Celebrities' Scandals, Then and Now.

Celebrities' Scandals, Then and Now.
How did the old stars behave in public to avoid scandals at the height of their popularity?
Here are some of them. From inquirer. Some photos are also from inquirer.

What was supposed to be a lazy summer weekend has become a time of collective exasperation.
Local Show Town was rocked with a double whammy of very public squabbles involving celebrities—specifically, the bar brawl with former sweethearts Andi Eigenmann and Albie CasiƱo as protagonists, and the airport altercation between Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo and married couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto.
Inquirer Entertainment turned to the country’s veteran actors for a little sobriety amid the hysterics. The senior stars graciously favored us with their voice of wisdom.
Gloria Sevilla

We can’t solve a problem by creating another problem. I’ve experienced being left behind by a plane many times in the past, but when I talked to the airline staff, I was always calm and civil. Even if I felt wronged, I tried to be humble and cool-headed. I guess, everyone is getting hot-tempered these days because of the weather!
Anita Linda

We also had our share of showbiz scandals in the past, but we handled things discreetly. Also, we were protected and disciplined by the studio bosses. Mrs. Adela Santiago of Premiere Productions would scold me: “I heard you were in the nightclub until morning.” They never get tired of reminding us that we should conduct ourselves properly in public. It’s not that we didn’t make mistakes; we just didn’t wash our dirty linen in public. I have a simple advice to young stars: Love your work. Respect your profession. Never forget that you owe your fame to the public.
Marita Zobel

Actually, there isn’t much difference then and now. Scandals also broke out during our time. It’s just that we didn’t flaunt our troubles. We kept things private. It was because we felt that we had a certain responsibility as actors. We were aware that young people looked up to us and we always had to set a good example.

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