Mo Twister apologized to Rhian

Mo Twister really needs professional help. He could not accpet being rejected by a lady so he was more than kiss and tell with the video that went viral last week. Even before he left for New York, he still had the guts to tell the press that the abortion was not the first time for Rhian. 

Here is the news: 

MANILA, Philippines - Embattled TV and radio host Mo Twister has apologized to his ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos and her home network GMA-7 following his explosive video diary that leaked online.
In what he referred to as his "final" statement aired on the 103.5 WOW FM program "Showbiz Rampa" on Dec. 4 and reported by PEP on the same day, Mo said, "I'm sorry to Rhian that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did."
"There was much more going on than people know.  But I love you. I always have. The few people who knew about us also knew how much we cared for each other. We talked about marriage, we almost bought a home together a few months ago, we were planning to have the family we lost," he added.
He likewise said sorry to GMA-7 for "putting them in a bad light" in his almost 13-and-a-half-minute video, which he said was recorded July 28, 2010 in a hotel in Singapore. Facing presumably a webcam, Mo emotionally vented about the crucial decision he and Rhian allegedly made: "get rid [of] our baby."
"I am aware that GMA would like to prosecute me for this… This decision...was not something the network instructed us to do...I am aware that [this] opinion doesn't reflect the opinion of the network.  I understand that and I am sorry if the words on my 'video diary' depicted otherwise," Mo explained in his statement.
On Dec. 2,

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