Hayden Kho, Jr. will pursue show biz career

Hayden Kho is determined to join show biz again after his separation with his girl friend Vicki Belo.
MANILA, Philippines — Some think that because Hayden Kho, Jr and Dr. Vicki Belo are no more as couple that he will find himself in the gutter. Wrong.
According to Hayden’s manager, Carlo Orosa of Stages Inc., their controversial talent is still gearing up for a comeback in show business though not as heartthrob nor actor, but as a “personality.”
“Hayden kasi is not an entertainer. He is getting back his license as doctor soon and he has other businesses din naman so ang pagpasok niya uli sa mainstream is a means to make him more marketable as doctor and business,” Carlo told Bulletin Entertainment in an exclusive interview.
So, why is Hayden undergoing “intensive” workshops?
“Right now kasi the standards are high in the industry. Gusto lang din namin na he takes some classes para magkaron siya ng certain kind of confidence and stance.”
Carlo said he had a meeting with Cory Vidanes of ABS-CBN recently for Hayden. The manager said the network is quite “interested” in their ward but they have to submit a weekly report to Cory on Hayden’s progress with the workshops he is taking.

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