Willie Revillame's show in Lake Tahoe a success

 While he is being bombarded with negative news in the Philippines, Willie Revillame was well accepted in the Lake Tahoe where Wowowee show entertained thousands of Filipinos last Labor Day.

Here is the report from Manila Bulletin:

Anyway, the Lake Tahoe “Wowowee” show started out with dance numbers rendered by local dance groups. After that, Willie wearing Bench shirts (green over fuschia) came out on stage to sing his signature songs. He was joined by Pokwang, Mariel Rodriguez and all the dancers (including Luningning, Saicy and the other “Wowowee” dancers). By the way, also with Willie’s 36-member entourage were Edgar Mortiz, creative director of the show, Bentong and Lito Camo, who composed all the songs in Willie’s album under Universal Records. Lito sang a few songs during the show. Song numbers were also rendered by Pokwang, Anne Curtis and Charice Pempengco who will be joining David Foster’s US concert tour that’s why she’ll be away three months.
There were 20 who were chosen from the audience for the “Bigaten” portion with Pokwang and Mariel in change of course. Cash prizes were given out to the participants, and the winner was awarded $1,500. This is always a happy segment of “Wowowee.”
But the audience got emotional when a mother of a cancer-stricken girl shared her touching story. Annabelle Jones said her 13-year-old daughter Yanie was diagnosed with brain cancer and has since been undergoing chemotherapy. Annabelle is a nurse but she had to stop working in order to take care of her daughter, she said. She described her American husband, Bernie as “the greatest guy in the world, he is my hero, and who I would marry over and over again if needed.” Bernie petitioned her five children in the Philippines and they are now with them in America.

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