Fishball or Fishbowl

Why do people give  big fuss on the statement of Noynoy Aquino about his love life which he compared to fish bowl as discussed in oublic by his sister Kris Aquino, The reporter must have misquoted him nd typed fishball instead of fish bowl. Aquarium na lang kaseh.

Here is the news:

While he was comfortable talking about politics, Aquino wants to keep his love life private.

He said he already asked his youngest sister and popular TV host Kris not discuss his love life in public.

"I talked to my sister and I did ask her that's the part of my life that I want to be private as it can't develop in the public like in a fishball. I think she understood it...She texted me and apologized," said the senator.

After the article came out, some bloggers copy-pasted Noynoy's quote and made it a topic in their blogs.

What caught the bloggers'—and probably many other—attention was the word "fishball" in Noynoy's quote. While the word may sound okay when spoken, it doesn't seem right when read. "Fishball," as we all know, is a popular street food.

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