Willie Revillame on an indefinite leave

After the meeting with the ABS-CBN top brass, Willie is put on an indefinite leave to be back after three months. (indefinite leave ba ito?).

He is not also released from his contract so that he has to wait for it to expire. In the meantime, the management is going to continue looking for a replacement and possibel reformatting of the program.

According to Ricky Lo:

But Funfare’s VDPA (yes, yes, the Very Deep Penetration Agent) has something to say but I’d rather capsulize the VDPA’s words in three short guesses:

l. ABS-CBN will continue to look for a replacement for Willie until it finds a permanent one;

2. ABS-CBN will reformat the show (since, I agree with observers, “Wowowee is Willie and Willie is Wowowee,” not the same without each other); or

3. ABS-CBN will scrap Wowowee altogether and replace it with a new one (or let the pre-programming Showtime take its place).

But wait, there’s hope for a “reconciliation.” As the “official statement” mentioned, “ABS-CBN management and Willie will discuss what will be in the best interest of the viewing public.”

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