Additional charges for Annabelle Rama

And the battle continues between Annabelle Rama and Nadia Montenegro with additional charges brought to court against Rama by the latter.

Here is the news:

MANILA, Philippines—Just a few days after filing charges of attempted kidnapping against Nadia Montenegro, talent manager Annabelle Rama is facing new charges from the former actress, who alleged that Rama had tried to harm her during a formal proceeding at the Quezon City prosecutors office.
In a new complaint filed late Thursday afternoon, Rama was charged with grave oral defamation, slander by deed, attempted physical injuries and unjust vexation.
Montenegro, in her three-page affidavit, said the incident happened December 10 during a preliminary investigation conducted by state prosecutor Liezel Aquiatan-Morales, who is in charge of the child abuse raps against Rama.
Montenegro said the talent manager even hurled invectives at her in front of the investigating prosecutor.
At that time, Morales was conducting the preliminary investigation of the child abuse, oral defamation and libel complaint Montenegro had filed against Rama in connection with the show biz careers of Montenegro’s teenaged daughters.
During the December 10 hearing, Montenegro was accompanied by her daughters and their lawyer, Marie Glen Abraham while Rama was with her lawyer, Derrick Delegencia.
In the affidavit, Montenegro claimed that while Morales was asking her about the contents of her complaint, Gutierrez allegedly suddenly shouted: “Magbayad ka utang mo! Wala kang utang? Kadiri ka. (Pay back what you owe! You don’t have a debt? You’re gross)!”
The fiscal tried to stop the talent manager but Rama allegedly continued her tirade and even stood up, shouting at the complainant and her two daughters using foul language.
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