Marian Rivera, suplada?

 Totoo kaya itong sinulat ni Dolly Carvajal tungkol kay Marian Rivera. (source)


Marian Rivera strikes again!

My ad agency contacts were appalled by her behavior during a shoot for a major product endorsement.

“She made the reporters wait for five hours and when she was interviewed about the product, she gave them crappy answers,” my source reveals.
“The height of it all was she kept cursing during the pictorial. All smiles siya pero in between shots, bumubula bibig niya sa pagmumura. And when a radio jock asked her to record a short greeting to be aired on an AM station, she did it with a lola-sounding voice. Di ma-e-ere ang greeting niya kasi di makilala na si Marian ang nagsasalita,” my source says.
Was she just having a bad day? But that’s no excuse. She’s paid millions as an endorser. The least she can do is be pleasant even just for the duration of the shoot. As she says in one of her ads, “Beautiful!” If only her attitude is as beautiful as her face.

Alalahanin niya, ang popularidad, pansamantala lang.  

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