Ruffa Gutierrez explained about her crying issue

Last week, Ruffa Gutierrez feigned illness after shedding tears while talking to someone on her cell phone. She remarked that only a true love can make her cry which made the media speculted that it was about John Lloyd Cruz.

Ruffa explained that it was her ex-husband who caused her to cry. Ows?

Here is the news:

When TV host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez was observed all red-eyed from crying on the set of her show “Ruffa and Ai” last week, not a few tongues wagged in trying to guess who might have caused her crying fit.

According to reports, Ruffa was seen crying while talking to an unidentified person on her mobile just as she emerged from her dressing room.

When coaxed for an explanation, Ruffa merely said she was sick “having a cold and cough, have been sneezing…[maybe] allergies.”

Eventually, Ruffa revealed on “The Buzz” the real reason behind the tears.

According to the former beauty queen, she cried because her kids had been asking for their daddy—Turkish millionaire Yilmaz Bektaz.

“My kids are asking…looking for their dad…asking me when he will visit them so, for me, you know even if Yilmaz and I are over—it’s been two and a half years—for me, the pain is still there.

“You know, my kids are looking for him…It's family, it's very personal…so, I really don’t want to talk about it and to let the world to know but… I don’t want the [crying] issue to be discussed about further.”

Ruffa added that it was her daughter, Venice—who will celebrate her birthday on Sept. 11-- who had been asking for her “Baba” [Venice’s term of endearment for Yilmaz].

“Her birthday is coming up so, she was telling me, 'Mommy, when is Baba gonna come and visit us?’ And I just keep telling her, 'Well, maybe soon… you know, he's working.'

“Then she said. 'How soon? Maybe in September?' and I said, 'Yeah, that's next month already. Maybe, I'll ask Baba. Maybe he'll come and visit you.'”

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