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Were the hints given by RUFA MAE the basis of Mo Twister's "joke" on his co-host about her secret fiance or was he really just joking?

Here is the news:

RUFA MAE Quinto wonders why DJ Mo Twister keeps twisting stories about her. At the height of the Hayden Kho sex video scandal, Mo dragged P-chi into the mess. Now here he goes again saying in his Twitter account that he believes P-chi is engaged to presidential son Mikey Arroyo who’s very much married.

“We are professionals. He should practice courtesy since we co-host ‘Showbiz Central’,” P-chi says. “I find it stupid to the point of being funny.”

Based on my many girl talks with P-chi, I know that she gives her all when she falls for someone. Why will she settle for a married man who can’t reciprocate her full emotional investment? Besides, with all the single men who want P-chi, she needs no guy who’s already spoken for.

In the meantime, the name of the boyfriend remains a secret.

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