GMA is pressing charges against Mo Twister

Mo Twister failed to get sympathy from the public with regards his supposed "grief" for the loss of his baby with Rhian Ramos who he claimed had an abortion. GMA 7 is pressing charges against the host for this demolition job to their prized talent, Rhian Ramos.

Here is the news: 
MANILA, Philippines—“Wrath of a bitter lover,” “lame excuse to grab publicity,” “an act not of a real man,” “pure demolition job.”
The alleged leaked video of controversial TV host Mo Twister (real name Mohan Gumatay) about sensitive issues with his ex-girlfriend gathers more flak than sympathy from Netizens.
In the said video that was allegedly taped in a room of a posh hotel in Singapore on July 28, 2010, Gumatay is making a tearful confession about an abortion that actress Rhian Ramos, then his girlfriend, is going to have in an undisclosed location in the city state.
Titled “RepairedMovie.mov”, it was uploaded by a certain PrettyJenny55 on November 28, and has about 81,000 hits as of Saturday morning, December 3.
In a country obsessed with show-biz controversies like the recent Piolo Pascual-KC Concepcion breakup more than the fate of “Abadilla 5” or “Morong 43”, the said video has gone viral, picked up by various blogs and websites not even concerned with show biz.

Ramos has kept silent over the issue but GMA 7 has announced its plan to file appropriate charges on Gumatay.
Ramos is a prized talent of GMA 7, which was once Gumatay’s home network before he transferred abruptly to the newly-revitalized TV 5 also middle of last year. GMA 7 charged Gumatay and TV 5 for breach of contract.
Since her entry to show-biz a couple of years ago, Ramos has been groomed as the next big star after the reigning GMA 7 talent Marian Rivera.

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