Kris Aquino is havingthe parents' house renovated

Kris Qquino will be spending a fortune to demolish the house and rebuilt for her brother Noynoy who was reported to have inherited the house by deed of donation.

The bachelor brother of Kris Aquino is requesting two rooms only and a meeting room.

According to the interview of Kris Aquino in the Showbiz News Ngayon last August 10.
a bigger residence will be built to provide rooms for her two sons, Josh and Baby James.

Josh will also be needing playroom and tutorial room and a pool.

The arrangement was that, Kris and family will be staying with him three days a week but if he decides to get married, they will stop from residing in the house.

Noynoy was rumored to have a Bulacan councilor as thecurrent girl friend.

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