Raymond Bagatsing is back from US

He was away for four years to try his luck in Hollywood. He even married a 60 year old Filipina columnist which he did not want to discuss.

Here is the news:

MANILA, Philippines - Actor Ramon San Diego Bagatsing III made a surprise appearance on “Paparazzi” on September 26 to discuss issues hounding him since he “disappeared” a few years ago, including his alleged coming out as a “homosexual.”

Bagatsing, who is now based in the US, is trying to renew his ties with local show business, admitting that he is having a hard time securing a job as an actor abroad.

“Gagawin ko, pabalik-balik,” said he.

According to Bagatsing, his pursuit of the “Hollywood Dream” stemmed from having been part of a show of the same title a few years back.

“Dito rin y’un sa TV5. ‘Yon ay nabigyan ako ng opotunidad na magkaroon ng experience sa Hollywood [as an actor]. So, I went there at nag-audition for casting directors and producers.”

Bagatsing said he had been getting good reviews and had been asked to stay longer.

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