No Show si Kris Aquino sa Pilipinas Win na Win

 Friday, October 1, 2010 is supposed to be the last day of Kris Aquino in the noontime show Pilipinas Win na Win. Pero hindi siya dumating.

After “Win na Win”’s opening number on Friday, only Pokwang, Pooh and Jason Gainza came out of the stage to greet the audience.
Valerie Concepcion, meanwhile, tweeted a few hours before the episode’s broadcast that she will be a bit late as she came from Subic for a motorcade.
There was almost no mention of Kris throughout the almost two-hour show, except during the “Knock-Knock” segment at the earlier part of the show. Pokwang dedicated her “knock-knock joke of the day”---“pahinging sabaw ng lomi”---to the Queen of All Media. She then sang Selena’s “Dreaming Of You.”
It seemed to be business as usual for the show, even as Kris was still a no-show at the segments she usually facilitates, such as “Mali-Oke,” “Open Susi-Me,” and the jackpot portion of “OMG.”
Where could Kris be?

Akala ko mature enough siya para matanggap ang pag-alis sa kaniya sa PWNW? 

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