Nora Aunor makes film for Metro Manila Film Festival with Boyet and Tirso

Parang kahapon lamang, mayroong Guy and Pip pagkatapos ang napangasawa ni Nora Aunor ay isa ring magaling na actor si Boyet o Christopher de Leon.

Lalabas sila sa Hototay.

Nora Aunor, Christopher ‘Boyet’ de Leon screen reunion worth the wait

It was such a delight to interview my teenage crush, Christopher “Boyet” de Leon. How does it feel to be working with his ex-wife Nora Aunor after so many years?
“At first it was awkward,” said Boyet, who is teamed up with the Superstar on TV5’s “Sa Ngalan ng Ina.” “But we warmed up to each other right away. It’s a plus factor that our son Ian is with us in the series, which is more like a movie because of  the grandiose production.”
What makes it different from all the teleseryes he has done? “I portray a crippled man. So the whole time I’m in a wheelchair. It’s not easy to act when you’re confined to sitting down. It limits the way you can express yourself. So since it’s a first for me, it’s something worth watching, aside from my long overdue onscreen reunion with Guy.”

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