Celebrities' Scandals, Then and Now Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Celebrities' Scandals, Then and Now that were published in inquirer.

Eddie Garcia

It’s hard to give advice because I never quarrelled with a reporter in my entire career. In my opinion, any misunderstanding can be resolved in a peaceful manner. During our time, the Big Four studios (LVN, Sampaguita, Premiere, Lebran) disciplined their actors. We were told to abide by a strict morality code. Mrs. Azucena Vera-Perez (Sampaguita) would call our attention if we misbehaved. Mrs. Vera-Perez always checked the girls’ outfits before they left for a party.
Perla Bautista

.A young star once asked for advice. I told her: “If you want to last long in show business, you’d better know how to keep secrets.” I also believe that how you treat underlings reflects your true personality. When I am in a mall and a sales lady is cranky, I put myself in their shoes. They’ve been on their feet the whole day and they must be tired. Don’t expect special treatment just because you are a movie star.

Delia Razon

Times were different when we were young. In LVN, Do├▒a Sisang (de Leon) took care of us like we were her own children. She taught us to always be friendly and respectful of other people. She would tell us: “Always smile at the fans. If they say something nasty, just turn your back and walk away. Evitar desgusto [Avoid trouble].” I follow her advice until now. If I smile at someone and I get snubbed, okay lang. I shared that tip with my granddaughter Carla Abellana. I told her: “If someone greets you, just wave even if you don’t see the person. Acknowledge the greeting.”
Amalia Fuentes

During our time, there were also shocking scandals, like the murder of Lilian Velez in the hands of Narding Anzures. Every generation has its share of violent incidents. It’s human nature. It just depends on how you handle the situation. Every time actors leave their homes, they will be under scrutiny. That’s why today’s kids should think twice. Count to 10 before you do anything. For parents, make sure to know your children’s friends. Spend time with your kids, get to know them. The family support system is very important. When we were young actors, we were sheltered by Sampaguita. Plus, I credit my mother. I wasn’t allowed to go out at night without one of my brothers as chaperon. I was a virgin until I was 26 years old! Now, when I say that, people ask, “Amalia, are you bragging or complaining?
Caridad Sanchez

Normal people have the same troubles. If the scandals involve actors, they are magnified. I don’t think that these actors’ private problems would adversely affect the entire industry. I think the public is smarter now. They might generalize that all actors are troublemakers; that would be unfair. Well, times have changed. I am not surprised that such scandals have become commonplace. In our time, life was simpler.

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