman in Manila.

“Rocky, as usual,” Stevens described the current state of their union, which Fuentes swiftly contradicted.

“Don’t say rocky as usual. It’s as if you’re blaming me. [In a text message] you said that I drove you away. How could I nag you when I was in the US for five months!”

What gets her goat, she said, was the “betrayal.”

Fuentes said Stevens had had “flings in the past, but these would end as soon as I found out.”

She recalled that one woman even called her up. “She complained to me that Joey was flirting with her. She was obviously scared of me,” she said.

Or at least the woman was sensitive enough to consider her feelings, she said.

Secret trips

“Joey was hiding his trips to Cebu from me. He reasoned that it was because I would scream at him. I retorted: ‘The screaming could come either before or after the fact, but it would definitely come. So what’s the point of hiding it? An affair is like a pregnancy. You can hide it in the beginning, but eventually it will show’.”

She said she was disappointed by the subterfuge. “All I need now from Joey is the respect that is due me as wife to him and mother to our child [Gerard]. If I don’t get respect at home, who will respect me in this country?”

To this, Stevens responded: “I’m sorry that I’ve hurt her feelings, but I never lost my respect for her.”

The interview was beginning to feel uncomfortably like a session with a marriage counselor.

“I want to work things out,” Stevens said. “I know that it will be a slow process. I’ve talked with [the other woman] already. I told her that [this affair] would be very hard to continue.”


Fuentes was adamant: “I am willing to undergo [marriage] counseling if he is. I cannot force him. I’m just waiting for his next move. I want to know if he wants a divorce.”

“It never crossed my mind,” said Stevens.

“I’m the aggrieved party. If I ignore this, then that means I never cared about our marriage from the start,” Fuentes said. “I will not get a divorce. Since Joey and that woman didn’t show respect for our marriage, I will not give them the respectability they want. If he wants a divorce, then he should be the one to file for it.”

Married in Las Vegas

According to Fuentes, the couple married in Las Vegas on Aug. 2, 1979. (She gave the Inquirer a copy of their marriage certificate.)

“He proposed to me five times. Each time I tore up the marriage license he had offered to me. It’s because I wanted him to divorce his first wife [Puya Olondriz] before committing to him,” she said.

Once, she said, Stevens even followed her to the US when he learned that she was shooting back-to-back movies (“Sa Muling Pagkikita” and “Nagbalik na Lumipas”) with her first husband, Romeo Vasquez, in 1971.

“He was jealous of Bobby [Romeo’s nickname],” she said.

Fuentes and Vasquez also headlined Elwood Perez’s “Puwede Ako, Puwede Ka Pa Ba,” a top grosser in the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1974.

Déjà vu

For Fuentes, what is happening with her marriage now feels like déjà vu.

In a lot of ways, her marital woes remind her of the breakup of her first marriage to Vasquez. She separated from Vasquez in 1969 after a little over two years of marriage.

“The only difference was when I left Bobby, he was young and he was at his handsomest,” she said.

“But still I got out of that flawed, crowded marriage. We were three in that relationship.”

It turned out that Vasquez had another woman. “And I could feel her presence all the time. If you can picture it, it was as if she was in the middle of our bed,” she said.

To make matters worse, “her name was also Nena [Amalia’s nickname]. So every time Bobby called me Nena, I would freak out. I’d ask him: Do you mean me or the other Nena? It was bad for me. So I had our marriage annulled for my peace of mind. It could’ve pushed me to drink or take drugs. But I saved myself.”

On the road

She said she was taking the same course of action in the current crisis.

“This morning, I walked to church and received Holy Communion. As soon as I arrived home, I exercised and lifted weights. For breakfast, I only had papaya. Now, I’m going to focus on myself and on my health. I am going to enjoy life.”

And she will be traveling again. “Traveling is my passion,” she said, having gone on holiday cruises to the Mediterranean and, most recently, to South America.

“The things you learn from traveling you can’t pick up from books,” she said.

She credits Stevens with being a good traveling companion.

“He says that he likes my sense of humor. We had fun abroad. We have lots of pictures of our trips together. In fact, I went to the Mediterranean, to Italy, Greece and Turkey with Joey and my daughter [by Vasquez] Liezel late last year,” she said.

Fuentes said that Liezel sent her a touching text message. “She said that she would support me in whatever I do. Of course, our son Gerard is very sad because he loves his father, but he understands. He was a source of strength and comfort throughout this ordeal. He has never left my side.”

Her trusted, longtime friends have also been very supportive. “They’ve sent me their prayers. They can relate to what I’m going through now,” she said.

As for discussing her problems in public, she said there was a good reason for it.

‘I smelled like food’

“I never talked about my marriage until now. I’ve always strived to keep our life private. But now I’m opening up because I want other women to become more aware also. A priest told me that being a good wife is not just about cooking and keeping house for your husband. I think Joey started to take me for granted because I grew fat. I admit that that was my fault.”

Now, she hardly spends time in the kitchen.

“Maybe before I smelled like food. Now, I’m always dressed and dolled up. I want to look beautiful again.”

This time, however, it is for herself and not for a man, she said.



Showbiz Chika Episode 6-29-07

Dear Showbiz Chica Watchers,

Ito ang mga nasa balita ni Ogie Diaz:

1. Donita Rose
2. Toni Gonzaga
3. Pokwang
4. Wendell Ramos (nude video scandal)


In this Corner of the Universe-Angelo Locsin, aalis na sa GMA7

icture of Angel Locsin at starsinamillion.blogsot.com

Dear Angel Locsin Fans,

Mas mabuti nga kaya ang umalis si Angel Locsin sa GMA7? Ano sa palagay ninyo?

Ito ang balita.

Nag-usap na raw ang management ng Channel 7 at ang man­ager ni Angel Locsin, at matapos ang pag-uusap na ‘yon ay mukhang luma­labas ngang soo­n­er or later ay aalis na si Angel sa GMA Network dahil mukhang ayaw na rin niya noong co-mana­gement deal ng network sa kanya.

Sa totoo lang, mali naman talagang em­ployer mong net­work, ang siyang nag­ma-manage din ng ca­reer mo. Dahil sino nga ba ang magbibigay sa iyo ng proteksyon? Alin ba ang mas pahaha­la­gahan, ang kapa­ka­nan ng artista o ang pa­ki­na­bang ng net­work?

Sinasabi nga nila, kung hindi ka hawak ng network, walang mang­yayari sa career mo da­hil hindi ka bibig­yan ng assignment. Pero kung hawak ka nila, sino na­man ang magbibigay ng proteksyon sa iyo at sa kapakanan mo?

Natural puro kabig nila ang gagawin nila, at totoo ‘yan sa lahat, hindi lang naman sa GMA.


In this Corner of the Universe-Vilma Santos Versus Taal Spa Proponents

Dear Vilma Santos Fans,

Palakpakan natin si Governor Vilma Santos sa pagbatikos sa paglalagay ng Spa sa Taal Volcano sa Taal Batangas. Ito ang video mula sa inquirer.

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner of the Universe-Kris Aquino Lumabas sa Programa ni Lucy Gomez sa GMA7

Dear Kris Fans,

O di sumagot si Kristeta sa isyung mataas ang talent fee ni Ruffa Gutierrez ha.
Pero lumabas naman si Kris sa programa ni Lucy ang asawa ni Richard Gomez.

Ito ang balita mula sa Journal Online.

IDENTIFIED si Kris Aquino sa ABS CBN kaya marami ang nagulat nang lumabas ito sa The Sweet Life na napapanood sa QTV 11, Monday to Friday, 6:30-7:30 p.m. hosted by Lucy Torres with Wilma Doesnt at lifestyle correspondent Grace Lee.

Ang QTV ay sister company ng GMA 7 na mahigpit na kalaban ng Dos. Kaya nakarinig kami ng patutsada nag-over da bakod na raw si Kristeta sa Siyete.

Pagtataray naman ng kaibigan naming reporter: Ano raw ba ang bago kay Kris? Kapag gusto raw nito na umapir kahit saang TV station ay walang makakapigil dito. Anyway, sa taping ng TSL, nalaman namin na hindi raw matanggihan ni Kristeta ang kaibigang si Lucy kaya nagpaunlak ito na lumabas sa show.

Ibinulgar ni Kris sa show ang tungkol sa kanyang post pregnancy wardrobe and the baby clothes she has for baby James.

Naikuwento rin ng controversial TV host/actress ang experiences when baby James was baptized na hindi napanood sa anumang TV network at ipinakita rin ang kanilang baby scrapbook.

Kasama ni Kris sa show si Mark Herras na binansagang bad boy ng dance floor at ikuwento naman nito ang tungkol sa kanyang latest love.

Marami pang ibinulgar ang dalawa sa show na mapapanood sa Friday evening

Laughingly yours,

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The Buzz Episode 6/24/07 Part 2

Dear mga Addict sa The Buzz,

Ang ikalawang bahagi ng The Buzz noong Linggo, Hunyo 24, 2007.

1. Interview kay Pops Fernandez tungkol sa isyung monkeys at ang kasalukuyang
live-in partner ni Martin Nievera si Katrina.
2. Interview sa evicted Big Brother housemate na si Nel
3. Interview kay Lolit Solis
4. Interview kay Ruffa Gutierrez at Annabelle Rama tungkol kay Yilmaz Bektas, ang kaniyang asawang kahiwalayan.

Laughingly yours,

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The Buzz Episode 6-24-07 Part 1

Dear The Buzz Addicts,

Ito ang episoe ng 6/24/07.

1. Interview ni Aiza Seguerra
2. Interview ni Juday at Ryan
3. Welcome kay Ruffa Gutierrez

Laughingly yours,

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Watch more denjing's youtubes.

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In this Corner of the Universe-Selen Gorguzel-Ex ni Yilmaz

Dear Mga Kafatid na Ususero at Ususera,

Sa kapapasyal ko sa web, nakita ko na ang pangalan pala ng ex ni Yilmaz Bektas ay Selen Gorguzel. Hindi raw ex-wife ayon sa balitang ito noong 2003 kung hindi ex-fiancee.

Hanap ako sa web, ito ang nakita kong retrato na may pangalang Selen Gorguzel. Siguro kapangalan lang.

photo of selen gorguzel at starsinamillion.blogspot.com

photo from sinematurk

Celebrity rin pala itong babaeng ito. Palagay ko nga hindi siya. Dahil meron pa itong youtube.

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner of the Universe-Rosanna Roces Lesbian Daw

Dear mga Kafatid na Walang Kasawa-sawang magbasa ng Showbiz,
Lumalala ang away ni Lolit Solis, Lorna Tolentino at Rosanna Roces. Rambulan na.

Panoorin ang mga akusasayon tungkol sa lesbian relationship ni Rosanna at ang counter accusation na si Lorna Tolentino ang lesbian. Pakikuha nga ako ng iced tea. Bigla akong inuhaw.

Para sa youtube video, punta kayo rito.

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner-STAR TALK-Ruffa Celebrates

Dear mga Kafatid na mahilig sa Star Talk,

Ito ang coverage ng Star Talk sa birthday ni Ruffa Gutierrez.

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In this Corner of the Universe-Martin Nievera nagbenta ng properties

Martin Nievera

martin nievera at starsinamillion.blogspot.com
Dear Masugid na na tagasuvayvay ng showbiz,

Karma ba ito o talagang malas lang niya. Magandang kumanta si Martin Nievera pero hindi pa rin siya maabot ng masa. Patok daw siya sa States pero tinakbuhan naman siya ng kaniyang producer. Baka hindi nakabenta ng enough tickets.

Ito ang balita.

Martin Nievera sells property after producer flees

After a promising start, Concert King Martin Nievera suddenly found himself without a producer for his highly publicized Planet Hollywood concert series.

In a phone interview with Startalk yesterday, June 23, Martin didn't deny the news that he was forced to sell his cars and branded watches so he could pay his back-up band and production crew who were also severely affected by the unfortunate incident.

"Ayoko namang galawin ‘yong personal savings ko dahil sayang naman ‘yong mga pinaghirapan ko," Martin told Ricky Lo in an initial interview conducted by the entertainment columnist.

This time, talking with Startalk host Joey de Leon, Martin said that the producer was overwhelmed by the taxing and tedious work that goes with concert production and as a result backed out without saying a word.

"After a month, he just disappeared. Siguro akala niya nung una madali ang mag-produce ng show, and then he realized na hindi niya pala kaya mag-produce," lamented Martin who was obviously very disappointed.

Martin signed a one-year contract with the runaway producer.

An article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer last May 4, 2007 reported that Martin and his girlfriend Katrina Ojeda decided to handle production duties to honor Martin's commitment to the performers, crew, and ticket holders, despite the danger that it would financially wipe out the singer-host.

Shouldering all the responsibilities, Martin reportedly even does production-assistant duties by personally carrying props, musical instruments and equipment off the stage after performance to give way to the next group of performers.

Martin left the country in 2003 to try his luck in the US concert scene, hoping as well to give his international music career a needed boost. He started out by doing the rounds of Las Vegas, most notably at the Golden Nugget and Rio Hotel, which earned good reviews.

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner of the Universe-Lorna Tolentino versus Rosanna Roces

Dear mga Kafatid na Mahilig sa Showbiz,

Ito ang balita:

Lorna Tolentino ignores Rosanna Roces's threat

Muntik nang hindi maabutan ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang aktres na si Lorna Tolentino sa grand opening ng branch ng Forever Flawless sa Mall of Asia kahapon, June 23. Si Lorna ang main celebrity endorser ng Forever Flawless at ngayon ay sinamahan na siya ni Judy Ann Santos.

Dito nagsalita si Lorna sa mga sinabi sa interview ni Rosanna Roces tungkol sa maysakit niyang mister na si Rudy Fernandez. Ito ay may kinalaman sa diumano'y ilalantad ni Osang na intimate photos nila ni Daboy.

"Galit ako sa mga sinabi niya," mariing sinabi ni Lorna. "Malungkot din ako. Ewan ko nga ba bakit may mga tao na napaka-insensitive. Alam na nga nila na may sakit ‘yong tao, kung anu-ano pa ang sinasabi nila."

As much as possible, ayaw nang patulan ni Lorna ang mga pahayag ni Osang sa telebsiyon at sa mga diyaryo.

"Nagkataon lang siguro na marami kasi akong mas dapat isipin ngayon kaya wala ako sa fighting mood na sumagot-sagot. Alam naman ng lahat na may problema akong kinakaharap ngayon. Kaya hindi ko papatulan ang mga ganyang isyu," sabi ni Lorna.

Samantala, hindi naman itinanggi ni Lorna ang tungkol sa pagmaga ng kanyang mukha pagkatapos mag-undergo ng thermage treatment kay Dra. Vicki Belo.

"Lahat naman ng nagpapa-thermage, meron. Kumbaga, iyon naman talaga ang side effect. Mamaga ng konti ang mukha mo. Five days namaga, pero konti lang tapos mawawala. Magsa-subside na. Pag nag-subside naman, sobra namang wala ka nang taba, o!" sabay hawak niya sa kanyang mukha.

"Hindi ko alam kung bakit na-blown out of proportion ‘yong tungkol doon. Siyempre, gusto nila kaming pag-awayin ni Doktora. Pag merong mga tao na hindi naman maligaya... Siyempre, ano pa ang gagawin nila kundi ang makapaghanap ng maipipintas kay Doktora, ‘yong maipipintas sa akin?" pagwawakas ng aktres.

Laughingly yours,

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In This Corner of the Universe-Dolly Anne nakikipag-peace kay Ruffa?

Dear mga Walang Kasawasawang Sumusubaybay sa Ruffa-Hiwalay-Bugbugan-Bati Ekek,

Sumusuko na raw si Dolly Anne. Yan ang ibig sabihin ng puting bandila. Bakit naman siya susuko? Pinapasuko ba sha? Kalito naman.

Ito ang balita mula sa gma7.

Nabalita na at napag-uusapan ang diumano'y planong pagsuko o pagwawagayway ng puting bandila ng entertainment columnist na si Dolly Anne Carvajal kay Ruffa Gutierrez. Ito ay pagkatapos ng pagpapalitan ng mga akusasyon at masasakit na salita sa pagitan ng dalawa pagkatapos isulat ni Dolly Anne ang unang kasal ni Ruffa sa isang Richard Daloia at tungkol sa pamilya ng dating asawa ng aktres na si Yilmaz Bektas.

Tinext ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Dolly Anne para kumpirmahin kung totoong makikipag-ayos na nga siya kay Ruffa at kung kailan niya ito balak gawin.

"Yup, sis," pagkumpirma ni Dolly Anne. "Ka-drain na. But I want it to happen off-cam para walang ka-showbiz-an. At first, I was thinking of greeting Ruffa on her birthday sa [The] Buzz para peace na lahat. But on second thought, it would be better pag di sa TV para di lagyan ng ibang kulay.

"Just wanna make it clear na I'm sorry for what happened after I exposed her first marriage, but I'm not sorry I wrote it because it's the truth. I've done my job as a writer. Now, I wanna do my job as a daughter of her ninang [Inday Badiday] and that's to reach out and make peace as my Ma would want me to do if she were still alive," sabi niya sa text.

Tinanong din ng PEP si Dolly Anne kung makikipag-ayos din siya sa ina ni Ruffa na si Anabelle Rama, na lubha rin naming nabahala para sa kanyang anak.

Ayon kay Dolly Anne, "Siya ang nagsalita ng foul sa akin. Pag-pray ko na lang siya kay Ma. I guess what I wrote in ‘Mock me, mock me Annabelle' [column] says it all."

Kinabukasan, pagkatapos ng palitan namin ng text messages ay nagpahabol ulit si Dolly Anne ng isa pang text message: "Sis, paki-stress in your article na I'm not retracting anything I wrote. I'm just sorry for all the mess it caused when I exposed Ruffa's first marriage.

"Thanks talaga. Basta paki-emphasize those points I texted you. [I] don't want the people to think nagpatalo ako o sumuko. I just want closure. Kapagod na word war na wala namang patutunguhan. Waste of time and energy."

Kung kailan ito magaganap at kung tatanggapin ba ni Ruffa at ni Tita Anabelle ang move ni Dolly Anne is something na ating aabangan

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner of the Universe -Kris Galit ulit kay James Yap

Dear Mga Kafatid na Nasusunog ang Niluluto sa kapapanood ng The Buzz,

Baka tama yong isinulat doon sa isang article na hindi magtatagal ang marriage ni Kris Aquino at James Yap.
image of Kris Aquino uploaded by starsinamillion.blogspot.com
Talaga yang na-"fall out of love siya" ay nagiging bukambibig niya kay James.
Pero sabi ag istorya naman ay nasa Boracay ang dalawa. Second honeymoon o nag-uusap ng masinsinan?

Kris, James spotted in a posh Boracay resort

Pagkatapos ng mala-teleseryeng kontrobersiya sa pagsasama ng mag-asawang Kris Aquino at James Yap—kung saan iniugnay si James sa dating empleyado ng Belo Medical Group na si Hope Centeno—ay may nagdududa pa rin sa katatagan ng samahan ng dalawa.

Nakatanggap ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng balita na muntik na naman diumanong maghiwalay sina Kris ay James. Ayon sa balita, nito raw Sabado, June 16, ay nag-walkout daw si Kris kay James at sinabing: "I just fell out of love."

Ngunit bago pa man maimbestigahan ang insidenteng ito—kung totoo nga o hindi—ay may bagong balita na nakalap ang PEP kani-kani lang. Namataan diumano ngayong araw sina Kris at James sa mamahalin at eksklusibong Discovery Shores sa Boracay.

Ayon pa sa aming source, wala raw ibang kasama sina Kris at James. As in, walang alalay, yaya, at mga bata—ang anak nina Kris at James na si Baby James at ang panganay ng TV host-actress na si Josh. Ang bulung-bulungan tuloy, ito na ang honeymoon ng mag-asawa pagkatapos ng kanilang pagbabalikan.

Ikinasal sina Kris at James sa isang sikretong civil wedding sa bahay ni Boy Abunda noong July 10, 2005.

Laughingly yours,

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JACK AND JILL was a movie about a tomboyish lady named Jack with a gay brother.
It featured Panchito as the father, Edu Manzano as the playboy love interest of Jack, Michael de Mesa as the gay mama's boy, Sylvia la Torre and Jaime Fabregas as parents of Edu Manzano.








In this Corner of Universe-Lolit Solis versus Rosanna Roces (Ulit)

rosanna roces
Hindi ko gusto si Lolit Solis anoh. Lalo namang hindi ko gusto si Rosanna Roces, lalo itong pagbubunyag niya nang relasyon nila ni Rudy Fernandez. In fwerness, may sakit na cancer na yong tao at apektado ang pamilya, kailangan pa bang bulatlatin ang nakaraan? Napatawad na rin siguro ni Lorna Tolentino ang asawa niya kaya nga sinusuportahan niya ito sa kaniyang sakit. Ano ba yan, para lang mapag-usapan, pati sariling dumi, ibubunyag. Sus.

Ito ang balita:

Talent manager and Startalk co-host Lolit Solis made known that she is not bothered by Rosanna Roces's recent threat to expose an interesting image of her with action star Rudy Fernandez.

The former sexy actress recently said that the John Estrada-Gretchen Barretto "kisscandal" would surely pale in comparison once the public sees the Osang-Daboy version.

The photo was reportedly taken when Rudy and Rosanna were still doing the now-defunct GMA-7 sitcom Daboy & Da Girl.

"Magugulat pa ba kami sa kahalayan niya?" fumed Lolit to Abante Tonite columnist Abu Tilamzik.

"Di ba, ang kapal ng mukha na parang ipinagmamalaki pa ang ginagawa niyang mang-agaw ng asawa ng may asawa?" she further argued.

Lolit revealed in her column Wednesday, June 20, in the Pilipino Star Ngayon, that Rudy's wife, actress Lorna Tolentino, even caught Osang with her husband.

"Paganahin ninyo ang inyong imagination. Nakalambitin si ‘wife' [Osang] sa tubo ng lababo habang tumatagaktak ang kanyang pawis at pigil ang hininga dahil caught in the act siya ni LT. Dapat malaman ng mga tao kung gaano kaduwag si WIPE [Osang]. Mukha lang siyang matapang dahil sagana siya sa dakdak, pero napakaduwag niya!" lambasted Lolit.

The "wife" reference pertains to Rosanna's claim that it was Daboy's term of endearment to her. Lolit playfully punned with 'wipe' to suggest the word 'basahan' (rag).

Lorna has repeatedly begged off comment regarding the issue as she's more focused in standing by Daboy, who is currently battling cancer.

Lolit manages both Rudy's and Lorna's career. She also used to handle Rosanna, but had an ugly fallout when Osang blamed Lolit for allegedly spreading the rumor that her daughter, Grace, was pregnant—which turned out to be true.


Showbiz Chika 6-20-07

In this Corner of the Universe-Suweldo ni Ruffa, mas mataas pa kay Kris Aquino?

Dear Mga Kafatid na Sukang -suka na sa Balita tungkol kay Ruffa,

Sige lalo ko kayong iinisin hanggang maglaglagan ang inyong buhok sa balitang mas mataas daw ang talent fee ni Ruffa Gutierrez kaysa kay Kris Aquino. Sabay-sabay tayo nang malakas. Bakit may talent ba sha?

At sino naman ang creative consultant na ito na nakakasilip ng confdential payroll? At bakit naman hindi pinatulan ni Kris ang intrigang ito? Pahiya tuloy ang kampo ni Ruffa, hane?

Ito ang balita mga inaantok, mga napapagod at nagugutom na nagbabasa.

Diretsahang sinabi ng creative consultant ng The Buzz na si Roxy Liquigan na mas mataas ang talent fee ni Ruffa Gutierrez kesa kay Kris Aquino na pinalitan niya as host sa showbiz-oriented talk show ng ABS-CBN. Magsisimula si Ruffa bilang host ng The Buzz this Sunday, June 24, kasabay ng kanyang birthday celebration.

Bukod sa The Buzz ay magsisimula na rin si Ruffa ng isa pa niyang show sa Kapamilya network.

After ng press con for The Buzz kahapon, June 19, ay nakipag-meeting pa si Ruffa with Direk Wenn Deramas, na siyang magdidirek ng kauna-unahang Sine Serye ni Ruffa sa ABS-CBN. Si Ruffa na ang papalit kay Alma Moreno bilang ina ni Julia Barretto at asawa ni Redford White sa remake ng Kokey.

Mismong si Direk Wenn ang nagkumpirma sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng balitang ito dahil two days na raw hindi sinipot ni Alma ang taping ng Kokey. Kahit daw sa story conference ay hindi dumating ang aktres, na bagong halal na konsehala din ng Parañaque.

Dahil sa hindi pagsipot ni Alma sa taping, instead na two days taping lang sa bahay na pinagkukunan nila ng eksena ay aabot pa sila ngayon ng four to five days. Hindi pinak-up ni Direk Wenn ang dalawang araw na taping kahit wala si Ness. Pero kailangan ulit nilang mag-shoot sa inarkilang bahay para sa mga eksena ni Ruffa na dapat sana ay si Alma.

Sa Saturday, June 23, mag-uumpisang mag-taping si Ruffa for Kokey. Ito ang pangalawang show ni Ruffa sa ABS-CBN at pangalawang beses na may pinalitan siyang artista sa mga programa ng ABS-CBN.

Laughingly yours,

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In this Corner of the Universe-Winners, Losers sa Telenovela ng mga Artista

Ito mga kafatid at mga kamag-anak sa tsismis ay padala sa akin ng isang kaibigan.
Basahin ninyo at umiyak, tumawa, o ihagis ang inyong TV.

Winners Losers : From Kris to Ruffa to Gretchen( Desperate Housewives. Philippine Edition).
(Or are we reaping some sort of a negative karma to deserve them?)

The month of June is a good time to review what transpired for the first six months of 2007. For this edition, Conventional Wisdom is focusing on showbiz-related matters instead of the usual politics (which in a way is also show-biz but ……for ugly people). Read on.

Kris Aquino. Loser. While she is the innocent one in the whole James-Hope brouhaha, Conventional Wisdom thinks that she could have handled the incident with more dignity and privacy. One wonders why this drama queen wants to inflict her day-to-day saga with the whole planet. From exaggerating her "life-threatening" pregnancy, to lambasting her husband in public ( "O magsalita ka? Totoo naming pina-palayas na kita sa bahay a?"), to actually using Ninoy to promote a cake in her latest commercial. Kris' next endorsement should neither be beer nor pastries but laundry detergent for her unquenchable desire to always wash her very dirty underwear in public.
In fwerness, talaga namang risky ang pregnancy niya dahil sa gestational diabetes. Pero ang gamitin niya ang tatay niya sa endorsement, pakiahit ang kilay ko.

James Yap. Loser. One word : cad. As one writer succinctly said : "What do you expect from a provincial boy who suddenly became famous and wealthy?" The last time we witnessed a showbiz cad was during Gabby Concepcion's time. James is now second in our list. Conventional Wisdom is giving them maximum of 3 years as a couple. Kris is starting to look more and more mature and matronic. James is still young. Give James sometime, and after Hope - - Faith and Charity will spring forth.

Moral of the story. Smoking is bad for marriage: Kris had Philip, James had Hope. Conventional Wisdom can't take any More of this!!!

Ruffa Gutierrez / Annabelle Rama : The mother and daughter (MAD) team strikes again. From a filmfest scam that made it to CNN, to Brunie-yuki scandal that merited a senate hearing, and now, the falling out with Ylmaz - - which is desperately being peddled out as Philippines vs. Turkey. Oppressor vs. Victim.

Ruffa Gutierrez: Loser. A desperate act from a has-been, middle-aged B-actress who is trying to make a come-back by capitalizing on whatever publicity that can be squeezed out from this split. From caterwauling one minute "Hindi ko na kaya Kuya Boy!", to coyly saying the following week "Ligawan nya (Ylmaz) ulit ako" to having her born again baptism rites captured on cam and then heading off to Las Vegas the following week to relax and do damage control (about her marriage five years ago in Las Vegas). Ruffa, your act is getting stale. You have become so predictable and boring.

Hinala ko publicity ekek lang ang kadramahan niya para magkapelikula siya. O di va, may pelikula sila ngayong mag-ina. Sana walang MANOOD.

Annabelle Rama. Winner. For always a character that she is. For being consistent in her act and for being our constant source of amusement. Conventional Wisdom almost fell off its chair when this motor-mouth fish-wife asked Dolly Ann to return the cosmetics she gave her and then, proceeded on by actually naming two unknown women on national television to pay their debts to her since she now has to take care of Ruffa and her grandchildren : "Hoy, so and so…magbayad na kayo ng utang nyo sa akin dahil marami na akong papalamunin ngayon" or something to that effect. Panalo talaga si Bisaya. I strongly suggest to PGMA that we give this woman a postion in the government preferably as Head of our National Defense. Asap.

Akala ko ba si Ruffa ang bumubuhay sa kaniyang mga anak?

Dolly Ann Carvajal. Winner and Loser. A lot of people don't like this woman. For one, she is not pleasing to the eye. Her gay son looks a lot better than she. And admit it or not, she became a writer thru her connections – mom and aunt. But being objective about the whole thing, Conventional Wisdom thinks that Dolly Ann is on the right this time. Why can't the mother and daughter (MAD) tandem just answer the questions posed by Dolly Ann? Why can't Annabelle stick to the issues instead of pointing out something we already know : how ugly Dolly Ann is.

What makes Dolly Ann a loser is her constant use of her departed mom's legacy and memory whenever someone would diss her out. Honey, stop hiding under the skirt of your mom. You are not a sacred cow.

Pia Guanio. Loser. What a lousy lousy interviewer. The depth of her talent as a host is as long as her irritating mini skirts. Do us a favor Pia, ask Bossing to marry you already and then fade into oblivion.

Gretchen Baretto. Loser. One word : Wow. The affectations of La Greta can only matched by her delusions of grandeur. From the looks of it, she is experiencing the early on-set of a mid-life crisis. She has been picking fights left and right…with Lani Mercado, and then with Dawn Zulueta. From her classic statement about the looks of her own daughter : "Naaawa nga ako dahil karamihan ng tao ang sabi kay Dominique, kamukha sya ng tatay nya?". And now the "friendly beso-beso" lip-lock with John Estrada. Please explain to Conventional Wisdom - - "How can this be a friendly kiss when you and John looked so orgasmic in that shot?

Gretchen is a classic example of "langaw na nakatungtong sa kalabaw, pero feeling mataas pa sa kalabaw." Someone should already tell this woman to seek professional help. Sober up and clean your act sister. You are no Paris Hilton. More like Plaster of Paris Hilton.

Cesar Montano, Richard Gomez, Manny Pacquiao, etc. - Losers. No further explanations needed.

Borgy Manotoc. Loser. Please. Please. From one scandal to the next. From one basag-ulo to the next.

Butch Francisco and Dolly Ann as writers. Losers. Please don't waste precious newspaper space writing about personal stories that nobody (repeat, nobody!) finds interesting at all. From your maid's antics to your experience as a judge of Slimmers World Mr. and Ms. Ek ek, to a current love who inspires you. Please! A tree gave up its life to have these newspaper printed. Have I mentioned that nobody is interested?

Belo's Billboards. Loser. Hideous. Plain hideous. Whoever is advising Vicky (I can't call her Doctora Vicky because as Osang said, she was a mere aerobics instructor before) to put out all those monstrosities should be charged with Human Rights violations. From the disturbing Chrismas billboard last December, to Richard Gomez's billboard pre-campaign period, to Ai-ai's scary shot. Conventional Wisdom would rather stare at the billboards of Ellen's Beauty Salon (with Ellen as the model herself) than see these Belo ads.

Nora Aunor. Loser. To be a has-been superstar drug dependent in your fifties is bad enough. To be caught doing drugs in another country is worse. To be found-out to have married another woman many years ago for a US green-card is worst. Ate Guy is a classic example of a person blessed with so much talent and opportunity gone to waste.

The same sex marriage is not recognized even in Vegas. Her green card application is based on her extraroinary skills. I agree, sayang si Nora Aunor. So far in my book, she is the best actress we have produced in the decade but the worst mother for the children.

Regine Velasquez – Ogie Alcasid. Losers . Regine is what ..... .nearing 40? As someone said "from her demeanor to her utterance, Regine is trying very very very hard to hold on to youth." And if I may add, failing miserably. This home-wrecker who speaks with an American sleng-sleng should act her age. Seeing her kilig-reaction about the admission of Ogie made me lose my appetite for dinner. Conventional Wisdom is really worried that anytime soon, Regine's face and body will collapse. From her hair extension, her fake long eyelashes, her fake nose, her man-made eye slits, her tooth-caps with gums, and her Gluthathioned skin, her fake boobs. Last we heard, her movie with Piolo flopped big time. Nobody wants to see a May – December love story anymore. Or more correctly, a May 1960 – December 2007 love affair story anymore.


Siguro dahil hindi konagat ng tao yong gimik nila na may attraction sila ni Piolo.
Hmph. Kasi kumita naman yong kay Regine at Robin. Siguro dahil kay Robin?

These are the people that are giving Conventional Wisdom constant migraine the past months. If this trend continues until December, aneurysm can't be far behind.

Pass this on until it reaches the following: Ylmaz Bektas, Mother-in-law of Gretchen., Hope, Vic Sotto, PGMA, Michelle Van Something, Letty Magsanoc, and Gov. Vi.

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In this Corner of the Universe-Maricel Soriano -Nagbago na

Maricel Soriano is known for her temper. She's a good actress though and has learned a lot from her being in the showbiz for more than three decades now.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

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In this Corner of the Universe-Sam Milby-May Gay Benefactor?

image of sam milby
Si Sam Milby raw ay may gay politician-benefactor?

Totoo ba yan. Kasi ang halaga raw ng bagong ipinatatayong bahay ay sampung million. Wow ganoon na ba ang kinita niya sa kulang-kulang na dalawang taong nasa pelikula?

Ewan ko, tanungin ninyo ang bulaklak.


In this Corner-The Buzz bosses deny to death why Kris Aquino won't go back to the show

Dear Mga Kafatid na mahilig sa Show biz,

Haynakube, liar, liar. Deny to death pa sila, eh napublished na ito. Mahanap nga yong dayaryong nabasahan ko kung saan sinabi na kaya umalis si Kris dahil sa galit pa siya kay Cristy Fermin. Kalat nga ang balitang ito at hindi naman tinatanggi ni Kris. O di va. Taray niya.

kris aquino at starsinamillion.blogspot.com

Ito ang balitamga sirena sa dagat, mga fairies sa forest at mga bulaklak sa hardin.
Tsus ba?

Mamayang tanghali, June 19, ang press launch para kay Ruffa Gutierrez bilang official replacement ni Kris Aquino sa The Buzz starting on Sunday, June 24. Dito na rin pormal na iwe-welcome si Ruffa bilang certified Kapamilya star.

Inaasahan na uulanin ng tanong si Ruffa tungkol sa hindi matapos-tapos na isyu sa kanila ng Turkish husband niya na si Yilmaz Bektas. But at the same time, lilinawin din ni Ruffa ang isyu sa pagpalit niya kay Kris bilang host ng The Buzz.

Inaasahan din na sa press con ni Ruffa mabibigyan ng linaw kung ano ang tunay na pangyayari at mga dahilan kung bakit pinili ni Kris ang hindi na bumalik sa The Buzz.

Kalat na kalat na kasi ang balitang dahil sa co-host niya na si Cristy Fermin ang dahilan kaya nagdesisyon si Kris na huwag nang bumalik sa naturang showbiz talk show. Sobrang sakit pa rin daw ng kalooban ni Kris dahil sa mga inilabas ni Cristy tungkol sa kontrobersiyang James Yap at Hope Centeno.

Kasunod nito ang pagkalat ng tsismis na tatanggalin dapat ang TV host-entertainment columnist sa show para bumalik si Kris. Pero hindi ito natuloy dahil si Boy Abunda diumano ang kumausap na manatili si Cristy sa show.

Incidentally, nakausap ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang business unit head ng The Buzz na si Louie Andrada at creative consultant ng show na si Roxy Liquigan sa ABS-CBN kagabi, June 18. Nilinaw nina Louie at Roxy ang tunay na dahilan ng pagtanggi ni Kris para bumalik na sa show.

"Hindi umabot sa ganun [tanggalin si Cristy] kasi nga hinihintay naman talaga ang desisyon ni Kris. Na mas gusto na lang niya i-spend ang time niya for The Buzz para sa anak niya [Baby James]," pahayag ni Louie.

Never din daw inisip ng production na alisin si Cristy sa show dahil kinu-consider din nila ang kontribusyon nito sa The Buzz.

Wala bang ni-request si Kris para lang bumalik siya sa show?

"Wala," sagot ni Louie. "Actually, wala siyang binanggit about kay Tita Cristy. Ang sinabi lang niya, gusto lang niyang bumalik ng Buzz dahil kay Boy. Pero ang gusto niya rin siyempre, bagong nanay na siya ulit, ang gusto niya talaga maka-spend ng time sa anak niya. So torned siya between her relationship with Boy at doon sa anak niya. E, siyempre, mas dun siya sa anak niya."

Dahil sa pag-alis ni Kris sa The Buzz, lumilitaw lang daw na hanggang ngayon ay may samaan pa rin sila ng loob ni Cristy.

"Honestly, hindi ko masasagot ‘yung tungkol kay Kris at kay Tita Cristy kasi labas kami doon. Kasi hindi talaga namin alam kung ano ang pinagmulan niyan. But personally, alam namin na eventually magkakabati rin sila," paglilinaw pa nina Louie at Roxy.

Nakakuha rin kami ng impormasyon mula sa isang source na si Kris pa diumano ang nagsakripisyo para lang huwag mawala si Cristy sa The Buzz. At the same time, nakita rin daw ni Kris ang kakayahan ni Ruffa as a host. Kaya para lahat happy, si Kris na lang daw ang nagparaya at saka siya inisipan ng ibang konsepto na programa sa ABS-CBN.

Bukod sa Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal, magkakaroon ng dalawang bagong shows si Kris sa ABS-CBN. Isa na rito ang morning talk show nila ni Boy na Boy & Kris at isang lifestyle show. -

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In this Corner of the Universe-Ruffa Gutierrez invited Ylmaz Bektas on her birthday

Ruffa: Yilmaz welcome on birthday

Naisahan ba tayo ng mag-inang Ruffa. Publicity ba lahat yong away nila ni Yilmaz? Bakeet ? Ito akala mo walang nangyari.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

By Gerry Plaza
Last updated 11:16pm (Mla time) 06/19/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- Ruffa Gutierrez said she would welcome estranged husband Yilmaz Bektas if he wanted to attend her birthday celebration on Sunday.

This came after the public apology Yilmaz issued to the Gutierrezes to end the month-long word war between camps over the separation of the couple.

“I’ll accept Yilmaz as my guest. I’ll bring the kids. Baka pwede kaming mag-salo-salo. Why not?,” Ruffa told the “24 Oras” newscast on GMA-7 Tuesday.

In his latest statement, Yilmaz said he would come to the Philippines and meet Ruffa and their kids “when the anger is gone.”

In her GMA-7 interview, Ruffa seemed jovial and contented with the way things turned out after the storm, especially with her upcoming movie and television projects. Her 33rd birthday on Sunday would be a perfect time for the estranged couple to finally meet face to face and agree on matters concerning family.

“With Yilmaz, he’s full of surprises. I wouldn’t doubt kung darating siya.”

Ruffa is set to start her hosting stint in “The Buzz” on ABS-CBN later this month and would appear in an upcoming teleserye and comedy series as part of her just-signed one-year contract with the Kapamilya Network. Apart from her television projects, Ruffa also signed a three-picture deal with Regal Films—the first of which is a film with mom Annabelle Rama—and a commercial endorsement.

“With Yilmaz naman as long as I do projects and I don’t leave the kids alone, okay naman sa kanya yun eh. I believe that he trusts me that I’ll choose the best projects,” Ruffa said.

Meanwhile, Ruffa confirmed the pull-out of her police escorts in one month’s time but stressed she would still acquire private security services.

“After ma-pull out nila yung PNP security, I will continue having security that I will pay for just like what I had in the past. May mga security din naman ako like three, four years na ako may security na hindi galing sa gobyerno,” Ruffa said

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In this Corner of the Universe-Kris at Boy -Bagong Show ni Kris

Para hindi maalis si Cristy Fermin at magkasama sila ulit sa isang programa, i-ginive-up ni Boy Abunda ang kaniyang Homeboy.

Pero pinagkakaila ni Boy Abunda na may kinalaman ang awayan nina Cristy Fermin at Kris Aquino sa pagbabagong ito.

Sige na nga.

Ito ang balita.

Kinumpirma ng TV host-talent manager na si Boy Abunda ang nalalapit na pagsasama nilang muli ng kanyang kaibigan na si Kris Aquino sa isang talk show sa ABS-CBN, ang Boy & Kris, na magiging kapalit ng Homeboy starting next month.

Nagpatawag ng ilang entertainment press si Kuya Boy sa taping ng Homeboy last Tuesday, June 12, para linawin ang mga isyu tungkol sa napabalitang bagong show nila ni Kris sa Kapamilya Network.

Itinanggi ni Kuya Boy ang kumakalat na balita na kaya raw papalitan ng Boy & Kris ang Homeboy ay dahil tinalo na diumano sila ng katapat na programa sa kabilang istasyon, ang SIS sa GMA-7.

"Basically, I want to save friendship. I don't want to lose Ruffa [Gutierrez] on The Buzz. I don't want to lose Cristy [Fermin]. I don't want to lose my tandem with Kris. That's the reason," paliwanag ni Kuya Boy.

It's true na ayaw nang bumalik ni Kris sa The Buzz. Totoo rin na isa sa mga dahilan ng hindi na niya pagbabalik sa show ay si Cristy. Malinaw sa huling edisyon ng K magazine ni Kris kung bakit ayaw na niyang makatrabaho ang batikang koluminista at TV host.

Labis daw nasaktan si Kris sa mga isinulat ni Cristy tungkol sa mister ni Kris na si James Yap at kay Hope Centeno.

Isasakripisyo ni Kuya Boy ang kanyang solo talk show na Homeboy. Isasantabi raw niya ang kanyang show na labis na napamahal sa kanya alang-alang sa pagkakaibigan. Excited din si Kuya Boy sa bago nilang show ni Kris dahil dito mapapanood muli ang batuhan nila ng opinyon.

Noong una raw ay Kris and Boy ang title dapat ng show na ipapalit sa Homeboy. Pero hindi raw pumayag si Kris na mauna ang pangalan niya kaya mauuna si Kuya Boy sa billing.

Bukod sa Boy & Kris at Kapamilya Deal or No Deal, magsisimula na rin si Kris sa pangatlo niyang show sa ABS-CBN, alinsunod sa bagong kontrata niya sa Kapamilya Network.

Ang ikatlong show na ihu-host ni Kris ay isang lifestyle show. May tsismis na baka si Kris ang ipalit kay Charlene Gonzalez sa At Home Ka Dito, although, malamang, isang totally new lifestyle show ang ibibigay ng ABS-CBN for Kris.


In this Corner of the Universe-Ruffa Gutierrez, hindi pa tinutuldukan

She added, "I've been trying to protect my family. I don't want to speak. I've been trying to protect my kids. Marami pa akong kuwentong hindi sinasabi. I just gave them an inside peek para maintindihan ng mga tao kung bakit ayaw kong bumalik sa Istanbul."

Akala ko tapos na ang istorya at nakiusap na siya kay Yilmaz na TAPOS na talaga.
Pero bakit sa The Buzz at sa Startalk, panay pa rin ang ngawa niya.

Para nang sirang plaka.

Dollywood versus James Yap
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Sharon Cuneta
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Ruffa Gutierrez
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Annabelle Rama
Dolly Anne Carvajal interviews Yilmaz Bektas

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In This Corner of the Universe-Gretchen Barreto Apologizes from the Public

Si Gretchen Barreto ay humihingi ng tawad sa kaniyang mga nagawa. Advice kaya ni Boy Abunda?

Pag nagsalita pa kasi siya, hindi siya paniniwalaan.

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In This Corner of the Universe-Yilmaz asked forgiveness from Ruffa (Again)

Ah ewan, o eto ang dollar, mamundok na kamo siya. Sino mga kafatid? Si Yilmaz. Pabago-bago ng mga statements pagkatapos makausap si Ruffa. Siguro, panay ang takot ni Ruffa.. hehehe

Eto ang sulat niya kay Ricky Lo.

"Tito Ricky, it was when beginning time we have interview with you. Now I am requesting with you for ending. I would like to finish this story with you, with Ruffa we deciding end this story because of me. Even we love each other so much, cannot be fix because my disrespect words. When I use my words, it was I am so angry and out of my mind.

"Just I was try to survive my honor and my family but I forget my wife, mother of my children, and Gutierrez family also carrying my honor. Whatever I am saying, those people not deserving. But whatever to Ruffa and her mom said to me I deserve all this words. However, until today whoever believe and trust my words I am apologize to them because I was wrong!

"I am not deserve Ruffa and her love because she was good wife, good mother and good human, but I am not! I am saying all this with my free will. I am not try to make anybody happy. I am saying this because it's truth.

"I wanna clear Ruffa and members of Gutierrez family, Bektas family also Islam religion and my country. If something wrong, I am the wrong one. Out of my family name, I wanna say this name just Yilmaz from my heart and with my free will. From now, probably people calling me insane. I would like to say that the difference between insane and genius is success and failure. I failed but sometimes because insane better than being intelligence because you will not gonna see dirty side of world. My best regards, Yilmaz.

"Tito Ricky, please do this favor to me and publish this. And clear Ruffa and her family name. Thank you. It will make me happy but not proud.

Dollywood versus James Yap
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Sharon Cuneta
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Ruffa Gutierrez
Dolly Anne Carvajal versus Annabelle Rama
Dolly Anne Carvajal interviews Yilmaz Bektas

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In this Corner of the Universe-Angel Locsin's 16 million house

Wow, kamahal at kalaki.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Yan ang masasabing pinagpawisan.


In this Corner of the Universe-Gretchen Barreto pinatawad ni Tonyboy

Pagkatapos niyang hindi kumain at matulog, siya ay nagsalitang napakabait ng kaniyang live-in partner na si Tonyboy Cojuangco sa pagsuporta sa kaniya ng mga araw na siya ay nagdudusa dahil sa kaniyang "kataksilan" sa retrato.

"Very supportive" daw ito sa emotion at sa physical. Ano kaya ang ginawa niya?

It must be love. Pakikuha nga ng kumot, naiiyak tuloy ako. Heh. Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Meldy Cojuangco? Sabi siguro ni Gretchen B. Beh.

At hindi diyan nagtatapos ang kaniyang kuwento. Siya raw ay magsasalita na. Hige.


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In this Corner of the Universe-Kris Aquino Deal or No deal-Ruffa ang guest

Ito courtesy ni Denjing. Deal or no Deal ni Kris Aquino and Guess what who the Guest is.

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In this Corner of the Universe-Ruffa Gutierrez and Daughters -May Police Escorts

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV
ANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Anooooo nononononono (hindi echo) yan. Pagtataka lang yan bakit binigyan ng police escorts si Ruffa at ang mga anak nito.

Sobra na yan ha. Pera ng mga tao ang nasasayang. Nasaan ang mga peraseses nila?

Iniimbestigahan pa nga ang mga Gutierrezes ng hindi pagbayad ng taxes tapos eto gagastusin pa ang taxes na binaya ng mga ordinaryong manggagawa para lang mabigyan ng bodyguards si Ruffa Gutierrez. SOBRA NA. TAMA NA.

Kakain na ako ng almusal kahit nawalan ako ng gana.

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17. Yilmaz interview
18. Yilmaz Apologized to Ruffa
19. Ruffa is happy daw dahil bati na sila ni Yilmaz

Yilmaz Investigates Ruffa's First Marriage
21.Ruffa Gutierrez, ang lalayo ng sagot kay Butch Francisco
22.Ruffa Gutierrez and Richard Daloia
23.Richard Daloia in picture
24. The Buzz interviews Ruffa about Richard Daloia
25. Dolly Anne Carvajal interviews Yilmaz Bektas
26. Ruffa Gutierrez and Children-may Police Escorts

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In this Corner of the Universe-Yilmaz Bektas and Dolly Anne Carvajal

Dear Tagasuvayvay ng Ruffa/Hiwalay/Bugbugan/Bati Balita,

Ahay, may pasabog si Dolly Anne Carvajal tungkol sa interview niya kay Yilmaz Bektas
at tungkol sa mga sinabi ni Ruffa Gutierrez sa The Buzz.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV
Mababasa ninyo ito sa kaniyang column.

Ang mga sagot ni Yilmaz tungkol sa sinabi ni Ruffa Gutierrez sa pagtorture sa kaniya ay katulad din ng mga reaction ng mga taong nakabasa sa mga sinabi niya. Yong tipong HA? Kasabay ang TALABA? Ehek TALAGA?

Isa-isahin natin:
1. What is the truth behind Ruffa’s allegation that you beat her up for 15 hours? Did you ever hurt Ruffa physically? Did you ever lock her up in a cabinet?

If I tortured her 15 hours and electrocuted her in bathtub, why she still alive?

2. On being locked up in a cabinet
Yes she is talking about cabinet. Mostly she staying cabinet because she love to look her dress and bags. It’s a walk-in cabinet like as big as room.

3. Are you fighting for custody of your kids?
Yes. I want them grow up Bektas way, not Gutierrez way. You ask where her kids are yesterday, she don’t know. But ask her what Paris Hilton wear three months ago, she know.
4. What did you mean, Annabelle is a “good seller”?
When first met her, she not ask what university I come from, who my father, mother is. She ask what brand my watch.

5. Ruffa claims she gave up her career for you.
What career? When I ask tape of her movie, she does not like me to see. I buy Fashion TV for her birthday gift; nothing happen. I lost big money.

6. What are your legal plans?
It’s mostly about Ruffa and boyfriend. Annabelle admitted to me in text that Ruffa has lover. I mail you my cell phone to show message of Annabelle as proof. As for legal, she against two laws ... several times lying marriage time and lying to government because she using this fake documents for traveling Europe, USA, etc. And for children I am gonna open case because no permission from me using them for commercial and magazines. I will sue all companies involve.

Why did communication between you and Ruffa break down?
First reason we fight Feb. 16 because I found out she’s still married to someone else. I’m finding out also she has a relationship in Philippines three months now. I give $5O,000 reward to anybody who can point this dishonorable man to me. Show his face.

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Showbiz Chica 6-13-07

Mga Showbiz Chica Fans,

In this Corner of the Universe-Rosanna Roces Blamed everyone but herself

Pag ikaw ang nanay, pag nabuntis ang teenager mong anak, sino ang may kasalanan? Sagutin mo ako. Sagutin mo ako. (sensiya na kayo, nag-eemote ako).

Nang mabuntis si Grace Adriano ang anak na teenager ni Rosanna Roces at nagtangkang magpakamatay sa kahihiyan, ang sinisisi niya ay si Dr. Belo at si Lolit Solis.

Idinemanda pa niya ang dalawa ng libel pero nadismiss ito dahil totoo namang buntis ang anak niya.

Kung ayaw niyang pagtsismisan, di sana ay binantayan niya ang kaniyang anak.

Noong isang Linggo, para siyang kawawang iiyak-iyak dahil sa pagkadismiss ng kasong isinampa sa kaniya ni Dr. Belo at Lolit Solis pero sa The Buzz ay bumalik ang katarayan niya.

Hindi na natutuwa ang mga tao sa katarayan niya.

Marami ng mga seksing, batang-bata na pumalit sa kaniyang trono. Nagbobold at magaling ding umarte.

Haynaku, pakisuklay nga ang aking kilay.



In this Corner of the Universe-Mga Classic Dialogues sa Pelikulang Pilipino

Dear Mga Tagasubyabay ng mga Lumang Pelikula,

Maalala pa ba ninyo ang mga dialogue dito?


The Buzz Episode 6-10-07 Part 1

O mga kalaro ko sa bingo, sa pusoy at sa mahjong, ito ang episode ng The Buzz noong Linggo 6/10/07. Part 1 lang yan.

Siyempre nandiyan ang:

1. interview ng mga kasinungalingan ni Ruffa Gutierrez
2. Ang hirap na hirap na pagtatangol ni Boy Abunda kay Gretchen Barreto
3. Si Vilma Santos ang bagong gobernador ng Batangas at ang mga kontrobersiyang
sasagutin niya.

Panoorin natin.

Watch more denjing's youtubes.

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