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What was the new mother Andie Eigenmann doing in a bar at that unholy hour? Isn't she supposed to watch her baby? And then the mauling of the susected father of her baby was alleged to have made by her friends,
Here is the news:

MANILA, Philippines – Young actor Albie Casiño is still recovering from the injuries he sustained from a brawl on Friday night at a bar in Makati City, his mother and uncle told ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido on Sunday.
“According to Albie Casino's uncle, Ali, the actor still cannot speak because of the injury he sustained on his face after the brawl,” Fullido said on her official Twotter account.
Casiño was allegedly attacked by friends of his former flame, actress Andi Eigenmann, during their encounter at Fiamma late on Friday.
The actor’s mother Rina, who was in Subic at the time, was alerted about the incident by her brother Allee Lee and Albie’s road manager.
According to her, Eigenmann “splashed wine on his (Albie’s) face and slapped him.”
While Eigenmann confirmed that she indeed splashed wine on Casiño’s face, she didn’t slap him.
Face to face finally
In an interview on “The Buzz” on Sunday, Eigenmann reiterated that she was not involved in the brawl that ensued moments after their encounter.
“All I did was to spill wine on is face. And now everybody’s mad at me because he was rushed to the hospital,” she said.
According to Eigenmann, she was attending the birthday party of a friend when she saw Casiño. “For the first time, we went face to face since the last time that I got to see and talk to him. That was when we both found out that I was pregnant,” she told “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda.
“He gave me a look, he shoved me and cursed me,” she narrated. “Sa akin po parang it’s the first time that I’m seeing him again. The last time that I saw him, things didn’t go well. It was bad. I never really spoke about it, I never said anything about him because at that time I loved him and I wanted to protect him. I still have respect for him.
“But after that happened, instead of me being shy, being humble enough to move out or go away or say hello at least, he curses at me.
“Naawa ako sa sarili ko. After that, I spilled wine on him,” the young actress said.
Parking lot brawl
According to Casiño’s mother, Eigenmann’s companions followed his son and his friend to the bar’s parking lot. She identified Eigenmann’s friends as Frank Magalona, Carlos Concepcion, Jeck-Jeck Lacson and Neil Arce.
Albie was allegedly hit on the head with a wine bottle. Moments later, the bar’s bouncer was able to stop the commotion, she said.
Magalona and Concepcion have denied involvement in the incident.
Concepcion, in a post on micro-blogging site Twitter, said he was not in the vicinity when the alleged brawl happened. "I have no involvement with last night's incident. I was nowhere near the vicinity," he said.
Magalona also asserted he was not among Eigenmann's companion that night.
"I was not involved in that incident. I was at Fiamma last night for my friend's birthday. I was not with Andi Eigenmann at all," he said on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Magalona’s mother, Pia, urged an investigation on the incident.
Eigenmann on “The Buzz,” said, “I can’t speak on behalf of them (her friends). Narinig lang po namin lahat ng nangyari. I did not see it.”
She also said she hasn’t talked to her friends yet. “As far as I know, my friends [are not the type of people who beat others],” she told Abunda.
“If I wanted him to get hurt, I could have done that a long time ago,” she said. “But I never seek for revenge.”
Eigenmann even said when she found out that happened to Casiño, she ran outside to look for him.
“I ran up to him. I said ‘Are you okay?’ and then, he curses at me, curses at me, forces me to give names,” she said.
Mother speaks
Casiño’s mother also agreed to an interview with “The Buzz,” where she reiterated her suspicion that the attack on her son was planned.

“Andie, nananahimik na kami,” she said. “Una sinaktan mo siya sa words, ngayon sa pisikal naman. What's next? Buhay na ng anak ko ang kukunin mo?”
She also urged Eigenmann to tell the truth.
“Be truthful. Alam mo talaga kung ano ang totoo, I beg of you,” she said. “Sana tama na talaga because nasasaktan kami, ikaw, pamilya mo, may anak ka,,,Akala ko naka-move on an siya pero why is this happening. Parang di pa rin siya makuntento?,” Rina Casiño said.
But Eigenmann insists she is telling the truth.
“Before this interview, I was like I don’t care because I’m not part of it,” she said. “Since the beginning I’ve always been the bad one. Not just against Albie but in general. But what’s hurtful is that it always for the wrong reasons.
“Ayaw ko na po kasing pumayag na tinatapak-tapakan lang ako eh. Ayaw ko na pong mapahiya. For once, I want to stand up and prove to people that I’m strong. Ayaw ko na pong magsinungaling para sa ibang tao na alam ko namang walang pakialam sa akin.
“Wala po siyang pakialam. Yung pinakamasakit po doon was that while I was facing this problem on my own, I hear about him having fun, going out, meeting people,” she said.

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